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Johnny on the C´è Posta Per Te [Full Story]

Last Saturday
(January 10), was aired in Italy the first episode from the 23rd Season of the Italian TV show “C’è Posta Per Te” (You’ve Got Mail) . The show was originally taped, 4 months ago, last September 5 at the Centro Titanus Elios studios in Rome, one day before the “Waiting For the Barbarians” press conference at Venice Film Festival.
In Italy this episode had a great audience and made Johnny’s name
appear on Trending Topics during that night.
Unfortunately the show is not subbed, and most people didn’t understand what happened. Thankfully some Italian fans or fans who knows a little bit of Italian shared some information on Twitter. I also found some pretty good transcripts from the show in some Italian sites and could also edit a little bit parts of Johnny’s audio to hear his own words (which in some parts were translated in Italian in a different way). 
Anyway, I know it’s a little bit late, but it you are curious to know what really happened, and why this story touched so many people, I made a lengthy review/transcription about the show.
You can read right below: 

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Johnny, on the Italian TV show “´C’è Posta Per Te”, taped last September 2019 and aired last Saturday (January 11) in Italy.

God bless this man  🙏

You can watch the show (in Italian) HERE.

On the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail), Johnny also talked about his first love  😍


“I can’t travel without a guitar”
“I did actually
start playing the guitar when I was 12 years old”
Maria Di Filippi: Self-taught?
Johnny:“Yes. Just playing by listening to records. It
really was one of those transitions in my life, where I knew exactly… I met my
first love. And it was the guitar. It saved my life”

Lovely  🎸

Johnny talks about Marlon Brando:

“He revolutionized acting, he revolutionized the
behavior in a film, the acting… I had great fortune by meeting him in ‘94. We
made a film together, then we made a couple more together and we just became very
close. He was my best friend, my father, my partner in crime… My mentor,
teacher… Everything.”
 Johnny on the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail), aired last Saturday (January 11) in Italy.

It’s a reminder that ‘Now is Now’. Now is the time
to live. Not yesterday. Not worry about tomorrow. We can
only be where we are right now.”
. – Johnny talking about what skulls mean to him, in a interview on the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail), aired last January 11 in Italy.


JOHNNY DEPP va a “c’e posta per te” E fa un regalo meraviglioso


Johnny being greeted by the audience while being introduced in a video, before arriving on the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail).  


“Golden Globe best actor,
Three Oscar nominations,
An unconventional star,
The most eclectic actor in the
history of cinema,
Considered one of the sexiest men,
When my daughter was small they
asked her …
‘What does your father do?’
She answered
‘He’s a pirate’
Pirates of the Caribbean is one of
the most successful sagas in the world and has grossed over $ 4 billion
Johnny Depp”

The show was taped last September 5 in Rome, and aired tonight (January 10) in Italy. Also, Johnny’s part was dubbed in Italian…


“These bracelets are very important to me, when I’m in dark days and I’m sad, I look at these bracelets offered to me by my fans and I remember that I’ve a whole army behind me. It gives me courage.” — Johnny Depp on Ce Posta Per Te

Watch it here:

TBT: Isolated/DIY Acapella edit of Johnny singing “Epiphany” in a recording studio in 2006.  🎶

Throughout this week, we celebrate both releases of

Sweeney Todd’s Soundtrack and Movie, and to celebrate today’s TBT I edited an interview of Johnny with the behind the scenes of his recording session in London, replacing the original audio of “Epiphany” for

my acapella edit that I did specially to show a little bit of Johnny’s powerful voice. 🎶

Alice Cooper talks about Johnny in a new interview for the “Kerrang”.

“Kerrang: Johnny is, of course, better known as an actor. What do you think makes him unique as a guitarist?’
Alice Cooper:  ‘Johnny started out as a guitarist. He was in a band in Kentucky that he’d started with his friends. He ended up in Florida, then came to LA and accidentally became an actor. He wasn’t really looking to be an actor. And so what surprised us was how good a guitarist he was. He got up there and he could play on anything. He just did some shows with Jeff Beck. If you’re a guitar player and you’re playing with Jeff Beck, there must be something good going on there. Johnny gets up and does solos with Joe Perry – who is considered one of the great guitar players in rock – and just kills it.‘”

> Read the full interview, with Alice Cooper talking about the Hollywood Vampires’ upcoming tour, songs and his fellow Vampires, HERE.