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I know that Johnny has lots of amazing supporters here on Instagram and all over the world and you can all get how kind and generous and compassionate he is to people who are down on their luck or suffering or being outsiders or abused and I was just wondering would it be a crazy idea to start a little movement of JD supporters doing kindnesses as a sort of tribute or a tangible way to show support? I know that lots of people want to give him gifts and presents and works of art that you have made but wouldn’t it be really positive and powerful to give gifts and presents and even just encouragement and support to people who have nobody? To people who are homeless or in poverty or struggling or alone or despairing? There could even be a hashtag? I don’t know what? A way to show support and make a difference at the same time?

#compassionforjohnny ? #kindnessforjohnny ? What do you think?

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Victoria Mary Clarke tells how jealousy of partner Shane Magowan stopped her marrying him for three decades until she found her own success designing angel scarves –

It was a sparkling, freezing, gloriously bright day, there was snow and fairy lights and Christmas trees and mulled wine and a massive pirate ship, and Johnny Depp was the wedding singer, and he sang Astral Weeks, which is our favourite song. My mother and sisters brought flowers and a cake, and Bella Freud gave me a gorgeous red dress.

I couldn’t sleep the night before from the nerves, and I couldn’t speak because I lost my voice.

But the love that we both felt from our friends and families and from the media and the public was unimaginable.

You open your heart a bit and there is potential for pain, but there is also potential for joy – the heart is a two-way valve.

I would never have put money on this happening, but Shane and I are really enjoying being married; instead of feeling trapped, we both feel more supported and more loved.

Shortly after the wedding, Johnny Depp gave us one of his paintings, and when we went to stay with him, I saw how much happiness he was getting from painting just for the sake of it, just to experience creativity in a new way.



A lot of people contact me to ask if I can pass on messages to Shane and Johnny telling them how great they are and how loved they are, how unique and special and in Johnny’s case how gentle and thoughtful and sweet and in both cases how creative and brilliant they are and what beautiful souls. And of course all of that is true. But I wonder how it would feel for all of the people who admire Shane and Johnny to hold up a mirror and to start telling themselves how great and wonderful and inspiring and talented and kind and thoughtful and supportive and compassionate and sweet and generous and gentle they are? Because that’s the truth! And everything nice that you say about someone else is going to be true about you if you’re willing to acknowledge it. I don’t know for sure but I’m imagining that it would make a huge difference in the world if we could recognize our own stuff as easily and willingly as we recognize the greatness in other people?


With friends like these life can still get rough and times can feel hard and you still feel knackered and know you should get some sleep but somehow despite everything there is the joy of love and that makes everything better than you even know or think or hope or wish for

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