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Johnny Depp is The People’s Choice for “Favorite Movie Icon” | E! People’s Choice Awards

3 years ago today!!!

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Imperial Ball 2020 with Johnny Depp & Josh Homme and Special Guests. 01/18/2020.
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MusiCares Person Of The Year gala January 24 tribute to Aerosmith.
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Johnny Depp will be special guest speaker at the 5th Annual City Summit & Gala Feb 9. The Gala supports start-up non-profits founded by visionary community leaders solving global challenges such as eradicating poverty, promoting health and wellness, feeding the hungry, sheltering homeless, liberating slaves from sex trafficking, and educating & mentoring underserved youth.
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☀️World premiere of Minamata at the Berlin Film Fesival
Late February

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Don’t Miss it.. @imperialballconcert Tickets in Bio:


Johnny Depp as Colonel Joll in Waiting for the Barbarians


I know that Johnny has lots of amazing supporters here on Instagram and all over the world and you can all get how kind and generous and compassionate he is to people who are down on their luck or suffering or being outsiders or abused and I was just wondering would it be a crazy idea to start a little movement of JD supporters doing kindnesses as a sort of tribute or a tangible way to show support? I know that lots of people want to give him gifts and presents and works of art that you have made but wouldn’t it be really positive and powerful to give gifts and presents and even just encouragement and support to people who have nobody? To people who are homeless or in poverty or struggling or alone or despairing? There could even be a hashtag? I don’t know what? A way to show support and make a difference at the same time?

#compassionforjohnny ? #kindnessforjohnny ? What do you think?

Cè Posta per Te (emotional part with Johnny Depp)

Cè Posta per Te (part with Johnny Depp) RUS SUB

With subtitles!!!!

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C’è Posta Per… Johnny Depp – C’è posta per te Backstage | Witty TV: undefined