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On this day, November 9, we celebrate the beginning of Johnny Depp’s career as actor
with the release of “A Nightmare On Elm Street”, his first movie, released 35
years ago!
Johnny never wanted to be an actor. He just wanted to follow his music dream, have a family, some money and live his life, but look at him now! 56 years old, 35 of career, with his dreams came true, and day after day keep rocking
our world!
I bet neither he believes how far he has come, how many lives he has changed,
how many people he brought (and still brings) a lot happiness. How many people
he influenced for the better, teaching to share love, compassion, the good, to keep on trying and to not give up even in the
darkest hours…

Thank you
so much Johnny, for being this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G human being, for being strong, for
keep fighting, acting, singing and doing all these amazing things!
I wish you all the best things of the world; a lot of health, comfort, love, blesses,
happiness and strength to keep making a lot of movies, commercials, interviews
and music throughout your life.
Can’t wait for what coming next!

You are and



Johnny Depp: Isolation (John Lennon Cover) [Full Live]

Johnny keeps living his rock-star dream and rocked last night (September 20) at the Eric
Clapton’s “Crossroads Guitar Festival” in Dallas, Texas. He continued his collaboration with his
friend Jeff Beck as special guest playing and singing on his tour.

> About Johnny’s performance on Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour:

Johnny do not appears on stage on the beginning of the shows.
He joins the stage in the middle of the concert while Jeff Beck plays Link Wray’s
track and the 2019 Sauvage Parfum theme “Rumble” which serves as an introduction to
Johnny and a surprise for the audience. After that, he sings John Lennon’s “Isolation”, his brand new song “This
is a Song for Ms. Hedy Lamar
r”, stays on stage playing guitar and closes Beck’s show singing ZZ Top’s “Hey Mr. Millionaire”. As expected the audience loved!

> About the 2019 Crossroads Guitar Festival:

The whole festival had a online pay-per-view live stream yesterday and will also happen today. It’s unknown if the show was

was recorded to be released for free
later, but some of the past festivals were released as DVD and CD.

> Will Johnny continue on tour?

Pretty possible. Jeff Beck’s 2019 Tour continues today in Austin, Texas and Johnny is expected to perform again. Maybe he will keep performing on the next shows until September 24. The last  show of Beck’s Tour is set to happen in September 27 and will feature Rod Steward, possible on Johnny’s place who will possible return to his acting life, now attending the “Waiting for the Barbarians” premiere at San Sebastian Festival, which happens on the same day, in Spain.

Credits for the video go to Yuki Sakakibara on Youtube.



night, September 17, Johnny surprised those who went to Jeff Beck’s show at
Uptown Theater in Kansas City. Johnny head back to the USA and was on stage
with his friends, playing guitar and also singing.
Johnny sang John Lennon’s “Isolation” and ZZ Top’s “Mr. Millionaire” and for the FIRST TIME he sang the new
and unreleased song named “This is
a Song for Ms. Hedy Lamarr”
The slow rock ballad song was written by Johnny and Tommy Henriksen for what seems to
be their side music project named “The Gypsy
(Johnny the “Gypsy” and Tommy
the “Punk”)
which is also credited for being the mixers for the Hollywood Vampires’
album “Rise”. It also seems that Johnny, Jeff and the band may had rehearsed the song before, once all the members are playing perfectly the instruments. If I’m not mistaken on the chorus johnny sings: “Don’t believe, Can’t believe, don’t believe in humans anymore”… 


> A little bit of history: Who is Hedy

During an
interview, for the Chinese magazine “Movie View”, Johnny talked a little bit about how he
was moved after watching the documentary “Bombshell:
The Hedy Lamarr Story”
. The documentary tells the sad story of Hedy Lamarr, who
escaped from Austria during the World War II, became a well-known actress in United States and also
worked in her spare time on various hobbies and inventions. Although being a non-trained
engineer, she invented the radio frequency hopping, after being horrified by the
German torpedoing of two ships which were escaping the German bombing of London
and of the country, carrying dozen of British children to Canada. She wanted to help these people
somehow and began thinking how to do it. So, she kept studying and learned
that radio-controlled torpedoes, could easily be jammed and set off course, and
thought of creating a frequency-hopping signal to prevent German submarines from jamming Allied radio signals. Hedy wanted to make both the transmitter and the receiver simultaneously jump from frequency to frequency, so that when someone tries to jam the signal, they would not track, intercept or read by the enemy. 
Although, her invention was considered technologically difficult to implement at that time,
and the U.S. Navy was not receptive to considering inventions coming from
outside the military, An updated version was used on the US Navy ships during
the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, but the invention became the important basis
for what he have today such Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

During her life, Hedy Lamarr, known as “Mother of Wi-fi” couldn’t feel comfortable for having a glamorous life in Hollywood, with lots of fame and money, while people were suffering in war. Hedy’s life brings an important message of fighting for what you believe, follow your dreams, innovate and help people in need. 
Unfortunately she wasn’t
recognized for her invention until 1997 and during all that time, her patent was
taken by the USA and she ended up left-handed during all these years until her
death in 2000.

Ladies and gentleman, we are seeing another different side of Johnny. Johnny’s voice is lighter, melodic almost angelic; pretty different from his rock and roll with powerful vocals that we all know.
Every day we have a new surprise coming from this man. 
This is a Song for Ms. Hedy Lamarr.




~Venice Film Festival, September 6.


Yesterday, we celebrated the day when Johnny probably recorded the song in Berlin, and today The Hollywood Vampires’ new and final single was just released in Japan!
Off from the upcoming album “Rise”, Johnny give us his powerful voice singing his cover from  David Bowie’s “Heroes”.
Although, Johnny’s birthday is in three days, the gift will be given for all of us on the next hours, when the single will be officially released worldwide.


Johnny’s “Epiphone Les Paul Special” guitar is going to be auctioned for charity!

The item,  owned and signed by Johnny, is available at Dublin Lunch

online auction with proceeds going to Hope Foundation, a

charity foundation who works to free children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse, poverty and darkness.

> More information HERE.

“- Kids make me happy. I feel blessed if I can bring a smile on their pretty faces” ~Johnny Depp.

Last week, March 28, while in Doha, Qatar, Johnny was invited to meet a group of children with special needs at the Galeries Lafayette. He surprised them, and cuddled each and every child, interacting with them individually; spreading love and happiness in a way that only he can make.

How can someone hate his man? 
This is so lovely! This REALLY should be an example for everyone to follow: Spread love.
So proud of being his fan!

* Read the full article HERE


Johnny is overwhelmed by all the love and support he’s receiving from fans on Twitter
“He is finally feeling vindicated after years of looking like the ‘bad guy’ and not believing his side of the story. Johnny never wanted to put Amber in a position to look like the aggressor, but he finally had enough and needed to reveal his truth. The fact that fans are now beginning to believe his account of what happened feels incredible and he’s more determined than ever to continue fighting for justice and redeem his reputation.”

“He understands that takes some time, once you have to battle through certain hoops and falsehoods that are always presented. And the fact that he is a big star, it’s even more of a slippery slope to deal with. But Johnny is more than happy that he is getting support from all around the world — that goes a long way —  but ultimately he wants his day in court to prove that what he is saying is true.”

 ~ sources related to Johnny shared exclusively with

Let’s keep fighting! We are with you Johnny!
And we are really happy that people are finally opening their eyes! 

A message from Johnny Depp (SPEAKING IN FRENCH!!!)

> Translation: 
“Throughout the month of March, take the research forward. Buy a daffodil and make a donation against cancer.”


The video was made  when Johnny surprised patients, while visiting, fully dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, the Institut Curie, a French foundation for cancer research, last December 27. 


Just because Johnny had a medical appointment, doesn’t mean he has some kind of disease or something. The visit happened before the filming for the upcoming movie “Minamata”, and as MANY of us may known, Johnny always go deep into his characters and this time it wasn’t different. It’s been said that he was there for RESEARCH! Yes! Even on his day-off he is working!

For the upcoming movie, Johnny will play the role of W. Eugene Smith, who suffered two strokes and the second unfortunately result in his death in 1978, after the events of Minamata. Also, even though the “Minamata Disease” is known for being more a neurological syndrome, it is important to known how it may affect the body as a whole; mentally and physically. This is something that during Johnny’s visit to the doctor may had helped him to understand more about the events of Minamata.

AND ALSO: Everybody MUST visit a cardiologist some time to check how the things are going. I do hope that Johnny had done it too, since he is always busy.
Really guys, This is very important!

So, there’s nothing to be worried. Just to celebrate for the existence of such an actor who really worries about what really happened on the past, and how he can show for those who don’t understand. Show the reality of the facts that happened at that time.

This is how an actor must be. It’s more than fame and money; it’s about being real and human.

And this makes me even more proud of being a Johnny Depp fan. 

Thank you so much @jadoredepp​ for bringing
me this great information. XOXO.