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Sam wishes you a Happy Donuts Day!

When Sam moved to Benny and Joon’s house, he was surprised for Joon’s cooking abilities. At first he though it was paint, but after seen they were real and looked so delicious, he couldn’t hold himself.

Today (June 7) is the first Friday of June and in the USA and in some other countries, is celebrated the “Donuts/Doughnut Day”.So, now that some of us adopted the donuts as a symbol of support for Johnny, the time has come to celebrate this day.

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🍞  The“Dance of Dinner Rolls” 


* Charlie Chaplin in “The Gold Rush” (1925)
* Johnny as Sam in “Benny & Joon” (1993)
* Johnny, 25 years later recreating his role during a dinner while on tour with the Hollywood Vampires in Russia (2018)

Legend has it that every fan of Johnny, after watch “Benny & Joon”, have already done it at least one time in their lives… Have you? 





Johnny and Sam recreating Charlie Chaplin’s “Dance of Dinner Rolls” in “Benny & Joon” (1993)

In his 1925
film “The Gold Rush”, Chaplin speared two rolls with forks and, using
the forks as legs, danced the rolls like puppets across the table top. The
scene named as “Dance of the Dinner Rolls”  has come to exemplify Chaplin’s ability, through subtle movement and
facial expression, to bring even the most inanimate objects to life.

Although in “Benny & Joon”, Johnny nothing more than 60 lines throughout the movie, his facial expressions and body language works like words, in the same way Chaplin used to do.
But for that, as usual Johnny had to go deep in his research, being trained with the mime artist, magician and silent movie buff, Dan Kamin, watching and learning about magic tricks, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton to make his best to reproduce some of their performances in his own version for the movie.

can’t outdo him, so you just sort of try to do your own version. It looks easy but when you start to try to do it you realize how
precise everything was.” – 
Johnny Depp, April 11, 1993 for the “The New York Times”.


😋 🍴
🍲 😂 😂

Johnny as Sam preparing his special meals in “Benny & Joon”  😂

Funny curiosity:
> Including ironed grilled cheese sandwiches and tennis racket mashed potatoes, there was supposed to have a third scene of Sam cooking! This time, Sam was going to cook a crab in the dishwasher! Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the scene was cut.

Now I’m hungry 😂

TBT: Johnny’s performance  as Sam in “Benny & Joon” (1993)

“In my own small way, I want this to be my salute to Keaton.” Johnny Depp,  Apr 11,1993 for the NY Times.

This week we celebrate the 26th anniversary of Benny


Joon”,  after its premiere in April 23, 1993  in the USA.

> Curiosities:

* For his performances as Sam, Johnny was trained by the mime artist,
magician and silent movie buff, Dan Kamin. During the two weeks of rehearsal, Johnny used to ask everything to make his best in the scenes, and continued to practice as the film
was shot.


For the physical comedy sequence in the
park, Johnny did all of the stunts

himself and could do the flips on the first day he tried. Even though, it ended up
making him hurt himself in some scenes. 


Johnny also watched Charlie Chaplin and
Buster Keaton’s movies, learned magic tricks, sleight of hand and recreated
Keaton’s patented falls. Even though Johnny had no more than 60 lines throughout the movie, Kamin
was pretty happy that Johnny learned the subtle moves and performed perfectly in a marvelous
job, so was the director Jeremiah Chechik, who couldn’t be happier watching that Johnny’s emotional expressions
worked like words.

Yesterday, 25 years ago,

(April 23rd),

the drama-romantic comedy movie 

Benny & Joon

was released in the USA, and Johnny Depp starred as Sam, an eccentric new young man in town whose become a “prize” after his cousin bets him on a poker game.

Synopsis: Benjamin “Benny” Pearl (Aidan Quinn) is a mechanic who takes care of his sister, Juniper “Joon” Pearl (Mary Stuart Masterson), a young woman with mental problems. One night when Benny brings Joon along to his friend’s house, where he plays poker with real bets, Joon joins the card game, loses a bet and ends up acquiring a roommate and being forced to take care of the eccentric young man, called Sam (Johnny Depp), whose peculiar way, will transform their lives from that day on.

Curiosities: The scene which Johnny Depp is tasting the paint was totally improvised by himself, and there was no stunt in his park comedy sequence.