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Halloween season has arrived!!! 🎃 👻

I was seeing some memes around about the “September 30th x October 1st” where people post a normal-looking photo to represent “September 30th” and a photo of the same person looking much more Halloween-themed to represent “October 1st” and the beginning of this spooky month.
So, I decided to make the Johnny’s version!
All the photos were taken during the filming days, or pretty close days, of each movie, less the Grindelwald one, which are photos of the same day!!!

Countdown to Halloween: 30 DAYS!

“ – I lost my pearlies in the war.” 

Funny scene of Johnny as Ed Wood and Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi in “Ed Wood”, released on this day (September 23).




Johnny and Jeff Beck having a lot of fun on stage, last Tuesday (September 17) in Kansas City.

🍑  “When I saw him dressed like a woman, I said, ‘F*ck, man! Who’s that girl? What an ass!’” – Javier Bardem’s real reaction when he saw Johnny Depp as Bon Bon.

19 years ago, today, September 3, Johnny played the glamorous transvestite Bon Bon in the movie “Before Night Falls”.  🍑

Let’s enjoy this iconic entrance and performance.

New never seen photos of Johnny as Guy LaPointe!


These funny photos were taken during the make-up test for the filming of “Yoga Hosers”, sometime at the end of 2014, in California.

> Curiosities: 
These photos reveals the “hidden” running joke included in the movie:
Different from the first movie “Tusk”, Johnny’s character, Guy LaPointe, now has moles on his face, and if you pay close attention, throughout the whole movie, the moles keeps changing places around his face and even multiply from shot to shot. In the beginning of the movie,


LaPointe has three of them, and in the end he finishes with seven. 😂 😂

TBT: Funny moments of Johnny as Charlie Mortdecai.

“Mortdecai has something very unique and special. It’s very different from anything I have done before.” – Johnny for the “Philippine Daily Inquirer” (April 11, 2014)

I could watch this all day too!

Alice Cooper teaches Joe Perry and Johnny to play guitar at the backstage from the “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, yesterday, (July 30) before their performance.
They look like teenagers 


The Professor: Birthday Game! 


In 4 days, next July 27, “The Professor” will be released
in Taiwan under the title that can be read like “Goodbye Negative Life” and the Cai Chang Independent Multimedia is promoting the
filming with some articles, videos, posters, flyers and photos. Some of them are
pretty funny, like this one: A birthday game which was posted on Instagram and Facebook inspired on what “crazy” things people should do before living this world.
The game works with the last numbers of your birthday date.
Ex: Johnny’s birthday = 09/06/1963 = 9/6/3 

In the game, Johnny’s result would be: Having Sex with Sweeney Todd
at the Office…. Well, that’s sound bloody crazy. 




And mine is: Bathing with Captain Jack Sparrow at the Park… Well, would it be good to give a good bathe on him, right 




Well, this is just for fun, so enjoy it!
Hope you like it!

Credits for the original source and idea goes to Cai Chang Independent.

The translation is slightly
different from the original Chinese version. 

First I changed the order of the topics from Year/Month/Day to Day/Month/Year
for a better result.

Some words were changed to fit better, like, instead of “One World Trade
Center” (The tallest building in the world) it was originally written “Taipei 101”  (The tallest in Taiwan and the 9th of the world). As well
the choice “Chatting” which was previously written “Beat/Fight” and no one
wants to do it with Johnny.

The second topic was totally changed. On
the original version, there were different names, most of them from Taiwanese
politics, along with Captain America, Iron Man and even Anne Hathaway… So I changed it placing only Johnny’s characters.

“- Just keep breathing…” – Johnny Depp as JKL.

Today, July 14, the character (not the show) Spongebob SquarePants turns 33!

And yes! Johnny “met” Spongebob.  😂 😂 🌊 🏄

10 years ago in April 17, 2009, Johnny featured on the special episode “SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One“, playing the voice of Jack Kahuna Laguna, a very muscular, shiny tan-orange and long blond hair humanoid sea creature surf legend, that helped Spongebob and friends to surf and head back to Bikini Bottom after they were swept away by a giant wave.


“Cooper: Alexa? Please play the new Hollywood Vampires’ song…
Johnny: Please.
Cooper: Now.
Johnny: Please.
Cooper: Now.
Johnny: Please.
Cooper: Now.

Johnny:  Alexa? Please…”

Johnny, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry having some fun in a new outtake from their album interview released last June 22.
Now I wonder if Johnny has ever used Alexa or Siri to ask crazy questions like this one about Tarzan’s beard…