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New never seen photo of Johnny, Penelope Cruz, Stella McCartney and Javier Bardem!

The photo, posted on her Instagram Stories as a celebration to some of her special moments in 2019, seems to have been taken sometime between June/July 2019 during Johnny’s free time in London…

Happy birthday to the man who inspired Johnny in his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow!
Congratulations to his huge friend, and father in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Keith Richards!

“Can I do a Captain Jack? Can I? Shan’t I? Will I? Wouldn’t I? Didn’t I? Haven’t I? Wasn’t it?” – Johnny Depp 😂

After impersonating Willy Wonka on the backstage of Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding and worn a Mad Hatter’s hat on stage during the auction, last Saturday (December 14) Johnny also remembered his, and a fan favorite character, Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny also asked a funny question to Bobby, the fan who met him on the backstage with his mom:
“Let me ask you a question: Did he (Captain Jack Sparrow) scream like a pre-teen delicate little flower of a girl ?”  while everybody was laughing he then completed: “I did it on purpose…”  😂😂

Johnny also took photos with Bobby’s family and also autographed a guitar.

God bless this man!  ❤️

Credits: Beth Baird on Instagram.


Will Turner: This is either madness… or brilliance.

Jack Sparrow: It’s remarkable how often those two traits coincide.

Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate



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