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“It might take a queer more than five minutes to make up his mind while watching this handsome lieutenant stroke his magnificent organ.” – 

Reinaldo Arenas (Javier Bardem)

19 years ago, today (September 3) in Before Night Falls, Johnny also played Lieutenant Victor, a prison interrogator who can’t resist stroking himself as he stares a portrait of Fidel Castro.
Different from Bon-Bon, Johnny left the funny comedy scenes and becomes an extreme sadist character, representing how homosexuals used to be treated by guards at the

hellish jail of El Morro Prison during the 70′s.

Ps. Johnny’s “magnificent organ” was just a mixture of paper and pieces of cloth stuffed on his pants to make it bigger.



I wouldn’t be surprised if it was his idea. 


🍑  “When I saw him dressed like a woman, I said, ‘F*ck, man! Who’s that girl? What an ass!’” – Javier Bardem’s real reaction when he saw Johnny Depp as Bon Bon.

19 years ago, today, September 3, Johnny played the glamorous transvestite Bon Bon in the movie “Before Night Falls”.  🍑

Let’s enjoy this iconic entrance and performance.