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The 2019 Teen Choice Awards happens tomorrow, August 11

at 17h (Los Angeles Hour) at Hermosa Beach, California.
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald had three nominations:
> The movie as “Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie”.


Johnny as “Choice Movie Villain” for his role as Gellert Grindelwald.

> Katherine Waterston as “Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Actress” for her role as Porpentina ‘Tina’ Goldstein.

Although is pretty known that they are not going to attend (even though Johnny seems still being in Los Angeles) who knows what happens… It wouldn’t be amazing Johnny winning the category and telling that Grindelwald was coming again… sigh…
Either way, Fingers crossed.

As usual the tickets are sold out, but the event will be aired in some countries around the world, by FOX and Warner Channel.
Check your local schedule to watch.
Online, I’ll let this two links to watch the event:
Link A (
> Link B (123tvnow)

“- We do not use those words here, friend.”

Behind the scenes: Johnny as Grindelwald giving an alternate speech for his followers.

Johnny Depp is Our Grindelwald! Let’s vote!

Johnny was nominated for the upcoming Teen Choice Awards 2019 as “Movie Villain”for his role as Gellert Grindelwald! Voting ends in 2 days!!!

Voting is open on  twitter and all you can do is tweet (or retweet) the category and his name (DO NOT add any emoji!):

> #ChoiceMovieVillain #JohnnyDepp
>My  #TeenChoice for #ChoiceMovieVillain is #Johnny Depp  as #Grindelwald
> Retweet HERE

And don’t forget! Katherine Waterston who plays Tina Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts is competing against Amber Heard, and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is also on competition!


Voting for Katherine *****************************

> #ChoiceSciFiFantasyMovieActress #KatherineWaterston
> “My  #TeenChoice for #ChoiceSciFiFantasyMovieActress is # KatherineWaterston as #TinaGoldstein
Retweet HERE:

***********Voting for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

> #ChoiceSciFiFantasyMovie #FantasticBeastsTheCrimesOfGrindelwald
> “My  #TeenChoice for #ChoiceSciFiFantasyMovie is #FantasticBeastsTheCrimesOfGrindelwald
> Retweet HERE:


PS. You can only vote 10 times per day, and if you’re not in the USA, you can use VPN extensions on your browser or access the “Hide My Ass” site to vote.

Let’s make it work!

Calling ALL the Deppheads, Fantastic Beasts, J.K. Rowling and Katherine Waterston’s

Along with Johnny’s nomination on the 2019 Teen Choice Awards as “Movie
Villain” for his role as Gellert Grindelwald, Katherine Waterston was also nominated as “Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Actress” for her
amazing role as Tina Goldstein.

I do think Katherine deserves to win and  I personally really love her performance as Tina and
there’s another reason: She is competing against Ms. Heard, so this is one more reason for all of us make she win.

Please vote on the Teen Choice’s site and also on twitter, BUT in this case, DO NOT
vote tweeting Johnny and Katherine’s names in one single post
. You will have to make two different tweets to be validated (Do not use emojis!)

****************Voting for Johnny****************
> #ChoiceMovieVillain #JohnnyDepp 
> “My  #TeenChoice for #ChoiceMovieVillain
is #Johnny Depp  as #Grindelwald”
> Retweet HERE

**************Voting for Katherine:***************

> #ChoiceSciFiFantasyMovieActress #KatherineWaterston
“My  #TeenChoice for
#ChoiceSciFiFantasyMovieActress is # KatherineWaterston as #TinaGoldstein
> Retweet HERE:

And remember you can only vote 10 times per day, and if you’re not in the USA,
you can use VPN extensions on your browser or access the “Hide My Ass” site to

Let’s make it work!

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”: Deleted, Alternate and Cut scenes. [Part 2]

And the list goes on…

[Slightly Cut] Grindelwald raising his right arm while watches Credence.

A different angle from Grindelwald’s acolytes carrying coffins.

[Deleted]  Abernathy, kinda scared, at Lestrange Family Tomb. 
[Deleted] Vinda Rosier spying someone.


Leta Lestrange ballroom scene. WHY THEY DELETE IT!

[Alternate] Different angle of Dumbledore watching the Erised Mirror. 
[Deleted] Grindelwald walking in his hideout in Paris or in Nurmengard. 

[Deleted] Yusef looking at the Lestrange family tree in his hideout and Tina walking up to the same place. 

[Deleted] Nagini walking on the rooftops of the house she and
Credence is hidden in Paris, sometime between the black fabrics and Grindelwald

[Deleted] Credence releasing his Obscurus in Paris and then it returning back, while Nagini is on his side on the rooftop of the house they are hidden.

[Unfinished, Deleted and Alternate] Grimmson, after his murder attempt, is seen using a protective chant. The bubble effect is not shown in the trailer. A deleted scene of Credence in human form attacking and an alternate take of his attack are also missing.  

[Deleted] A view, through a passage, of Grindelwald and Vinda Rosier in the center of the rally, probable after his “vision”.

[Unfinished] Grindelwald’s dragon chant is slightly
different: In the movie it has longer wings and longer, and curvy, horns. Also, its face is
not completely shown in the movie. 
[Slightly Cut]

Jacob surprised with the Dragon and being
protected by Tina while she attacks is slightly cut, being shown only she helping him to
stand up. 

[Unfinished] In the trailers, the scene where Credence is in Nurmengard, don’t shows the Phoenix. But the scene is shown in a the Russian Trailer.

DIFFERENCES: 17 scenes.
TOTAL: 28 scenes shown in the trailers were deleted, cut or alternate in the movie. And there’s more.
NEXT: Deleted scenes revealed by the cast. [PART FINAL]