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“This is the one. ‘This’ is the one I’ll be remembered for.” ~ Ed Wood.

24 years ago, today
(September 23)
, “Ed Wood” premièred at New York Film Festival, in the USA.
The biographical comedy-drama film, directed and produced by Tim Burton was
first exhibited in few theaters in North America thorough 1994. Later it was
screened worldwide in 1995. Johnny and the cast attended the NY premiere and
almost one year later attended the Cannes premiere, in France. The movie
received a really positive critical acclaim. Also received 28 nominations to
awards, won 2 Oscars and Johnny won as “Actor of the Year” for “Ed Wood” and “Don
Juan DeMarco” in 1996. In this movie Johnny is the American cult filmmaker,
actor, and author, Ed Wood, “The worst director of all time”.

> Synopsis:
Ed Wood was a little
known film-maker from the early 1950’s who gained posthumous notoriety for his
dreadful B-grade science fiction films in the mid-‘80s and for his willing to
fulfill his dreams, despite of his lack of talent. This film is
producer/director Tim Burton’s fictionalized portrait of Wood’s strange, yet
mediocre life and career. Burton filmed “Ed Wood” in black and white
to recreate the atmosphere of Wood’s films. The film primarily focuses on three
aspects of Wood’s life, his transvestism, his relationships with his oddball
casts and crew as he tried to make his films on shoestring budgets, and his
friendship with aging horror-movie great Bela Lugosi whom he tried to help.


* “I think I
would have been as sick as a dog if I had walked away from this one”
When Tim called Johnny to talk about the project, they meet 20 minutes later in
a bar in los Angeles. 10 minutes of talk was need to Johnny accepts the role in
a blink of an eye. He was Tim first choice. 


At the
time, Depp was depressed about films and filmmaking. By accepting this part, it
gave him a “chance to stretch out and have some fun”, and working
with Martin Landau, “rejuvenated his love for acting”. 


This was
Johnny’s first black and white movie. One year later it repeats in “Dead Man”


This was
Johnny’s second movie with Tim Burton, after “Edward Scissorhands” 

* This was the first time Johnny played a character dressed as woman. He played another character 6 years later in “Before Night Falls” as Bon Bon.


This was
the first time that Johnny portrayed a real person on screen, rather than a
fictional character. He based his interpretation on a combination of Casey Kasem’s utterly confident, breezy salesman quality in his voice, Ronald Reagan’s speeches and the performance of Jack Haley as the Tin Man from The wizard of
Oz. But there were a lack of visual material available for Johnny to watch Ed
Wood as himself. He watched “Glen or Glenda”, some rare silent
behind-the-scenes footage and a few black a white stills. Wood’s second wife,
Kathy, also helped giving his personal walled and phone book. When she visited
the set while filming, and saw Johnny, she said: “Johnny, you look nice. You
look like Eddie." 


During his
teens, Johnny dated a girl who wore an Angora jumper and when they broke up he
missed the jumper more than the girl. While filming, he also joked that in
certain scenes, he may have "inhaled more angora than oxygen.”


Busy schedule:
“Ed Wood” started being filmed 6 months after Johnny finished “What’s Eating
Gilbert Grape”, and 5 months before “Don Juan DeMarco”

Happy 25th Anniversary to “Ed Wood”!!!

The movie premiered on this today (September 23), at New York Film Festival, in the USA.

Lily-Rose Depp’s new film ‘A Faithful Man’, which is getting excellent reviews, will also be shown at Festival S.Sebastián and New York Film Festival 🌸