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Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie: See Striking Photos of Twins of Evil Tour Kickoff: undefined

Best bromance ever!!!

Marilyn Manson On His New Album: “I Wouldn’t Compare It To Any Of My Other Records” — Kerrang!: undefined

Marilyn Manson on “Southern” New Album, Machine Gun Kelly, Twins of Evil Tour:

And I should mention Johnny Depp, my good friend, and Hunter S. Thompson, who I was good friends with. I was a huge fan of his writing growing up. He was the real deal, and Johnny’s the real deal — no matter what’s going on in his life, or how many movies he’s made, he never changes. He’s still the same kid that he was growing up, with the fuck-you attitude.

Marilyn Manson is the most excited person today 


H A P P Y B I R D DAY. JOHNNY DEPP. (you get the childish pun). This is your year brother. – Manson on Instagram.

Happy Birthday JD! To a wizard so crude and genius he had to starve himself to create a new type of magic. With all my love brother. Forever.

– Manson on Instagram.

Happy Birthday JD.  I’ll love you until I can no longer spell that word. Your best year just began today.– Manson on twitter.

Happy birthday.  No fucking reason.  Love you until I can’t spell JD anymore. – Manson on twitter.

Marilyn Manson shared his love for Johnny twice on Instagram and twitter today.

“Josh, JD, and Me at the Greek” – 

Marilyn Manson

Manson shared a photo taken by Ross Halfin on the backstage of the second Hollywood Vampires show, last Saturday (May 11) at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Yes I like it! Oh I like it! Love it! Like it! Love it! Eighteen, Eighteen!”

Marilyn Manson joins Alice Cooper on vocals and got a kiss from Johnny last night in Los Angeles  ♥

Johnny and Marilyn was pure happiness ♥ 


Marilyn Manson and Steven Tyler joined the Vampires last night in Los Angeles!

Yesterday (May 11), Glen Sobel may had left us a hint saying that the show at their hometown show was going to have “friends and family” and indeed it happen! Alice Cooper shared the mic with Marilyn Manson singing “I’m Eighteen” while Steven Tyler joined on the next song singing “The Train Kept A-Rollin’”.
And look at Johnny’s face! He looked like a child kissing and hugging everybody.

They were really having fun looking like having 18 again.

What a lucky audience! 


Just before shooting with @mrperou in a typically nude-scenario,which is not uncommon when reviewing our wondrous years of work together.

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