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On the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail), Johnny also talked about his first love  😍


“I can’t travel without a guitar”
“I did actually
start playing the guitar when I was 12 years old”
Maria Di Filippi: Self-taught?
Johnny:“Yes. Just playing by listening to records. It
really was one of those transitions in my life, where I knew exactly… I met my
first love. And it was the guitar. It saved my life”

Lovely  🎸

Johnny talks about Marlon Brando:

“He revolutionized acting, he revolutionized the
behavior in a film, the acting… I had great fortune by meeting him in ‘94. We
made a film together, then we made a couple more together and we just became very
close. He was my best friend, my father, my partner in crime… My mentor,
teacher… Everything.”
 Johnny on the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail), aired last Saturday (January 11) in Italy.

It’s a reminder that ‘Now is Now’. Now is the time
to live. Not yesterday. Not worry about tomorrow. We can
only be where we are right now.”
. – Johnny talking about what skulls mean to him, in a interview on the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail), aired last January 11 in Italy.

“Hello Italy. I’m happy to be here” – Johnny, in Italian 

New behind the scenes of Johnny at the Italian TV Show “C’è Posta Per Te”, filmed last September 5 and aired last Saturday (January 11).

Johnny being greeted by the audience while being introduced in a video, before arriving on the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail).  


“Golden Globe best actor,
Three Oscar nominations,
An unconventional star,
The most eclectic actor in the
history of cinema,
Considered one of the sexiest men,
When my daughter was small they
asked her …
‘What does your father do?’
She answered
‘He’s a pirate’
Pirates of the Caribbean is one of
the most successful sagas in the world and has grossed over $ 4 billion
Johnny Depp”

The show was taped last September 5 in Rome, and aired tonight (January 10) in Italy. Also, Johnny’s part was dubbed in Italian…

New photo of Johnny through the lens of Bastien Colin, during the photoshoot session at Deauville American Film Festival, last September 8.


“Look into my eyes, and deliver me your inner most thought…” – Barnabas Collins, Dark Shadows (2012)

New photo of Johnny, through the lens of Olivier Vigerie, last September 8, during the “Waiting for the Barbarians” press conference at Deauville American Film Festival.


Backstage moments:
Johnny, Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart, last Friday (September 27) at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

Johnny, last night, September 22 at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts  in San Antonio, Texas, on his fifth featuring as special guest on Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour.

The next show is set to happen tomorrow in Phoenix, Arizona and maybe will be Johnny’s last show.

Johnny, rocking last night at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, playing with Jeff Beck and his band.