Johnny Depp of Hollywood Vampires performs o…

Johnny Depp of Hollywood Vampires performs on stage at Celebrity Theatre on December 8, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona ✨

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Mary F. Andrews

gallertgrindelwald: “I had a dream of a ship t…


“I had a dream of a ship that was sailed in the night. Such a sweet, sweet call the siren sooths my mind. Who am I going to be when the curtain is drawn?. In the cold, cold night they whisper to me ‘take it all’. 

I know a place where it is always so perfect and blue. And the boy say’s ‘babe believe me its all for you’.

The future said; flowers bloom with no regret. 

And every colour comes to life. As petals fall before your eyes. You kiss me and I’m hypnotised.

Surround me. Body and Soul. Pull me into your glow. Make me blush. Unbound me. Spin me in gold. As the story unfolds in your touch. Who can breathe me into life?. Just one look at you, my heart has been hypnotised.



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New stunning photos by Silvan Giger 🔥📸

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Lea Haben Woodford on Instagram: “My moment with #johnnydepp … He is as nice as he is cute. #hollywoodvampires #smartfem #Entrepreneur #business #speaker #ootd #success”: undefined


Friendly reminder that Johnny Depp is innocent

“Two days ago, Amber Heard’s lawyers professed their ‘outrage’ to the media that Johnny Depp had finally spoken in self-defense,” Depp lawyer Adam Waldman of The Endeavor Group wrote in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Friday. “I responded with what happens next — we will submit overwhelming evidence to a U.K. court next month that Ms. Heard repeatedly violently attacked and severely injured Mr. Depp, and then faked abuse allegations against him. Ms. Heard became in the process an imposter in the #MeToo movement who abused the trust and experiences of real survivors for her own reputational gain.”

Depp’s team is previewing the evidence that it will present in the upcoming court hearing in the U.K. this fall tied to a defamation lawsuit against The Sun for an article that labeled the actor a “wife beater.”

“Our evidence will include photographs, sworn testimony and admissions, and eyewitness accounts,” Waldman wrote. “Ms. Heard, who has a prior arrest for domestic abuse, and her lawyers have responded to these remarkable disclosures with two days of profound silence, excepting social media posts of Ms. Heard wrapped in an American flag asserting: ‘we survivors…’”

Waldman concludes, “Ms. Heard’s lawyer publicly claimed Ms. Heard has unconsulted witnesses, but none have materialized. We would like to hear, and believe the public should hear, what, if anything, such ‘witnesses’ have to say, so that those statements may be held to account against our imminent court filings.”

“Ms. Heard has been previously arrested and spent the night in jail for domestic abuse (an arrest that was initially blamed on police homophobia, although the arresting officer later averred to being a gay rights activist),” Waldman said in the statement to Newsweek. “Ms. Heard has admitted to multiple violent attacks against Johnny Depp that caused serious injury. Eyewitness, photographic, and previous sworn testimony will be presented to the court.”

Added Waldman, “Regarding the confidentiality agreement of which Ms. Heard’s counsel complains, Ms. Heard started violating it before the ink dried, first with a statement, and soon after with a domestic violence PSA asking ‘how is this happening to me?’ purporting to give advice to real victims. More breaches followed.”

Waldman confirmed to Newsweek that court proceedings into the abuse allegations will take place in November in Britain. Depp’s team intends to submit evidence proving Heard “faked” all allegations of abuse. Depp’s camp will present “clear evidence of the violence committed serially against him by Ms. Heard and the serious injuries that he suffered,” Waldman added.

An attorney for Depp tells PEOPLE in a statement, “Were Ms. Heard’s faked abuse claims presented yet again at a real #metoo event this week a ‘confidential arbitration’? Ms. Heard (and lately her new attorney) have been peddling easily disproven fake abuse claims for over 2 years in public, and now that real evidence is coming, exhibit a sudden and predictable desire for confidentiality.”

amoydepp:new prints ! very fun to play with 😌…


new prints ! very fun to play with 😌
picture changes backgrounds by putting it on different place.
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