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Johnny on the C´è Posta Per Te [Full Story]

Last Saturday
(January 10), was aired in Italy the first episode from the 23rd Season of the Italian TV show “C’è Posta Per Te” (You’ve Got Mail) . The show was originally taped, 4 months ago, last September 5 at the Centro Titanus Elios studios in Rome, one day before the “Waiting For the Barbarians” press conference at Venice Film Festival.
In Italy this episode had a great audience and made Johnny’s name
appear on Trending Topics during that night.
Unfortunately the show is not subbed, and most people didn’t understand what happened. Thankfully some Italian fans or fans who knows a little bit of Italian shared some information on Twitter. I also found some pretty good transcripts from the show in some Italian sites and could also edit a little bit parts of Johnny’s audio to hear his own words (which in some parts were translated in Italian in a different way). 
Anyway, I know it’s a little bit late, but it you are curious to know what really happened, and why this story touched so many people, I made a lengthy review/transcription about the show.
You can read right below: 

So, as soon as Johnny entered on stage, he was received with a standing ovation. He
praises the beautiful studio and while the audience shouts his name he jokes asking the host, Maria
Di Filippi
, if they were all his relatives. Maria invites
him for a brief interview and says that she doesn’t want to bother him
asking too many questions, so instead she will show him some objects taken from a red box and explains that he is
totally free to talk whatever he wants about it, even lies if needed. Curious, Johnny try peek what’s inside and jokes asking if should be scared.

First, Maria asks to see his hands, which as usual were filled with rings.
“Can I see the hands? They are full of rings that represent something" and then shows him a ring with a skull.
Johnny explains that there is something about skulls that has always meant something to him over the years:

“It’s a reminder that ‘now is Now’. Now is the time to live. Not yesterday. Not worry about tomorrow. It’s the now only. We can only be where we are right now”.


Next, Maria shows a small guitar, representing the music which Johnny agreed to
be eternal. Maria tells that she knows that he loves playing the guitar and on
the day before, when he arrived in Rome, he was also holding a guitar. Johnny answered
that he is always with one and that he can’t travel without a guitar.
Maria also talked about when Johnny started to play in a band during his teenage years,
and Johnny answered:
“I did, I actually start playing the guitar when I was 12
years old”

When she asked if he was self-taught, Johnny confirmed:
“Yes, just
playing by listening to records. It really was one of those transitions in my
life, where I knew exactly I’d met my first love, and it was the guitar. It
saved my life”


Next Maria shows a Barbie doll. Johnny smiles and tells he knows a lot of
them. Maria joins the joke and says that she didn’t mean to ask him about his “private sentimental life”, but a question about being a father. Johnny smiled and told that when Lily-Rose wanted to play with Barbies, he was always with
her and joked about how he became very good at it (even the audience laughed) and while playing with the dolls, he ended up testing
characters on them, making voices and thus started to talk like Willy Wonka.


Next Maria
showed a photo of his friend Marlon Brando which even Johnny applauded.
Johnny tells about how he revolutionized the acting, the behavior in a movie
and how much he had a great fortune to meet him in 1994 when they made a
movie together, the following projects, and about how they became very

He was my best friend, my father, my partner in crime… My mentor, teacher,


After this brief interview, Maria invites Rosa, who went to her office to tell her story. 


Maria reveals that on that day Rosa was angry with life because it took
something from her. On the morning of January 15, 2019, Rosa received the phone
call she, for years, was so afraid to receive. The one with bad news.
On the phone the voice revealed that she had to go to the hospital in Fiumicino
(a town and comune in the Metropolitan
City of Rome)
because her husband, Andrea, fell off the ladder while painting
a transmission tower. Unfortunately he died. Rosa was so devastated that she didn’t want to go to the
hospital or to his funeral, because she believed that he would return to his
So she asked for help at the C´è Posta Per Te “You’ve Got a Mail” because of her children; the
only beautiful things that he have left. She wants to surprise them with
Johnny’s presence and through him and this surprise, wants ask for
forgiveness because she believes she was a selfish on her pain.
When husband died, for four days she didn’t want to see nobody, not even her
children. She didn’t want to see them because she wanted to be with her husband
and was so hurt she ended up forgetting about the time. It wasn’t just the
death of her husband, but the death of the father of her children too. Now she
wants to try to make up and be the one she was before, be the mother she wanted to
be, although still struggling with her pain. Maria tells that Rosa had a dream, mainly of her
husband, to see his son Emanuele to become a barber and his daughter Rosalba, who loves
reading, to graduate. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able
to make her and her husband’s dream come true because her husband was the only
one who worked, and she doesn’t know how she will succeed to make this dreams
come true, but she promises that she will try to make it.

While Maria was telling the story, Johnny kept supporting her, even giving his handkerchief to dry her tears.


After that
they take a little break, now presenting “The Mailman”. The Mailman went to Andrea’s original city, Qualiano
(a commune in the Metropolitan City of
to deliver an invitation sent by Maria to Rosa’s children, Rosalba
and Emanuele to go to the show, without knowing the purpose.


Meanwhile, Johnny waits in the corner, while Rosa’s children who accepted the
invitation go on stage. Maria explains that when the envelope opens they will
see who called them.
When the envelope opens it reveals the TV screen showing their mother’s
hands holding a trophy in Andrea’s memory, making Emanuele and Rosalba
understand that her mother is the reason they are there.

Rosa talks to her children explaining that she had a good life and that in the beginning
their father slowly started to sacrifice himself working hard to provide a good
life for them too, and now he’s their “Best Angel”.
She now asks personally for apologies because at that time, she only saw her
pain, and not theirs.

Maria returns her narration explaining that during these 17 years of Andrea and Rosa’s life, they lived with a hidden but
present anxiety that one day the telephone would ring with bad news. Andrea had
a dangerous job, but he was well paid; But every time he climbed to reach the
pylons of high voltage from all Italy, 30 meters (almost 100 feet) high, she used to nervous. But he was proud of everything he could do to be able to give them a good life with the money earned. Rosa revealed that she didn’t tell them that Andrea had
a dream of seeing Rosalba graduated in Arts and wished that Emanuele would
become a professional barber. She remembered that when he returned home to spend
Christmas, he liked to buy gifts to put under the tree, but they were so
curious that they ended up opening earlier.
During 17 years Andrea was a beautiful person, protected them and gave them
everything he could, even sacrificing himself to become their angel. Andrea was
47 years old when he died and she can’t believe he will not come back for them
to make meals together or that from now one their family photo will not have
his smile, and that that one day, after 17 years, on January 15, 2019 the phone
would ring with bad news.

Later a note Rosalba had written and placed on

their refrigerator is
shown. It is written “You’re the sun
that makes trees grow, You’re the moon that puts angels to sleep”. 
Rosa believes that this have a good meaning because the sun and the moon are
always moving and thanks to their father, the family has lived in harmony for
years, like planets among the stars. Although starry night have not always been
there as in many families in the world, they also had some tough moments. When Rosa fell in love
with Andrea he was not well seen by her father because he came from a
troublesome family of seven children, but she went against everything and
Although they had a lot of love they were also poor, but he always taught them the honesty and value of right things. Then, he found this dangerous job he
was so proud of having. Even though returning only two weekends by month, he’d always
bring a gift and as soon he’d come home he used to turn off immediately his
mobile phone to devote only to his family who he loved above all the things.

“He was an extraordinary man, father, perfect and ideal husband, best friend,
who never gave up, but now he has gone.” 

Rosa asks for forgiveness for not being able to react and give them the same
strength and light that their father used to give to them.

Maria follows narrating that Rosa stopped doing a lot of things since the
accident and that her relationship with Emanuele and Rosalba and her own mood changed, but she feels that
they don’t deserve that. So she decided to be a better mom although still feels
that what she did was unforgivable. She wants to be closer to their children
and strong enough to go to the cemetery and wonder if they will ever forgive
Rosa says that she still feels that Andrea is with them and promises that she
will come back to them and accompany them, because she owes it to her husband
and above it all she owes it to them.

Maria tells
that Emanuele e Rosalba kept giving their best during these sad months. Emanuele
worries about his mother not answering the phone quickly, but Rosa says that
she will never leave him even more for being her youngest child and for looking
like Andrea.
So, Maria finishes Rosa’s story telling that Rosa wants to be a
better Mom (with capital letter) and made a special surprise to them that
neither she believed it would happen.

Maria asks
Emanuele and Rosalba, who were very touched, to look ahead
as the surprise is revealed getting both by surprise. Johnny who had
crossed the stage greets the audience, and greets Emanuele and Rosalba with
kisses, hugs and making fun sitting on their laps to stay between and closer to them.

Johnny says
that their story touched him, and the audience, deeply. He praises Emanuele
and Rosalba for being very special and courageous, just like their mother, and
that although they’ve lost their sun and moon, the light of their life, their
father is still with them and will always be around.

Then Johnny
kneels in front of them and took two of his own bracelets and wrapped around
Emanuele and Rosalba wrists. 

Johnny says that sometimes in his life he has been lucky because there were moments that he had people who were there for him, who saved, supported him and cared for him. And sometimes they
give him these small objects, the bracelets that have a lot of meaning to him, because when he feels a little
weak or down, he knows that there’s an army behind me. And when people have a
family, they also have an army around them.

Next Johnny
said that he knows that Emanuele wants to be a barber while Rosalba prefers
art, so he calls the Mailman who brings a set of special customized barber

And for Rosalba he gives something that her mother and father dreamed and which
is also part of her own dreams, and place a graduation hat on her head along
with a paper which she reads and reveals to be a scholarship.

Not only
she had a dream come true, but Maria also reveals that Emanuele will also join
a professional course to learn the barber profession.

Rosa cries
as she sees their dreams coming true and apologizes on last time for had though
more of herself. Then, Maria asks Emanuele and Rosalba if she can open the
mail, as a symbolism as acceptance of forgiveness. They say yes and both go to hug
their mother.

we can also see that Johnny was also touched by this moment and Maria says that
Rosalba now has to promise to honor the scholarship. They all thanks and Johnny
gives another of his bracelets placing now on Rosa’s wrist. 

And as the family
leaves the stage, Johnny follows them and waves goodbye to the audience.

Final observations:
The way Johnny dealt with the whole situation also called a lot of attention. We all know that Johnny IS a gentleman, and during the show we could see the respect he had with everyone, from greeting the audience, greeting Maria di Filippi, to the way he supported Rosa giving her space, holding her hand or giving his handkerchief, how he got close to Emanuele and Rosalba even giving his personal belongings, and how he respect the family giving them space to show their love.
So, Yes, it was an AMAZING and LOVELY moment.

Also, I’ve searched a little bit and it comes to my attention that their are well, and although Rosa misses her husband, she has her children back. Also Emanuele and Rosa are studying on the courses they had won.

I wish all the best to this family!

On the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail), Johnny also talked about his first love  😍


“I can’t travel without a guitar”
“I did actually
start playing the guitar when I was 12 years old”
Maria Di Filippi: Self-taught?
Johnny:“Yes. Just playing by listening to records. It
really was one of those transitions in my life, where I knew exactly… I met my
first love. And it was the guitar. It saved my life”

Lovely  🎸

The Professor: Birthday Game! 


In 4 days, next July 27, “The Professor” will be released
in Taiwan under the title that can be read like “Goodbye Negative Life” and the Cai Chang Independent Multimedia is promoting the
filming with some articles, videos, posters, flyers and photos. Some of them are
pretty funny, like this one: A birthday game which was posted on Instagram and Facebook inspired on what “crazy” things people should do before living this world.
The game works with the last numbers of your birthday date.
Ex: Johnny’s birthday = 09/06/1963 = 9/6/3 

In the game, Johnny’s result would be: Having Sex with Sweeney Todd
at the Office…. Well, that’s sound bloody crazy. 




And mine is: Bathing with Captain Jack Sparrow at the Park… Well, would it be good to give a good bathe on him, right 




Well, this is just for fun, so enjoy it!
Hope you like it!

Credits for the original source and idea goes to Cai Chang Independent.

The translation is slightly
different from the original Chinese version. 

First I changed the order of the topics from Year/Month/Day to Day/Month/Year
for a better result.

Some words were changed to fit better, like, instead of “One World Trade
Center” (The tallest building in the world) it was originally written “Taipei 101”  (The tallest in Taiwan and the 9th of the world). As well
the choice “Chatting” which was previously written “Beat/Fight” and no one
wants to do it with Johnny.

The second topic was totally changed. On
the original version, there were different names, most of them from Taiwanese
politics, along with Captain America, Iron Man and even Anne Hathaway… So I changed it placing only Johnny’s characters.

Johnny Depp: Master of Life by the Italian magazine “Storie”.

Hello! Were you curious to know what have in the new Italian magazine with Johnny on the cover? Don’t worry! I translated in English for you! If you guys haven’t something to read this weekend, what about to read an article about Johnny’s latest movie: “The Professor”?

The 2019 June/July issue from the  Italian magazine “Storie” was released this week online and physically in some places in Italia, and brings an article talking about Johnny’s career and “The Professor”, his new movie, that has been screened in the Italian cinemas, since last June 20, as “Arrivederci Professore” (Goodbye Professor).

I hope you all like it, and if you need a better quality to read, just message me. 

** Ps 1: On the second page, on the original magazine in Italian, it’s written the date of the movie release on the Italian theaters. I changed for the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital release set to happen next July 9 worldwide.

** Ps 2: This week the Hollywood Vampires had a lot of interviews released in some countries. If you have some of these magazines and wants to contribute to share to the world, just message me and I’ll make my best to translate in English.



Johnny’s latest interview for the
Chinese magazine “Movie View”.

So here it is. If you guys haven’t had the
chance to read Johnny’s latest interview, you can read now fully translated and in

The magazine in Chinese was released in January in China, and the interview happened while
Johnny was at Hainan International Film Festival, also in China, where he
talked about his career for one hour and half for fans, young filmmakers and
producers, on the “Master Class Session Enabling Tomorrow’s Talents
“, in Hainan Bay, China.

In this interview, Johnny talks about how he became an actor, and his first
thoughts when he faced a camera; his routines while reading the scripts and how
he prepares himself for a new role; His meeting with Tim Burton and Edward
Scissorhands; Kusturica and Arizona Dream, His work with different directors,
and how a young director can impress him; Advice for young actors and
directors; His future as actor and director; the movies he saw recently, and
his roles in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” and “Waiting For the

I gotta say: It’s a long and really great interview and a must read!
I hope you all like, and if you need a better quality to read, just ask


**Ps about the translation:You have no idea of how much time and tough was working
on the translation. I did the most for a close translation to the original,
using 10 different dictionaries, translating word by word and sentence by sentence to avoid any mistake. It’s 99% correct, but there’s some words which I
had to change for to equivalent synonym in English, but don’t worry, it’s the
same meaning. And as usual in the same magazine format. It was tough, but I loved to make it. When a next interview in a different language be released, remember that will be translated here!

TBT: [Translation] Johnny on the cover of the Chinese “Movie
View” magazine.

“I also want to direct two movies. One of
them is a script that I ‘stolen’ 30 years ago. At that time, my agent only told
me about the situation of the script and the general plot, and then, after
listening to it, I took the script away.”
😂 😂– Johnny, for the Chinese magazine
“Movie View”.

Last December, Johnny was at Hainan International Film Festival, in China, where he talked about his career for one hour and half for fans, young filmmakers and producers, on the “Masterclass Session Enabling Tomorrow’s Talents Event", in Hainan Bay, China.
Later, Johnny was on the cover of the January issue of the Chinese magazine “Movie View”, which brought an interview with what was said during the event, talking about his experience as actor throughout the years, how he became an actor, movies, collaboration with directors, his routines and future plans as actor and director, Fantastic Beasts, and advice for those who are interest in the film industry.
Many people who doesn’t know Chinese, lost this interview, but don’t worry! I’m here to save you all! As many of you know I love doing editions of photos and translating some interviews in other languages to English, and I couldn’t let this pass. So, if you want to know what Johnny said during the interview, stay tuned for the translated version that I made and I’ll be sharing with all of you, in a magazine format as well, this weekend. 

Ps: I already posted some parts, you can read them here: 
Johnny’s advice for those who wants to be famous.

Johnny talking about Grindelwald and Dumbledore relationship.

Johnny talking about the future duel between Grindelwald and Dumbledore.

Grindelwald x Dumbledore: The Legendary Duel

“I think he is expecting the ultimate confrontation between them two, because it will evoke their emotions and memories.” – Johnny Depp

During the “Master Class Event” at Hainan Film Festival, last December, in China, while talking about “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” Johnny

talked about the relationship between Grindelwald and Dumbledore and also gave his thoughts about if Dumbledore could face Grindelwald if there wasn’t a blood pact:

believe that even without the blood pact, Dumbledore will be very contradictory
in whether or not he can fight against Grindelwald. This is even a contradiction
of Grindelwald, because he doesn’t know if Dumbledore would meet him one day.
But I think he is expecting the ultimate confrontation between them two,
because it will evoke their emotions and memories. 

their love reaches the point of no return, Grindelwald will inevitably need
this war to reach the other side of his heart. His hatred, jealousy and
bitterness will all erupt at that moment. Grindelwald is very confident that no
one in the magic world can be his opponent, because his name is his faith. But
it’s precisely his pride that will eventually become a weapon to destroy him

Johnny, for the Chinese magazine “Movie View”.


Stay tuned for a special post I’m planning to release REALLY REALLY SOON. Maybe I’ll post another preview, but all of it depends on you



This Sunday, the last interview for So Soir originally in french, will be re-posted TOTALLY IN ENGLISH! The full translation will be in the same magazine style and only here! xoxo.

So here it is the translation from Johnny Depp’s new interview to the German edition of “GQ: Magazine (March, 2018)”

. If you haven’t read, enjoy it!