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Lily-Rose Depp talks fashion, film and working with Timothée Chalamet: undefined

💖 Like father, like daughter: Depp’s same energy. 💖

In an alternate world of “Sweeney Todd”, he and 

Mrs. Lovett had lovely child…
In an alternate world of “Alice in Wonderland”, the Red Queen also had mean daughter just like her. 


The original photos fits so perfectly in a Tim Burton movie that I did this edits… (Hey, Tim let’s make it happen!). 😂

So, last Tuesday (September 3), Lily-Rose’s new photos for the “W Magazine”, which she will be on the cover, was released online and she also gave an interview talking about her acting life and talked about her parents:

“I’m not going to say that it doesn’t make it easier to get your name out there. Obviously it does. But honestly, to me there’s also something even a little bit harder about it, because the expectations are so insanely high. My parents are both incredible artists in their own right. So all I can do is try and be my own person and do my own work.”

Go for it Lily-Rose! We are always rooting for you! 💖

The King – Timothée Chalamet | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix Film

“Waiting for the Barbarians”  premiere updates:

Although the official list for the upcoming 76th Venice Film Festival is set to
be revealed this weekend, Alberto Barbera, chief, film critic and director for the
event, revealed the date for the upcoming “Waiting for the Barbarians”. 
The premiere is set to happen next September 6, at 19h (local hour). A red
carpet will also happen earlier at the same day, but the exactly hour is yet to
be revealed.
This is the second time, Alberto Barbera confirmed his expectation for Johnny
attend the event, but as we know, it will depend of their schedules, but it
seems that the chances for Johnny attending are pretty high since Robert
Pattinson hasn’t confirmed
 yet to attend because it seems that he will be
filming. As far as I know his next project is the upcoming movie “Tenet”.
Johnny, Robert and Mark Rylance are the lead characters, so at least two of them must be there with the director, Ciro Guerra.
Lily-Rose were also on the list, but she hasn’t confirmed yet, but “The King” is set to premiere earlier in September 2 , and Jude Law in September 3 for “The New Pope”.
Unfortunately the chances to see Johnny and Lily-Rose or Johnny and Jude together are pretty low.

If Johnny attends, this will be the fifth time Johnny attended a Venice Film
Festival, after “From Hell” in 2001, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” in 2003, “Finding
Neverland” in 2004, accompanying Tim Burton in 2007 when he was honored with
the “Golden Lion” for Lifetime Achievement and his last event in 2015 for “Black Mass”.

Fingers crossed! 

Venice Film Festival Updates!

During a conference for the upcoming event, the chief, film critic
and director for the Venice Film Festival,

Alberto Barbera, revealed a list of actors who is
expected to attend this year. With the “Waiting for the Barbarians” world premiere, Johnny,
Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson are on the list, as well Lily-Rose for the
movie “The King”.
Up until now, this list may be considered pre-official, once revealed for the director himself, and posted on the official Venice Film Festival account on twitter, although we have to keep in mind that it will also depend of their schedules.
Either way, fingers crossed!


Lily-Rose Depp on the cover of Glamour italia!

Happy Father’s Day, Johnny!

A Faithful Man – Official U.S. Trailer

dad is the sweetest most loving person I know, he’s been nothing but a
wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would
say the same ❤” –
Lily-Rose Depp (May 29/2016)

years ago in May 29/2016, Lily-Rose defended her dad on Instagram posting two

she shared a photo of herself with her father when she was a baby. It was liked
for more than 245 thousand people and had more than 10 thousand commentaries.
Hours later, she posted a screen shot from PEOPLE article that said the Los
Angeles Police Department found no proof of violence between the couple. For
this she didn’t add a caption, but had thousands of commentaries and reactions,
as well. 

some days later the posts were deleted. 

that time Johnny was still reuniting all the proofs which a lot of them were
being hidden for some of his own legal team, and he didn’t know. He was also
dealing with the accusations and a huge boycott that made “Alice Through the
Looking Glass” be considered a flop. 

thousands of people were (and still are) supporting Johnny and Lily-Rose,
thousands started to harass her, and started to tell that her decision to
delete her posts was due her shame for her father, and until today they use her
silence (after she being threatened) as some kind of no support for him, not thinking that close people in both sides have to not interfere, or something like iO being caught lying can happen. 

like her family, Lily isn’t so active on social media and now uses her social
networks only to publicize her actions in relation to her professional career.
But later, at that time, she replied: “I have really stopped using it in a
personal way…  I never like to reveal too
much about myself. Once you start giving people to look into your life, then
they just want more and more. ”

posts came between her mother open letter and Paul Bettany and Terry Gillian’s
support on twitter. 

you may see, Johnny is not alone.