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🎸 “Let it roll, baby, roll… Let it roll… All night long!” 🎸  

Johnny, Bonn E Maiy, Joe Perry, Jim Allen, Miguel and Paul Geary rocking last October 24 at the Guitar Hotel launch in Hollywood, Florida!

Watch the full video HERE.

“Impromptu Jam” [FULL VIDEO] featuring  Johnny Depp, Bonn E Maiy, Joe Perry, Jim Allen, Miguel & Paul Geary at the Guitar Hotel launch!

“At the October 24, 2019 launch of the Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel launch – the stars aligned for an impromptu jam session at the Council Oak restaurant.  The All-star lineup included myself on lead vocal, Johnny Depp (guitar), Joe Perry (guitar), Miguel (percussion), Paul Geary (drums).  

The energy in the room was unbelievable, and all of this was done without any real rehearsal or run through – we simply crashed the stage and figured out what happens next.  We decided to cover The Doors “Roadhouse Blues” since that’s essentially the way Jim Morrison and Co created that song.  Hope you enjoy!” – 

Bonne E Maiy on Youtube.

As promised, Bonn E Maiy released today (October 8) the full impromptu jam they (Johnny, Joe Perry, Bonn E Maiy, Jim Allen, Miguel and Paul Geary) performed, playing the The Doors’ song “Roadhouse Blues”, last October 24 at the Guitar Hotel launch in Hollywood, Florida!

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Johnny. Miguel, Joe Perry, Jeremy Piven, 

Bonn E Maiy, rocking last Thursday (October 24) at the Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel grand opening in Hollywood, Florida.

Photos by 

Emilynn Rose

“The boss getting ready for The Hollywood Vampires appearance on

The Late Late Show with James Cordon!” – wrote Johnny’s make up artist Ken Niederbaumer on Instagram.

Look the amount of things attached to Johnny’s pants. Now I know why he wears two belts! 



Ps. If we take a look on Ken Niederbaumer instagram, we can see that he was on the same place where Johnny was photographed

by Christian Carino and the Dept. of Geology from the University at Buffalo, both somewhere close on Moab in Utah, probably during the filming or photoshooting of the the upcoming Dior project.

Some things never change…  ♥ ♥
Johnny: the rock star and his funny leg position.
His dream came true.

Cry-Baby [1990] x Hollywood Vampires 2019 Tour [May 12]

“Two more weeks before more Hollywood Vampires Dates, but before that we do our final Alice Cooper performance of his most recent show, and then we reconvene after the Vampires wrap up to build a new show. Excited for that as well!” 

wrote Kyler Clark (CerealKyler) on Instagram sharing a never seen photo of Johnny at Graspop Metal Meeting, last June 24, 2018 in Belgium.Is the World Tour dates coming next?

Who’s Laughing Now’ is him (Johnny) going, ‘Okay, you’ve set out everything you can do to destroy me, Who’s Laughing Now? I’m still here. And I’m making these records and I’m still going to make movies and I’m still a better actor than most of the people out there. Who’s Laughing Now?’” – Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper gave the first interview today (April 25) talking about the Hollywood Vampires’ new album!

>> Read the full interview for the “Ultimate Classic Rock” HERE.

Here’s some highlights spoken by Alice Cooper:

“I think he (Johnny) wrote a lot of songs on this album that are [to] get back at people”

There’s two or three songs like that on the album that I’m singing and going, ‘Wow, I’m the voice of Johnny’s anger. [Laughs.] Normally, I’m writing songs that concern me. Now, I’m sort of the mouthpiece for Johnny, which is great.”

Some curiosities:

> Even though the songwriting process of “Rise” happened during the Hollywood Vampires tour, with most lyrics written by Johnny and Tommy, Alice also gave some touches, but resist a little to make this a Hollywood Vampire album and not a Alice Cooper album.
“To me, it was really interesting to do this album and kind of keep myself out of arranging it. It’s just more exciting for me to be the last voice in this thing.” 

> Alice also revealed that Tommy Henriksen is the one behind production and writing arranging:
“We let Tommy produce it. Tommy was the guy in there writing with Johnny, writing with me, writing with Joe – and he was also recording it, doing the demos,”

Countdown to “Rise”: 57 days (June 21)

“Cry-Baby” Behind the scenes: John Waters and Johnny in 1989.

To find a young actor for the lead role, director John Waters, in his search for the popular young actors at that time, bought about 20 teen magazines and hid them under his jacket until his home (At that time, John was 42, and a man with his age buying dozen of magazines with young men on the cover, could be considered suspect). There when he finally looked to the magazine covers, and were flipping through the pages, he found out that in most of them there were pictures of Johnny. After a search for his profile, Waters first sent him a letter, later they had a meeting (which Johnny revealed had been love at first sight), and only then he gave an approval and sent to Johnny the script, which had everything that Johnny wanted: comedy, weird situations and satires of teenagers.
At first, Waters thought that Johnny would be just like all the other teen-idols at that time, which was leaning on their beauty, fashion and money to be famous, but was caught by surprise when Johnny went for their meeting in Hollywood, dressed in old clothes almost like rags. In the middle of the meeting, Johnny looked at him and gave him a funny sneer, and that’s was enough for Waters understand that Johnny had understood his role, and feel that he had found the perfect actor for the movie.

PS: There’s some other curiosities and videos about “Cry-Baby”, that I’d like to post and during this week I’ll make it, but now, let’s talk about another movie making anniversary today! Let’s talk about “Blow”!

“ – You’ve made me the happiest juvenile delinquent in Baltimore.” – Wade
“Cry-Baby” Walker 

29 years ago, today (April 6), “Cry-Baby”, premiered in the USA. The teenage
musical comedy movie, originally premiered three weeks earlier, in March 14, in
the city where the movie happens and hometown of John Waters: Baltimore. Later
the movie premiered in April 6, in thousands of theaters around the USA. Worldwide,
the movie was released in selected countries, starting at the Cannes Film
Festival in France in May 1990. But “Cry-Baby” became a cult movie years later,
with the release of the VHS and TV screenings. In this movie, Johnny is Wade
“Cry-Baby” Walker, a 1950s bad boy with a good cause: truth, justice
and the pursuit of rock-and-roll and love. 

> Synopsis:
It’s 1954
in Baltimore, Maryland. Cry-Baby is the leader of the Drapes, a gang of high
school hoodlums and also a rock-and-roll singer. Allison is a young singer of
wholesome pop songs who’s dating the leader of the Squares, a group of teens
beloved by the community for their wholesome attitudes. During an inoculation
at their high school, the bug of love bites Cry-Baby and Allison, making the
rebel falls in love, and the young girl be consumed with a burning desire to be
“bad.” Between, rock-and-roll, fights, French kisses and a lot of
trouble, Cry-Baby must find a way to prove that despite of his bad-boy image, he’s
a nice guy with a heart of gold. 

> Curiosities: 

In the 90’s dozens of teen-idols was everywhere in
the USA, and as usual, during the pre-production, some of them were considered
for the lead role, such as: Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., and since the movie
was a comedy, even Jim Carey… But for Waters, there were only two people in
the world who could play Cry-Baby: First, a teenage killer, Charles
Starkweather, who had died 30 years earlier, and the other, Johnny Depp. 


Johnny and Amy Locane had to learn how to lip-sync for all the songs in
the movie, which in reality, were sung by James Intveld and Rachel Sweet. In
the other hand, Johnny also collaborated as one of the most qualified on the
set to talk about the instruments played throughout the movie. 


Even though Johnny was playing a teenager, supposed to be aged between
16/18, in reality, he was 26. The only teenager was his partner in the movie, Amy
Locane, which at that time was 17. Due to it, her mother was on set throughout the
whole filming, and Amy revealed being embarrassed for kissing Johnny in front
of her. On the movie, when her character says that she didn’t know how to
French Kiss, in real life, neither Amy knew. She revealed that Johnny basically
taught her. 


Cry-Baby was released in at least five slightly different versions:
The “Theatrical Version”, watched on
the theaters, VHS and on the first editions of the DVDs Edition (which also had
an extra performance named “Chicken”, as bonus feature).
Three “TV/Cable Network Versions”,
which was aired during 90’s and early to mid-2000. Two official and a third was
edited for TV:
One was the same Theatrical Version but censoring the first and second word
“F*ck”, even though, when the mother speaks the word for the third time, it’s
not censored. This was and still is mostly aired on free-to-air TV, cable
networks and some DVD’s.

A second TV Version was released with some R-rated scenes involving slangs,
religion or sexual scenes cut, that had to be substituted for new and exclusive
scenes from the original version, such as a longer dance scene and two extra
songs that only could be seen years later on DVD.

A third TV Version was heavily edited and aired mostly on free-to-air TV
around the world. This one has all the three swears censored, all the sexual and
R-rated references, such as the French kissing scenes, shorter or completely
cut, and even the scene where Cry-Baby adjust his crotch, was deleted and
changed for he combing his hair.

And the “Director’s Cut”, with almost 7
minutes of new extra scenes (some different from the second TV Version) was released
on DVD in 2005 to commemorate the film’s fifteenth anniversary.

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The Vampires are coming!!
Photo by: @rosshalfin