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~Venice Film Festival, September 6.



Yesterday, we celebrated the day when Johnny probably recorded the song in Berlin, and today The Hollywood Vampires’ new and final single was just released in Japan!
Off from the upcoming album “Rise”, Johnny give us his powerful voice singing his cover from  David Bowie’s “Heroes”.
Although, Johnny’s birthday is in three days, the gift will be given for all of us on the next hours, when the single will be officially released worldwide.


Johnny’s “Epiphone Les Paul Specia…

Johnny’s “Epiphone Les Paul Special” guitar is going to be auctioned for charity!

The item,  owned and signed by Johnny, is available at Dublin Lunch

online auction with proceeds going to Hope Foundation, a

charity foundation who works to free children and poor families from lives of pain, abuse, poverty and darkness.

> More information HERE.

“- Kids make me happy. I feel blessed if I c…

“- Kids make me happy. I feel blessed if I can bring a smile on their pretty faces” ~Johnny Depp.

Last week, March 28, while in Doha, Qatar, Johnny was invited to meet a group of children with special needs at the Galeries Lafayette. He surprised them, and cuddled each and every child, interacting with them individually; spreading love and happiness in a way that only he can make.

How can someone hate his man? 
This is so lovely! This REALLY should be an example for everyone to follow: Spread love.
So proud of being his fan!

* Read the full article HERE

HE’S AWARE OF US! “Johnny is overwhelmed by al…


Johnny is overwhelmed by all the love and support he’s receiving from fans on Twitter
“He is finally feeling vindicated after years of looking like the ‘bad guy’ and not believing his side of the story. Johnny never wanted to put Amber in a position to look like the aggressor, but he finally had enough and needed to reveal his truth. The fact that fans are now beginning to believe his account of what happened feels incredible and he’s more determined than ever to continue fighting for justice and redeem his reputation.”

“He understands that takes some time, once you have to battle through certain hoops and falsehoods that are always presented. And the fact that he is a big star, it’s even more of a slippery slope to deal with. But Johnny is more than happy that he is getting support from all around the world — that goes a long way —  but ultimately he wants his day in court to prove that what he is saying is true.”

 ~ sources related to Johnny shared exclusively with

Let’s keep fighting! We are with you Johnny!
And we are really happy that people are finally opening their eyes! 

> Translation: “Throughout the month of Mar…

A message from Johnny Depp (SPEAKING IN FRENCH!!!)

> Translation: 
“Throughout the month of March, take the research forward. Buy a daffodil and make a donation against cancer.”


The video was made  when Johnny surprised patients, while visiting, fully dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, the Institut Curie, a French foundation for cancer research, last December 27. 



Just because Johnny had a medical appointment, doesn’t mean he has some kind of disease or something. The visit happened before the filming for the upcoming movie “Minamata”, and as MANY of us may known, Johnny always go deep into his characters and this time it wasn’t different. It’s been said that he was there for RESEARCH! Yes! Even on his day-off he is working!

For the upcoming movie, Johnny will play the role of W. Eugene Smith, who suffered two strokes and the second unfortunately result in his death in 1978, after the events of Minamata. Also, even though the “Minamata Disease” is known for being more a neurological syndrome, it is important to known how it may affect the body as a whole; mentally and physically. This is something that during Johnny’s visit to the doctor may had helped him to understand more about the events of Minamata.

AND ALSO: Everybody MUST visit a cardiologist some time to check how the things are going. I do hope that Johnny had done it too, since he is always busy.
Really guys, This is very important!

So, there’s nothing to be worried. Just to celebrate for the existence of such an actor who really worries about what really happened on the past, and how he can show for those who don’t understand. Show the reality of the facts that happened at that time.

This is how an actor must be. It’s more than fame and money; it’s about being real and human.

And this makes me even more proud of being a Johnny Depp fan. 

Thank you so much @jadoredepp​ for bringing
me this great information. XOXO.



We miss you so much… 

♪ “

Though nothing, nothing will keep us together…
We can beat them, forever and ever…
Oh, we can be heroes…
Just for one day. ♪ 

During a

press conference for “Sweeney Todd” in London, 11 years ago in 2008, Johnny was asked if he based his singing voice on any person in particular once he sounded a bit like David Bowie, and he answered: 

“A couple of people have said that, which is interesting because I wouldn’t ever dream of attempting to channel David Bowie. He’s a big hero of mine. If there’s a similarity it wasn’t intentional. And it’s a nice compliment.” 

10 years later, last year,

in May 17, Johnny surprised everybody, singing live for the first time on stage,

on the first show of the “Hollywood Vampires 2018 Tour”, which happened at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York. Johnny, who originally surprised us with his vocal ability in “Sweeney Todd”, kept singing on the next 28 shows, on the “Johnny Depp live in Tokyo” special event in Japan, and at the “Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding 2018″, last December 8.

The official studio version

was recorded

on the Hansa Studios, in Berlin, same studio where Bowie recorded his masterpiece. Johnny recorded his cover when the “Hollywood Vampires 2018 Tour” stopped in Germany, and is set to be released on the upcoming “Hollywood Vampires” second album, along new songs with Johnny singing.

While we wait for this masterpiece, let’s enjoy Johnny singing “Heroes” live for a crowd of over 55,000 people,

last June 22, at “Hellfest Open Air Festival 2018″ in Clisson, France. 

We are proud, and I bet David Bowie would be proud too..

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY (Which I don’t even …

(Which I don’t even have)!

Next saturday, the Hollywood Vampires will be playing at the annual Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding, at Celebrity Theatre, in  Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and Johnny will be playing this exclusively updated, special and one-of-a-kind

guitar from the limited “Duesenberg USA Johnny Depp Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar” collection.
After the show, this masterpiece will be AUCTIONED for Alice Cooper Solid Rock Foundation!

> Curiosities:

* This guitar has 10 of Johnny’s tattoos and his autograph added to the design. 

* Talking about design, this 2018 Exclusive Version is slightly different from the 2015 Collection: Now, on the neck of the guitar, 3 tattoos were added: The number 3, the three hearts and the lightning. Also, two tattoos were added on the back: the skeleton key and the Les Fleurs du Mal, and right above, now has his autograph. This differences make this guitar looks almost similar to the other collection: The “Johnny Depp Artist Series Signature Guitar”.

* In 2016, two of this guitar were auctioned: One on Halloween sold for $20,000

with proceeds going to Rhonda’s Kiss charitable organization that helps cancer patients in need; and other, in December, on the Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding, was sold for $61,000

with proceeds going to Alice’s Solid Rock Foundation. 

“Taking the role of Gellert Grindelwald, pleas…

“Taking the role of Gellert Grindelwald, please welcome, JOHNNY DEPP!!!”

Yesterday, Johnny attended the “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” premiere in London, and again we could see how loved and admired he is by his fans. Johnny was one the happiest and busiest actors on the blue carpet, taking photos, autographing thousands of books, cards and even some paintings. He was definitely the most expected for the fans, who gone wild when he arrived.

Johnny kept being the amazing human being he is; smiling, giving love and respect and enjoying every second to retribute everything he was receiving from the public. In his first live interview, he showed how humble he is, thanking J.K. Rowling, David Yates and David Hayman for the opportunity to play this new character, and later he was shown having a good time with Jude Law and the other actors.

This was his second event this year after the “Richard Says Goodbye” premiere in Zurich, last month, proving what we all know: He is unstoppable.

And for all the haters who said that his career was over and are trying to boycott the movie, Shame on you! It ain’t gonna happen!