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SUCH SPECIAL MOMENT ❤️Johnny making his best t…


Johnny making his best to attend his fans during his way on the red carpet today (September 6) at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.
No matter if he is a little bit late, or if his bodyguards keep making him to keep walk, he will always try his best to take some time to talk to those who are there to see him.
Every fan dreams of living this moment.
I have nothing but proud of him!

Johnny, today (September 6), arriving on the r…

Johnny, today (September 6), arriving on the red carpet for the “Waiting For The Barbarians” first screening at the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande,  in Venice, Italy.

Mr. Hotness! Johnny arriving on the red carpet…

Mr. Hotness! 
Johnny arriving on the red carpet for the “Waiting For The Barbarians” first screening at the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande, today (September 6) in Venice, Italy.

FIRST SNEAK PEEK! Johnny and Mark Rylance as C…

Johnny and Mark Rylance as Colonel Joll and 

The Magistrate on the upcoming “Waiting for the Barbarians”!


(Oh wait. there’s more later…)

Johnny at the press conference for “Waiting for the Barbarians” in Venice, Italy, today (September 6)

New photos: Johnny today, September 5 in Venic…

New photos: Johnny today, September 5 in Venice!

Johnny, Mark Rylance, Gana Bayarsaikhan and the producers Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi and director Ciro Guerra attended the Honoring Dinner for “Waiting for the Barbarians” at Centurion Palace, during the 76th Venice Film Festival.


Johnny & Dakota💖

“ – Why is everyone trying to kill me?” – Fran…

“ – Why is everyone trying to kill me?” – Frank Tupelo.

8 years ago, today (December 10), “The Tourist” premiered on
theaters worldwide. The romantic/spy thriller starring Angelina Jolie, Johnny
Depp, Paul Bettany, and Timothy Dalton, is a remake of the 2005 French film “Anthony
Zimmer”. The movie had a premiere 4 days earlier, with the cast attending, at Ziegfeld Theater in New
York City. Although being a box-office success and receiving three nominations
(Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress)
in the Musical or Comedy picture
category at the 68th Golden Globe Awards, the movie had mixed to negative
critical reviews.
In this movie, Johnny plays Frank Tupelo, an American math teacher
who ends up involved in an international police investigation after meeting a mysterious woman.

> Synopsys: During an impromptu
trip to Europe to mend a broken heart, Frank unexpectedly finds himself in a
flirtatious encounter with Elise, an extraordinary woman who deliberately
crosses his path. Against the breathtaking backdrop of Paris and Venice, their
whirlwind romance quickly evolves as they find themselves unwittingly thrust
into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

> Curiosities: 

* Johnny was not the first choice for
the role. Tom Cruise and Sam Worthington
almost took the role, but they left the project due to creative differences and
schedule conflicts. 


The director Henckel von Donnersmarck returned after had left the project and re-wrote the script in two weeks. Many +16 scenes, set to be performed by Johnny and Jolie while they were in the hotel, were cut to avoid problems with rating age. Also, at that time Vanessa Paradis, expressed unsatisfied with those scenes.

* Busy schedule: The movie was shot in 58 days, and had
to be shot quickly because Johnny had to leave for Hawaii to start filming the
“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. 

* Johnny purposely gained weight for the role, to give an “average” appearance to his character and match with his secret plot twist.


Funny scene: Frank running on
the rooftops of the houses in Venice is quite similar to the way Captain Jack
Sparrow runs in


the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Also, during this scene, Johnny hurt his feet on the tiles, and didn’t say anyone to avoid the filming to be stopped. They only stopped, because the director saw the blood stains on the floor. 

* This was the first collaboration between Johnny and Paul Bettany. they worked together in “Transcendence” (2014)
and in “Mortdecai” (2015). 

* Although being one of the most known actors in the world, famous between among other actors, and required for many directors, Johnny and Angelina Jolie had never met each other in their lives! They first meeting happened in the pre-production to discuss their roles and the script with the director and the producer. 

* When asked about the choice for
Johnny, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, the director, said: “We really needed someone who wouldn’t
be eclipsed by Angelina. When we brainstormed over what actor could be a true
partner for her in terms of attractiveness, intelligence, and acting skill, the
only name that kept coming to our minds was Johnny Depp." 

* All the actors, including Johnny, and
crew who had to enter the Venetian water, during the boat chase scene, were put
on antibiotics for weeks beforehand, once the water is polluted.