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🎸 “Let it roll, baby, roll… Let it roll… All night long!” 🎸  

Johnny, Bonn E Maiy, Joe Perry, Jim Allen, Miguel and Paul Geary rocking last October 24 at the Guitar Hotel launch in Hollywood, Florida!

Watch the full video HERE.

“Impromptu Jam” [FULL VIDEO] featuring  Johnny Depp, Bonn E Maiy, Joe Perry, Jim Allen, Miguel & Paul Geary at the Guitar Hotel launch!

“At the October 24, 2019 launch of the Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel launch – the stars aligned for an impromptu jam session at the Council Oak restaurant.  The All-star lineup included myself on lead vocal, Johnny Depp (guitar), Joe Perry (guitar), Miguel (percussion), Paul Geary (drums).  

The energy in the room was unbelievable, and all of this was done without any real rehearsal or run through – we simply crashed the stage and figured out what happens next.  We decided to cover The Doors “Roadhouse Blues” since that’s essentially the way Jim Morrison and Co created that song.  Hope you enjoy!” – 

Bonne E Maiy on Youtube.

As promised, Bonn E Maiy released today (October 8) the full impromptu jam they (Johnny, Joe Perry, Bonn E Maiy, Jim Allen, Miguel and Paul Geary) performed, playing the The Doors’ song “Roadhouse Blues”, last October 24 at the Guitar Hotel launch in Hollywood, Florida!

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[Update] 2020 World Tour Plans:

Paul Geary, co-manager of Hollywood Vampires, keep replying some fans on his Instagram and sharing some places that may be having a Hollywood Vampires show while they are planning a 2020 World Tour.
While Brazil was one of the firsts, France, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Argentina and more shows in the USA are also on their map.
Fingers crossed for it turn reality, but let’s not forget that Johnny also has his actor career and how it may influence the tour.

A new tour or special show is on the Hollywood Vampires’ plans for 2020!

Paul Geary, co-manager of Hollywood Vampires, replied a Brazilian Hollywood Vampires’ Fan account on Instagram answering that they are working to go to Brazil next year. If it really happens, there’s a high probability to be a show on a festival, which in Brazil, next year is set to be the Lollapalooza, in São in March. It will also mean a lot for the Brazilian fans, because the last time the Hollywood Vampires performed in Brazil was 4 years ago at Rock in Rio, and Johnny enjoyed his first time there to spread his charity donating 200 hearing aids to adults and children, even helping them showing how to use properly. 
Now let’s wait for more news.

“- You don’t have Facebook, you don’t have
Instagram or Twitter?

– No.

– You don’t need that?

– I don’t know anything.

– The Vampires has Instagram…

– I wouldn’t know how to do that anyway.” –
Johnny Depp for the ProSieben, last June 2018 in Berlin.

Will Johnny join the social media world?

that Johnny signed with Global Artist Management, Paul Geary, said that Johnny,
after all these years of social media existence, he will finally join at
Instagram. I think that this is really great, but as we all know if this really
is going to happen, the page will be under control of a Social Media assistant,
just like the Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper and most of the celebrities official
pages are, and will post things just after Johnny’s approval. I wouldn’t expect
for anything personal, posts being made every day, or answers given by Johnny
himself on the comment session, so before going later on social media talking about
how Johnny is not answer you or not following your back or didn’t liked your
comment, some people will have to educate themselves and remember that this will
be the first time he will have a public social account. He will not be there
for fun and games, it will be for work. It’s pretty hard to find celebrities who
don’t have some kind of social account; one example is Keanu Reeves, who lives
happily out of it. (After all these years, I don’t even know if Johnny should have one, but this is out of my/our hands)

Another point is once you join this world, there will be a lot of ups and downs.
Just like most of the celebrities, and like Lily-Rose already said about her own
Instagram, his page will have posts focused on his career like photoshoots,
magazines, publicity, and do not get mad for the long time between one and other
post. There will be a lot of positive things, but as also we know, haters will
come for the negative stuff and we know that there will be some discussions
Johnny will read them? I pretty doubt it. Maybe on the first days, and then
they will just updating the page and let the things go on. Tabloids will love it…

So whatever is going to happen, let’s stay out of trouble. It will be a curious
thing to follow, and probably will be one of the most followed pages ever. Respect
him as always, and when I say respect I’m including his managers too, because we
all know that the Instagram is the 80’s magazines selling image for money…

Well, let’s see how the things will work. Is it really necessary? Yes, no? Feel free to share your opinions too.

 I never like to reveal too much about myself. Once you start giving people to look into your life, then they just want more and more. ” – Lily-Rose Depp. 

New photo of Johnny and his Duesenberg guitar.

Photo by Global Artist Management for the Hollywood Reporter on a new article talking about signing with Global Artist Management, which will manage all aspects of his career except for film, which continues to be represented by CAA (Creative Artists Agency). 
Managed by Paul Geary and Steve Wood, their company are also co-managing the Hollywood Vampires.
Read the full article HERE.


“Blessed to work with, and call this man a friend. Kind, generous and talented as they come. This is one of his signature series Guitars, now hanging on my wall at home. Thanks for the kind words, Johnny…you’re the best.” – wrote Paul Geary, 

co-manager of Hollywood Vampires, on Instagram.

Photo by CerealKyler taken last Tuesday (May 7) in Hollywood.