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Do not put your faith in a cape and a hood, they will not protect you the way that they should.

Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Threatened to Kill Her During Years of Abuse:


(Proverb) meaning: When people tell stories, they tend to exaggerate. 

know I took some time to show my thoughts about the most recent news about what
Ms. Amber is trying to say, but that story gave me a bad headache and made my

always opened to read and understand both sides, but even though I’m on
Johnny’s side, it doesn’t mean I won’t read her statements. I read them last
night and this morning, but I still cannot believe her. She keeps talking lies
that even go against her own declarations on the past.

of the inconsistencies I notice are the lack of witnesses. If he did everything
she claimed had suffered on the plane, on their house, on the train, why no one
testified to her side. If that really happened, why the pilot didn’t land, the
other passengers, neighbors or his bodyguards didn’t do anything. Talking about
bodyguards, isn’t it sick how this news surfaced after Jerry’s death and
Johnny’ new movie? She did the same thing when Johnny’s mother died, also it is
just me or she is blaming a dead man for being on Johnny’s side?

Heard is still using those photos she taken years ago, some others new
evidences, showing the destruction, she claimed had been done by him and prints
that Johnny’s assistant already told that had been edited. But even though we
are living in an era where everything is photographed, why did she or people
around her, only take few photos?

curious thing is the time she took to tell these statements, and why her lawyer
takes so long, or not even speaks, while Johnny’s lawyer, in less than 12
hours, already answered people and is issuing a subpoena to Elon Musk?

why she keeps lying and changing situations between her own statements? Dates
that don’t matches, places she supposed to be but wasn’t… She claims that
Johnny “forgets” what he does while he is “under influence”, even though
everybody knows that he has a great memory, but while she states everything
that “supposedly” happened on paper, why on the videos she kept saying that she
“can’t remember” what happened? If he was not sleeping for days, how no one
noticed he was tired or suffering the effects of what comes next after the
“supposed” drug usage? If he has no evidence, how all the people who
have worked with him since 2015 keeps defending him, and even only collaborated
and believed him after he show the evidences? When you see and get to know that
someone did something to somebody, the first reaction is to check and avoid
this person, and it doesn’t matter if he/she is a family member or a close
friend. If Johnny is this “Monster” she claims to
be, wouldn’t people avoid him?On
Johnny’s team, who spend 24/7 next to him, are women and people with family, do
you really believes that they would still be on his side? Money can’t buy this
kind of situation and I bet no one would be on his side if her fake story was

she is selling her fake stories and keeping telling the same old story. There’s
also something I’m trying to understand is about her “wounds”. She really had
some on her arms (some even believes that she may had done it to herself), but
there’s none on her feet, and many saw she walking perfectly on the following
days. I hate to talk about my personal life, but during junior/high school I
was bullied with words and actions. I was punched, beaten and had scratches on
my body for weeks. Indeed, you can even hide then with makeup, but inside, your
state of mind and physical pain is destructed. Reading her statements kinda
reminded me of how painful is a punch or a slap, and if she really suffered
that, she wouldn’t be walking for weeks, and avoiding him forever, but there
she went to parties and interviews and another trip overseas… On twitter I saw
people calling her “strong”, and that she hid this from public to “protect him”
because she “loved him”. But first there’s a thing called self-love, but hidden
in sick minds there’s also a gold-digger, waiting for the best time to jump on
somebody’s wallet and destroy somebody’s
life. And that what she is. She’s a liar, and she has been lying the
whole time, as was proved in several moments, like this one: 
have never physically abused anyone"

Really? But wasn’t she the one who was arrested for domestic violence in the past and later her girlfriend changed her mind? Wasn’t she the one who Johnny’s friends and bodyguards saw beating him?

really want to see the day this whole Hoax finish. I’m kinda worried for both
sides: For Johnny, because there are evil people out there just waiting to
destroy his career, and also for Ms. Heard… I hate do hate someone and I’d
never like to see someone’s career circling the drain, but the way the things
are going, she is destroying herself, physically and mentally.

really think that something big, may be coming from Johnny’s side on the
following weeks. As usual, when he revealed his wounded face, it took days to
hit the news, but about her story is now everywhere… Her hoax is good enough to
make people follow her, but he higher she goes with the lies, the bigger will
be her fall.

just like Johnny said:

truth will come out in all of this and I will be standing on the other side of
the roaring rapids. I hope other people will too” 

I’m following both sides, and some people are
willing to know what Johnny has on his sleeve, but as far as we know, there’s a
lot of evidences to prove his innocence. 

He and his lawyer are not here to play stupid: Your time is coming:

> Johnny Depp lawyers ‘issue’ subpoena to Elon Musk after Amber Heard allegations: (April 12/2019)





If you still defend/support Amber Heard, you are enabling a serial abuser and liar and contributing to our abuse victim shaming society


“The thing
that hurt me is being presented as something that you’re really as far away
from as you could possibly get, you know?” – Johnny Depp for the British GQ, October/2018

I’m sorry for the long post, but I had to say something….

On the last 24 hours, Johnny has been in the news
again, but now showing more proofs that SHE, Amber, is the who committed acts
of domestic violence towards him. For me (and I think ALL of his fans) was –
and still is – disgusting to read all the things that Johnny suffered… It’s beyond

For the damage
to his career, Johnny is suing Amber in $50 million for her “false allegations”
against him: “an elaborate hoax to generate positive publicity” for her to
“advance her career”, which made her a darling of the #MeToo movement, made
her the first actress named a “Human Rights Champion of the United Nations
Human Rights Office”, also was appointed “ambassador on women’s rights” at the
American Civil Liberties Union, hired by L’Oreal Paris as its “global
spokesperson" and some people also believes that all of it opened the doors to her starring in “Aquaman”. While she was enjoying the attention, Johnny was, and still suffers consequences
in his career, such as boycotts that some “haters” still makes.

The whole new evidences are a rollercoaster of shocking things:


The “eonline”
revealed that he was dropped from his role on “Pirates of the Caribbean” days
after she published her piece in the Washington Post in 2018. 


numbers of proofs against Amber, rose so much that from the at least 29
evidences, some months ago, now has at least 87 newly evidences. This numbers are just from surveillance camera videos.


An employee of the building reviewed building surveillance videos three days after
the alleged incident where Amber claimed that Johnny attacked her, and “testified under oath that she saw Whitney Heard pretend to punch her sister in
the face. Then Ms. Heard, Ms. Pennington (Heard’s best friend), and Whitney
Heard all laughed.


I think
the biggest new lie that broke my heart was the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

incident: If you can’t remember, back to 2015, everybody was caught up by surprise
when Johnny had to head back to USA from Australia to make a surgery in his
finger, caused (at that time) for “unknown reasons.” Some time before, Amber

claiming that he

“he was the perpetrator of his own injury” because he punched a wall and throw a glass during a quarrel. Now was revealed that SHE WAS THE ONE WHO F*CKING THREW A BOTTLE OF VODKA AT
 Due to the
impact, the bottle shattered when he made contact with his hand, cutting his
finger almost to the bone, which had to be surgically reattached, and delaying the filming of POTC in a month. At that time, she claimed that  


Was revealed that Johnny has proofs that Amber was “spending some questionable time” with Tesla
founder Elon Musk during their short marriage. While Johnny
was working, he also claims Musk was given access to his home to spend the night with Heard on the same night she “presented her battered face to the public.” 

> Amber keep
giving the excuse of “confidentiality restrictions”, due to a divorce agreement
in August 2016 “which prevent her from assisting the defendants with evidence
to support their case”, but, the British judge, Mr. Justice Nicklin, announced:
“I am not satisfied on the current evidence that Ms. Heard’s concerns about the
restrictions that the divorce agreement imposes on her are well-founded.” 
Mr Justice
Nicklin said that Johnny had stated
clearly in his evidence to the court that he expects Heard give evidence in the
, and “he will not attempt to prevent that” and added “The fact that
Ms Heard presently thinks that there is some impediment to her giving evidence
for the defendants is nothing to do with Mr Depp. Even if she were right, there
would appear to be a number of ways of resolving the issue that have not yet
been explored adequately or at all.”

Now tell
me: How can Amber claims to be a victim if EVERYTHING goes against her and she
didn’t even is defending herself? Her lawyer, Eric M. George, called Johnny’s lawsuit
“frivolous” and accused him of being “hell-bent on achieving self-destruction,”
and said: “This frivolous action is just the latest of Johnny Depp’s repeated efforts
to silence Amber Heard. She will not be silenced.” But guess what! He didn’t
even saw the papers!
He only saw parts of the lawsuit release by media! (what a
joke!) Until now she said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but CONFESSED UNDER OATH to a
series of violent attacks TOWARDS Johnny!!!

Guys, I’m so sorry for a long post, but I’m still astonished after all of it. Again, 

It’s not hard to understand what’s going on. It’s not hard to understand who is the abuser and the one trying to destroy a life. It’s not hard to choose the right side.

Johnny only wants to stop all these false and defamatory publications and live his life.
He just want to prove the truth, and has no
fear of her “evidences”.

Another proof we cannot forget of how Johnny is innocent, are his most recent movies. If Johnny had done what Amber says, do you believe that all the actors and directors who had work with Johnny since 2016, would still collaborate with him? Friendship is broken when a lie is told, so do you believe that his friends would still being his friends if it was true? That the Hollywood Vampires and his personal crew would still on his side? Don’t you ever thought how many times Johnny had to prove them that he is innocent, and how hard is he working to show the truth to the world?

It’s sad that even after all of it,
people still don’t believe him.

If you read until here, I highly thank you, and I’d like you all to share your thoughts on your social media too. Show your support to Johnny!

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We Are Always With You Johnny!

Johnny Depp‘s attorneys don’t want to “silence” Amber Heard — in fact, they want to hear from her in a big way.

As The Blast first reported, Depp sued Heard for defamation over an op-ed Heard wrote last year where she referred to herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” Depp denies ever abusing Heard and is asking for $50 million in damages.

Following the story, Heard’s attorney, Eric George, said of the lawsuit, “This frivolous action is just the latest of Johnny Depp’s repeated efforts to silence Amber Heard. She will not be silenced.”

Now Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, tells The Blast, “Saying ‘they want to silence me’ doesn’t sound like a denial by Ms. Heard of Mr. Depp’s 40 page, evidence-packed complaint.”

He continues, “We hardly intend to silence Ms. Heard — to the contrary, we intend to subpoena and compel evidence from her, her three hoax–assisting friends, and Elon Musk. We look forward to holding the overwhelming video, photographic and eyewitness evidence up against Amber Heard’s (so far silent) attempts to explain the inexplicable.”



The end of Johnny’s career as a mechanic 😆




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