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Gellert Grindelwald wishes you a Happy Donuts …

Gellert Grindelwald wishes you a Happy Donuts Day!

After arriving in Paris, the new in town, Grindelwald felt something in the Parisian air. So he and his acolytes started a hunt for this mysterious smell. Some minutes later, they found this weird store. Abernathy swears that his eyes were shining more than the usual, while Rosier was hid in the bathroom laughing. She didn’t want to end up being transfigured in a donut.

Today (June 7) is the first Friday of June and in the USA and in some other countries, is celebrated the “Donuts/Doughnut Day”.So, now that some of us adopted the donuts as a symbol of support for Johnny, the time has come to celebrate this day.

Up next, the last: Richard says Donuts.

Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald and the early de…

Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald and the early design
of his Chupacabra.

Sam Rowan, concept artist for “Fantastic
Beasts” movies, revealed on his Instagram that Grindelwald’s chupacabra pet, Antonio, was very different
before his final design: 

“Here is an early Chupacabra design from ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2’.
I worked on this guy at the same time as the Zouwu, jumping from one to
another. I like this approach, helps keep a fresh eye on the character.“

He also posted some other pictures of his earlier concepts:


Crazy questions and new theories:

Watching the photo we can see that the image is from the first movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” when Grindelwald was captured, and I REALLY HOPE that this is just an illustration, because if the chupacabra was really going to be revealed on the first movie (what would be really amazing), it also bring me some questions:

In “Crimes of Grindelwald”, it’s unknown why they put a baby animal inside the cell with the “Most Dangerous Dark Wizard of All the Times”. It’s been said that the chupacabra was part of the security measures around Grindelwald to somehow avoid him to escape,

torturing him from time to time, although being a baby. So:

1) If it was going to be revealed on the first movie, was the chupacabra a MACUSA security beast in-training to catch prisoners or was really Grindelwald’s pet/friend, just like Pickett is for Newt?


Grindelwald is known for his soft words that seem to hypnotize his victims, so, if the Chupacabra was not his pet and became friendly to the point of change sides, does this little beast have a side story? Newt’s Pickett has some attachment and bullying issues and became friend of Newt after seeing that he worried about him, so, during the time the chupacabra was on the cell as a guard, did Grindelwald see how they used to treat the animal and using his manipulation speeches, promising a free life to the poor animal, and with that made the chupacabra join his team, even giving a proper name (Antonio)? It would also explain why Grindelwald, who during all this time was waiting to use the poor animal, called him “needy”, maybe due to its need of care and attention that used to be giving by Grindelwald?

3) We can also see that Grindelwald has a soft side, so was Antonio really his pet or a animal given to him to be a pet, and only kept on his cell as a part of agreement to stay out of trouble, already planning to use the chupacabra in his escapade?

Well, after all that, I DO HOPE that this is just an illustration concept, a image caught and used to see how the chupacabra would be, otherwise J.K. Rowling is owing some explanations…

> Johnny is happy as always.> Johnny is …

Johnny’s “happy, single, touring with his band, and enjoying life despite his ongoing legal battle with his ex-wife.”

He has a couple of movies filmed, preparing for release, and is about to sign onto to reprise his role in the third installment of Fantastic Beasts. He is not dating anyone, but instead, healing and moving on from the Amber drama while letting his lawyers fight on his behalf and restore his reputation in Hollywood. Johnny IS NOT with the Russian dancer, as was rumored, nor [is he] eager to jump into any new relationship. Instead, he is focused on his music, his band, his film career, and his family.”


> Johnny is happy as always.
> Johnny is single.
> Johnny is not interested in relationship right now (He already said it before)
> Johnny is focused in rise above all the lies.
> Johnny wants to restore his reputation.
> Johnny is  focused on his family, music and acting career, and…



** Read the full article HERE

SAVE THE DATE!Fantastic Beasts 3 release date …

Fantastic Beasts 3 release date announced!

The news announced today by Ron Sanders,
President of Worldwide Theatrical Distribution and Home Entertainment, was
received by fans with a mix of emotions…
The movie was set to be released
next year in November 20, with filming starting by the end of this year, but
things had to be postponed again. The third installment of “Fantastic Beasts”
is now set to be released in two years and half, in November 12, 2021
… The filming was also postponed from late 2019’s

autumn for 2020’s spring
(March/June in North Hemisphere).

It’s unknown the reasons, but was already
told that this is expected to be bigger than the first two movies combined,
that J.K. had to re-written the script, and that different from “Crimes of
Grindelwald”, the movie will be filmed in real places, some of them in Brazil.

It’s also unknown this situation of Johnny in his role as Grindelwald, But let’s pray that J.K. Rowling and David Yates are still on his side, and bring him back.
This also opens a huge space in Johnny’s schedule. There’s no
news about upcoming movies, and two of them (Waiting for the Barbarians and
Minamata) are in post-production and is expected to premiere next year.
Let’s all hope that Johnny
uses this time to put an end on this sad situation he has been put into on the
last 4 years.
Until there, let’s keep posting about Grindelwald and re-watch “Crimes of the Grindelwald” over and over again.

Countdown to Fantastic Beasts 3: 
928 Days (2 Years + 6 Months + 13 Days)

I saw this funny thread on Twitter and Faceboo…

Just for fun: I bet they  could snap Thanos out of existence and save the whole the universe.

I saw this funny thread on Twitter and Facebook, where people are picking random characters who could defeat Thanos in “Avengers”. So I decided to make one with Johnny’s characters… 

😂 😂 😂 

Captain Jack Sparrow and Grindelwald are my top 2. 😂  
Let’s get him!



Johnny’s latest interview for the
Chinese magazine “Movie View”.

So here it is. If you guys haven’t had the
chance to read Johnny’s latest interview, you can read now fully translated and in

The magazine in Chinese was released in January in China, and the interview happened while
Johnny was at Hainan International Film Festival, also in China, where he
talked about his career for one hour and half for fans, young filmmakers and
producers, on the “Master Class Session Enabling Tomorrow’s Talents
“, in Hainan Bay, China.

In this interview, Johnny talks about how he became an actor, and his first
thoughts when he faced a camera; his routines while reading the scripts and how
he prepares himself for a new role; His meeting with Tim Burton and Edward
Scissorhands; Kusturica and Arizona Dream, His work with different directors,
and how a young director can impress him; Advice for young actors and
directors; His future as actor and director; the movies he saw recently, and
his roles in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” and “Waiting For the

I gotta say: It’s a long and really great interview and a must read!
I hope you all like, and if you need a better quality to read, just ask


**Ps about the translation:You have no idea of how much time and tough was working
on the translation. I did the most for a close translation to the original,
using 10 different dictionaries, translating word by word and sentence by sentence to avoid any mistake. It’s 99% correct, but there’s some words which I
had to change for to equivalent synonym in English, but don’t worry, it’s the
same meaning. And as usual in the same magazine format. It was tough, but I loved to make it. When a next interview in a different language be released, remember that will be translated here!

”I inhale and exhale a spirit…” The Gr…

”I inhale and exhale a spirit…”

The Grindelwald’s Vision (Behind the scenes x Movie)

Johnny and Poppy Corby-Tuech as Gellert Grindelwald and Vinda Rosier filming, a little bit different version of how Grindelwald shows his vision ability ,using his skull-hookah, for an astonished audience at the amphitheater.


What a breathtaking sequence!

“- It was such a great experience. I’m like the
luckiest man in the world to have been chosen to play Grindelwald. – Johnny Depp on a interview on the blu-ray edition”  

Behind the Scenes: Johnny and  Alison Sudol  …

Behind the Scenes: Johnny and 

Alison Sudol  as Gellert Grindelwald and  Queenie Goldstein during the filming of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”

“- There’s real darkness to him, and yet, he
is soft spoken about it. There’s a real reserve that’s quite scary.”
– Alison Sudol talking about Grindelwald on a interview on the blu-ray edition.

New still: Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald and A…

New still: Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald and Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein during the filming of a extra scene at what seems to be a garden at


Castle in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”.

It’s unknown what happened and what will happen to this scene, which seems to take place sometime after or before Grindelwald reveal who Credence really is. As said before, there were scenes that were filmed but didn’t make a final cut, such as the extra scenes of Queenie at the French Ministry of Magic, and later the Matagot’s battle against Tina, Newt and Leta; Queenie and Jacob quarrel in Paris, Newt, his drunk

Pickett and Theseus in a wizarding pub, and the alternate ending or post credits scene where Flamel brings croissants while everybody is crying. This scene with Grindelwald and Queenie may had been shelved as well, or even may be included on the next movie or included as extra content when the next movie be released as blu-ray, because on “The Crimes of Grindelwald” blu-ray, there are extra scenes that seems to have been filmed during “Where to Find Them” in 2016, showing Credence reborning after almost being killed, and how he got aware of the Circus Arcanus and went to Paris.

Dear J.K. Rownling and David Yates, DO NOT forget this scene!
We need to know what Grindelwald is planning!