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Cry-baby wishes you a Happy Donuts Day!

Cry-baby was walking on the big city and couldn’t resist a donuts shop. They looked so delicious he licked the window.

Today (June 7) is the first Friday of June and in the USA and in some other countries, is celebrated the “Donuts/Doughnut

Day”.So, now that some of us adopted the donuts as a symbol of 

support for Johnny, the time has come to celebrate this day.

Next: How to eat donuts with scissor hands?


Today, April 22, John turns 73 years old!

“ – Halfway through writing it, I thought, ‘Oh God, who’s gonna play this?’ I went and bought all the teen magazines and saw him and thought he’d be perfect for it. So I called him and said ‘I have this movie about a juvenile delinquent whose father got the electric chair’ – I didn’t try to make it sound normal –  And he really laughed; he liked my old stuff, too. I just wanted to make sure he had a sense of humor. He did this one little sneer in our first meeting which summed it all up, and I knew that, hey, Johnny Depp is Cry-Baby. – John Waters talks about Johnny Depp and Cry-Baby for the “

LA Times” in 1990.

“ -…however, if I were homosexual, I’m sure I
could fall in love with John Waters in a half a second, because he is of the
funniest, most charming, intelligent people that I’ve ever known. He’s really a
prime catch.” – Johnny Depp talks about John Waters, for the  “The Advocate”, Nov. 1,1994

PS. And don’t forget! John Waters, along with Jeff Beck, will be featuring on the sixth track

“Welcome to Bushwackers” on the upcoming album “Rise”!!!

Johnny as Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker, 29 years ago. 

What can we do? It happens…

Wade “Cry‑Baby” Walker – 1990 ♥  

And if you mess with the king, you’re gonna cry, baby cry..