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Johnny losing jobs over BS allegations is not …

Johnny losing jobs over BS allegations is not in Scumber's best interest because that'd drive him/his team to open the floodgates of evidence on her ass with and end her existence. Let's not forget about the ongoing London Fields mess

I honestly think that will be the only thing to make Johnny take any more action against her, if he starts losing jobs because of it. 

Urgh! She turns trauma that haunts people for …

Urgh! She turns trauma that haunts people for the rest of their life into a joke! So frustrating! also, in her interview she makes offhand comments such as 'I was playing opposite Johnny' so casually as if they were still dating. How tf can anyone think she's scared of him & is his victim?

Because they see what they want to see. Patriarchy is a disease, but anyone who wants to see change is going about it the wrong way if they don’t care about innocent men being sacrificed for it. I was actually pleasantly surprised that an ‘influencer’ feminist I follow on Twitter lost her shit on someone who tweeted that they didn’t care if some men who were accused of abuse were innocent and lost their careers. But unfortunately not many people are like her 🙁

My economics teacher mentioned Johnny in class…

My economics teacher mentioned Johnny in class today in an example he gave and (as happens every time Johnny is mentioned when I don’t expect it) I got a happy jolt of surprise… but what struck me is that no one even seemed to consider anything negative about him at all – I think we overestimate how many people follow this jd/ah shit and actually care. Most probably just don’t think about it and think of Johnny as just another Hollywood star. (Sorry for ramble, was just happy!)

That’s great! Absolutely most people outside of Twitter/Tumblr don’t give a shit, which is nice 🙂

Do you think Johnny's shown his evidence …

Do you think Johnny's shown his evidence to studios like WB? The fact his career is fine (as it should be) and Scum hasn't landed any new projects since the divorce makes me think Hollywood at large knows way more than what's public.

That thought has crossed my mind MANY times, anon. At the VERY least, i thought he had to have had a long talk with JKR, shown her some stuff. I truly do not think she would let an actual abuser remain in her film, TBH.

we have to stop giving AH attention. every tim…

we have to stop giving AH attention. every time there's a click on a article related to her, the site gets money and based on that they decide on what they write the most. we should focus on johnny, our angel boy who is doing so well and is happy, healthy, pure and simple ^^

OH yeah, I don’t click on any articles or literally anything about her, which is why i don’t usually know what people are talking about when they come to my inbox lol. but my friend told me about the GQ thing cuz she was like…. uh Lan this bitch is literally a psychopath 

I agree we should focus on Johnny, and we do. But pretending she’ll just go away if we ignore her is naive. Anyone who thinks letting people run hashtag campaigns unchecked against him on Twitter is a good idea is kidding themselves. 

Warner Brothers isn’t one of my company’s clients, but we have clients who are very similar, without naming names. I know how they work internally when it comes to Twitter. If ANYTHING starts trending negatively about him, it wouldn’t matter what JKR wants, the director wants, the producers want. They would think seriously about dropping him. 

I just finished a ridiculous week in email chains and conference calls with clients who advertise on a controversial show. Some made the decision to leave, based on the numbers & sentiment we gave them from Twitter. I’m TELLING you that Twitter makes a difference. Obviously, a bunch of haters in Brazil aren’t going to do shit. But if influencers pick up on what they’re saying and starting throwing his name around and it starts picking up? He’s fucked. Which is why the positive needs to outweigh the negative.

It should be fine now. If nothing *really* picked up after the teaser was released, right at this exact moment when real abusers are being fired left and right, then we’ve probably crossed the hurdle of anything seriously trending. I just wanted to give you an insight into WHY I suggested combating the haters on Twitter. It’s literally based on professional experience.

I’ve just about given up with ah, and I&…

I’ve just about given up with ah, and I’ve decided to go by Johnny’s quote of ‘never complain and never explain’!!

Honestly, it’s probably healthy!!

idk but i think that gq and allure mag with AH…

idk but i think that gq and allure mag with AH do us good in a way. the way she talks about feminism but than pulls the victim card and that in combination with those trashy photos and dragging johnny into it. that just proves how weak she is. how can anoyone take all of that seriously. also vanessa is on the cover of 2 mags this month, lily and manson on one and last month johnny was on numero cover. also i haven't seen anyone give a fuck about those interviews. it's already forgotten

Eh, people don’t see it like we do though. She’ll always be a victim. Those interviews will help her victimhood, while every one of us realizes she’s a twat

What did Amber say about Johnny recently? I&#0…

What did Amber say about Johnny recently? I'm really confused? Something about a video?

I still have no idea what video people are talking about, but in a GQ interview it said something like ‘Her wicked sense of humour is always nearby. She references The Rum Diary as ‘obviously’ her favourite movie to work on (The Rum Diary is where she met and fell in love with Depp).’

Thank you, your blog actually helped a lot dur…

Thank you, your blog actually helped a lot during days when I just didn't want to deal! I would randomly look through a tag and end up rewatching various Johnny films to pass the time. I was very lucky to have access to a wonderful support group of amazing women, and yes men, who had gone through similar experience and let me tell you, no one was suing their partner for "compensation." Those who were married were just trying to get a divorce as quick as possible to LEAVE.

cont.. That was one of the most telling moments for me. Before I had any of the facts, before information started to come out, the mere notion that she was taking him to court not for charges of DV, but for ALIMONY had me screaming. Do not use DV as a reason to bail on a marriage to garner sympathy money. It is not an excuse, it is a psychological and physical hell that really can’t be put into words. I try not to hate people, to be fair and kind, but I draw the line with Amber.

I’m happy I could help in some small way 🙂 To any rational thinking person, even just the fact that she took him to court over money, and not her safety, should be glaringly fucking obvious. The mere fact that she basically said ‘i’m only really scared and need protection if he doesn’t give me his house and car and monthly money’ should be telling enough.

WTF Amber said that her favorite working exper…

WTF Amber said that her favorite working experience was The Rum Diary…What the hell is wrong with that woman?

Yep. But according to the interviewer, it was her ‘wicked sense of humour.’ Who the FUCK jokes about their abuse???