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10 must-watch movies from the 2019 Venice Film…

10 must-watch movies from the 2019 Venice Film Festival:

Waiting for the Barbarians
Colombian director Ciro Guerra charmed critics with 2015’s Embrace of the Serpent and 2018’s Birds of Passage. This year, he brings the same lyricism to Waiting for the Barbarians, a dramatisation of JM Coetzee’s novel of the same name. Johnny Depp takes centre stage as a bureaucrat sent to quell a mutiny in a colonial town, while Mark Rylance plays a magistrate who questions imperialism. The final product is a pertinent assessment of immigration and integration, exposing the fear governments instil in their populace to encourage them to turn the other way.

“Johnny and Mark (Rylance) were happy to share…

New behind the scenes photo! 
Johnny and director Ciro Guerra during the filming of “Waiting for the Barbarians” last year in Morocco.

“Johnny and Mark (Rylance) were happy to share (experiences).
One raised the level of the other, as in an unspoken competition within what
they were raising. It was very impressive to see these artists of huge magnitude
on stage, to see these artists at the top of their art.”
Ciro Guerra about working with an a-list cast on today’s interview for the Colombian site “El Tiempo”.

And what a cute smile!



Countdown for the world premiere at

Venice Film Festival: 19 days!

Ciro Guerra debuta en las grandes ligas de Hol…

Ciro Guerra debuta en las grandes ligas de Hollywood: undefined

keepcalmandrise: ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’…


‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ world premiere at Venice Film Fest will be on September 6

JM Coetzee’s ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ to p…

JM Coetzee’s ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ to premiere at Venice film festival: undefined

keepcalmandrise:Johnny Depp attend the premier…


Johnny Depp attend the premieres of his movie at the Venice Film Festival throughout the years; 

2001: October 7, From Hell premiere, 2003: August 28, Once Upon a Time in Mexico premiere, 2004: September 5, Finding Neverland premiere, 2015: September 4, Black Mass premiere. He will attend this year’s festival for the ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ world premiere, September 6



Rylance, Depp and Pattinson bring Coetzee to b…

Rylance, Depp and Pattinson bring Coetzee to big screen:

Film-makers struggled for 20 years to get investors interested in a film adaptation of Waiting for the Barbarians, JM Coetzee’s novel. His complex tale of immigration and integration was not the easiest sell.

But, in today’s unsettled world, the story feels pertinent as never before. Now the film, starring Mark Rylance, Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson, is receiving its world premiere at this month’s Venice film festival.

All the actors were motivated by a desire to convey the “message” of the film, as well as explore its “artistic component,” said Andrea Iervolino, one of the producers. “Another production company was trying to do this movie for 20 years. Then they proposed the idea … to me and Monika Bacardi, my business partner. We loved [it] right away because this movie, like the book, speaks about integration and immigration in a world of division,” Iervolino told the Observer.

“Now all governments try to push away immigration, so immigrants are not really welcome. But this movie will show how important and beautiful integration and immigration can be … We believe that the message which this movie gives is very important, more important than 10 or 20 years ago.”

The film is the first English-language movie for the film’s Colombian director, Ciro Guerra and the screenplay is by Coetzee. When his novel was published in 1980, critics described it as a “masterwork”, a parable about the use of mythical enemies for social control. In a story set in an imaginary empire populated by barbarian tribes, Rylance plays The Magistrate, “a responsible official”, who begins to question imperialism. Iervolino described by Varietymagazine as one of the industry’s most powerful independent producers, is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in major movies, said the actor deserved an Oscar for his performance.

“He plays someone who realises that the government was trying to scare the population by saying that ‘the barbarians are coming, bad people are coming, the invasion is coming’. Actually, the government was only instilling fear.”

Depp portrays a heartless bureaucrat despatched by the Empire’s secret service amid claims that the barbarians are preparing to mutiny.

Rylance, Depp and Pattinson bring Coetzee to b…

Rylance, Depp and Pattinson bring Coetzee to big screen: undefined


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