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Back to the music life!

Last night (October 6), Johnny was rocking on stage again at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, now as special guest on the Stone Temple Pilots USA 2019 Tour.
Johnny was wearing Jerry Judge’s tribute shirt and  joined the band playing guitar along the first Hollywood Vampires’ bassist Robert DeLeo on the two final songs: “Down” and “Sex Type Thing”.

Is Johnny going on tour again? Let’s stay tuned! There’s only 3 shows remaining before the Stone Temple Pilots 2019 Tour ends and the next show is set to happen tomorrow in Phoenix, Arizona.

“- Johnny is so alive and present and real in every
 – Devon Terrell talking about  Johnny.

New behind the scenes shows a lovely moment of Johnny greeting Devon Terrell, who plays Danny, with his bear hug during the filming of “The Professor” in 2017.
And look who’s there on Johnny’s side! Jerry Judge. Probably on his last work with his friend, always protecting and aware of everything around him… 



We miss your loyalty… Please, keep protecting Johnny. 


Johnny’s tributes to 

Jerry Judge yesterday in Las Vegas.

“That mountain… used to stand right there
on the other side of the stage. Jerry was a bulldog, made MI5, he’d take a bullet in the head just to keep me
around… We call him equalizer, instead of his name… and then he found relief
from the cancer’s pain. He is still there. Jerry f*cking Judge… THIS SONG IS FOR

During the show, Johnny worn a t-shirt with Jerry’s face printed, as well his security team. The same print was on the balloons throw to the audience, instead of the Hollywood Vampires’ logo.

Ps. I didn’t understand if he said “made MI5” (That stands for

Security Service) or another word… Please, share your thoughts about it and I’ll correct if it’s wrong…

The first black and white photo was taken by Aaron Perry during the show. The last one was taken during the “Dark Shadows” filming and is the one that was shown on the background video while Johnny gave his emotional speech while singing his cover “People Who Died”.

“ – Jerry f*cking Judge… THIS SONG IS FOR YOU MY BROTHEEERRR!!!”

Yesterday, during the first Hollywood Vampires’ show this is year at The Joint in Las Vegas, Johnny sang his cover of “People Who Died” and a lovely tribute was added to the song. Johnny, as well his bodyguards, wore a t-shirt with Jerry Judge’s face which was also added to the balls they thrown during the last song to the audience. Unfortunately, Jerry Judge left us, last month, and they made a tribute to loved ones who passed away, adding him to the backdrop video.
In the middle of song, all the member slowed down the instruments and Johnny got very emotional (something I think most of us didn’t see in a long time) and for the first time he talked to the audience on stage expressing his feelings talking about his huge friend…
And in spirit he was there still taking care of Johnny on the corner of the stage…

I’m literally crying right now… 😭