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“Photos you can hear…” 




Johnny, Gina Deuters and Tim Burton having a lot of fun, last January 8, in Notting Hill, London.

I don’t know what happened, but I laughed too 😂

“- Axel, make it sexy!”


Funny scene of Johnny as Axel Blackmar in “Arizona Dream”. 27 years ago, rehearsing how to say “Hello” in order to be a good car seller. 😂 

Ps. I don’t drive, but I’d buy a car!… 


Hello! How are you? How’s your day?

Here it is a funny and cute moment of Johnny being Johnny, to start our 2020 in a good mood. 



Welcome to 2020! 

“How this f*cking thing work?… 😂 🔎
What you do with it? Or make it… 🔎😂
If you try to…I don’t understand this f*cking thing…” 😂 🔎

Johnny being Johnny on the first teaser for the upcoming 2020 documentary, “Kreka”.

Johnny and his trouble with a magnifying glass 😂 🔎

Behind the Scenes: Johnny and Leonardo DiCaprio having some fun during the filming of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” sometime between November 1992 and January 1993.

Johnny used to love Leonardo’s facial expressions when his character, Arnie, was disgusted by the smell of something gross, like decaying honeycomb, rotten eggs, and pickled sausage. So he used to give them to Leo to do this funny gagging thing. In the other hand, Johnny did it so many times, that Leonardo couldn’t stand and charged him for all the times he wanted to see it.
In the end, Leo made something about $500 dollars.

Although at that time, Johnny was 29 years old, and Leonardo had just turned 19, both became good friends, almost like brothers, on and
off camera. And just like real life brothers, Johnny admitted that sometimes he got a little bit irritated with Leonardo during the filming. In 2016 during a  interview at the

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Johnny said:

“The absolute truth is that I… I respect Leo a lot,
you know what I mean. He worked really hard. He did. He worked really hard that
on that film and spent a lot of time researching on that and stuff like that, then
he came to set he was ready to work, he was ready to work hard and he was
really, you know, all his ducks were in a row… And I tortured him… I really did,
I actually did. ‘cause he was always talking about these video games, you know…
And I told you it was kind of a dark period I wasn’t in the middle. ‘And no I
will not give you a drag of my cigarette while you hide from your mother again
Leo, no.’”

Although smiling with the audience, while remembering those funny days on the past, and smiling during the filming of the movie in 1992/1993, must people don’t know that the “dark period” was really real.
Deep down, back to those days, Johnny was really having one of the most difficult times he ever had in his personal life:

“I poisoned myself constantly; drinking, didn’t eat right, no sleep, lots of cigarettes… It was really a lonely, really f*cking, lonely time. There were drugs, too… Pills. And there was a danger that I would go over the edge. I could have, I thank God I didn’t”.  – Read more about this dark and sad period HERE.

“Can I do a Captain Jack? Can I? Shan’t I? Will I? Wouldn’t I? Didn’t I? Haven’t I? Wasn’t it?” – Johnny Depp 😂

After impersonating Willy Wonka on the backstage of Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding and worn a Mad Hatter’s hat on stage during the auction, last Saturday (December 14) Johnny also remembered his, and a fan favorite character, Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny also asked a funny question to Bobby, the fan who met him on the backstage with his mom:
“Let me ask you a question: Did he (Captain Jack Sparrow) scream like a pre-teen delicate little flower of a girl ?”  while everybody was laughing he then completed: “I did it on purpose…”  😂😂

Johnny also took photos with Bobby’s family and also autographed a guitar.

God bless this man!  ❤️

Credits: Beth Baird on Instagram.

TBT: “The Tourist” “Rooftop Sequence” and “Shooting Scene” Visual Effects.

Funny curiosity: Johnny revealed that during his running sequence on the rooftops he was initially supposed to be wearing only a towel or his underpants. And when the choice for the pajamas was made, instead of

barefoot, he wanted to wear footie pajamas with little bunny ears, but the director Florian Donnersmarck didn’t accept.
 “I just thought there was something really funny about it.” – he said.

Johnny: I – love – you.
Paul Bettany: I love you too
Johnny: I love you. 



Funny blooper moments of Johnny, Paul Bettany, Angelina Jolie and

Steven Berkoff  during the filming of “The Tourist", released on this day (December 10) on the theaters.

TBT: Funny never seen behind the scenes photo of Johnny with the cinematographer

Robby Müller and the director Jim Jarmusch during the filming of “Dead Man” in 1994!

“Johnny Depp, Robbie Muller, Jim Jarmusch, frolic at lunch time… I just discovered these negs…” – Wrote the photographer Christopher Porter on Instagram.