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SUCH SPECIAL MOMENT ❤️Johnny making his best t…


Johnny making his best to attend his fans during his way on the red carpet today (September 6) at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.
No matter if he is a little bit late, or if his bodyguards keep making him to keep walk, he will always try his best to take some time to talk to those who are there to see him.
Every fan dreams of living this moment.
I have nothing but proud of him!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JD!  ❤ ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦ ♡ 55…



55 years of talent and achievements
being made every day since 1963! 
The dedication you put into each
project, the love you share to everyone around you, and the way you overcome the
obstacles that may appear, is incredible and makes me admire you even more.

May you have an incredible day and receive all the affection and love of the world!

I really wish you all the best
things, health, comfort, love, blesses, many movies, commercials,
interviews, music and lots of rock and roll in your life.
You are my inspiration, and I’m always
with you.
With all my love and pride, T.


CURIOSITIES: Johnny Depp and the singing life….

CURIOSITIES: Johnny Depp and the singing life.

10 years ago, after

showed his vocal ability for the fist time ever in “Sweeney Todd”, Johnny said “It was the first time I’d ever sung. I’ve never even sung in the shower – I’d be too mortified! But once I’d got over the initial fear, it was enjoyable. Would I do it again? I doubt it! Singing on set is mortifying – you feel like an idiot!”

Later, when asked about if he based his singing voice on any person in particular once he sounded a bit like David Bowie, he answered: “A couple of people have said that, which is interesting because I wouldn’t ever dream of attempting to channel David Bowie. He’s a big hero of mine. If there’s a similarity it wasn’t intentional. And it’s a nice compliment”

10 years later, on these past two nights, Johnny (who usually does the backing vocal and leaves to play his guitar) surprised us doing his A-M-A-Z-I-N-G cover from David Bowie’s song “Heroes”. We know that he will not leave the acting career for the singing life, but we REALLY needs his Bowie version, or even more tracks on the next Hollywood Vampires album. KEEP SINGING JOHNNY! We are really proud of your evolution! xo

Johnny Depp, some days ago, visiting the “ …

Johnny Depp, some days ago, visiting the “

Make-A-Wish” in Los Angeles.