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Halloween season has arrived!!! 🎃 👻

I was seeing some memes around about the “September 30th x October 1st” where people post a normal-looking photo to represent “September 30th” and a photo of the same person looking much more Halloween-themed to represent “October 1st” and the beginning of this spooky month.
So, I decided to make the Johnny’s version!
All the photos were taken during the filming days, or pretty close days, of each movie, less the Grindelwald one, which are photos of the same day!!!

Countdown to Halloween: 30 DAYS!

Edward & Sweeney + smiling

Requested by @johnnyuwudepp

The Sacred Heart of 

Edward Scissorhands 



In one of the photos

taken last June 18 with Johnny and Paisley Zerr (director of the Grammy’s video interview), we can see that Johnny has a candle with Edward’s picture on his piano. 😂
Lovely ♥

Edward Scissorhands wishes you a Happy Donuts Day!

During the dinner at 

Boggs’ house, it was pretty hard for him to eat properly (Oh, the pea… The struggle was real…)
But the dessert was the best and easiest part!

Today (June 7) is the first Friday of June and in the USA and in some other countries, is celebrated the “Donuts/Doughnut Day”.So, now that some of us adopted the donuts as a symbol of support for Johnny, the time has come to celebrate this day.

Up next: How to control yourself while being next a pile of donuts?

Johnny and his funny leg position… 😂 

Photo by 

Rocky Tang on Instagram.

Ps. Oh, and now I think I’m the only one imagining that this is how Edward Scissorhands would look like, if he could grow old.  😂


Johnny’s latest interview for the
Chinese magazine “Movie View”.

So here it is. If you guys haven’t had the
chance to read Johnny’s latest interview, you can read now fully translated and in

The magazine in Chinese was released in January in China, and the interview happened while
Johnny was at Hainan International Film Festival, also in China, where he
talked about his career for one hour and half for fans, young filmmakers and
producers, on the “Master Class Session Enabling Tomorrow’s Talents
“, in Hainan Bay, China.

In this interview, Johnny talks about how he became an actor, and his first
thoughts when he faced a camera; his routines while reading the scripts and how
he prepares himself for a new role; His meeting with Tim Burton and Edward
Scissorhands; Kusturica and Arizona Dream, His work with different directors,
and how a young director can impress him; Advice for young actors and
directors; His future as actor and director; the movies he saw recently, and
his roles in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” and “Waiting For the

I gotta say: It’s a long and really great interview and a must read!
I hope you all like, and if you need a better quality to read, just ask


**Ps about the translation:You have no idea of how much time and tough was working
on the translation. I did the most for a close translation to the original,
using 10 different dictionaries, translating word by word and sentence by sentence to avoid any mistake. It’s 99% correct, but there’s some words which I
had to change for to equivalent synonym in English, but don’t worry, it’s the
same meaning. And as usual in the same magazine format. It was tough, but I loved to make it. When a next interview in a different language be released, remember that will be translated here!



Edward scissor hands went from being happy in his own world. He never experienced real emotion. He gets snatched from his imagination into reality. He starts to develope a crush, and finally feels love. Meeting new friends created a feeling of happiness. Discovering new things like food a waterbed clothes created excitement and curiosity. Being arrested heart broken and bullied created sadness anger and depression. Now imagine a new born, born in this world not knowing anything just to jump head first into human bullshit.