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Cry-baby wishes you a Happy Donuts Day!

Cry-baby was walking on the big city and couldn’t resist a donuts shop. They looked so delicious he licked the window.

Today (June 7) is the first Friday of June and in the USA and in some other countries, is celebrated the “Donuts/Doughnut

Day”.So, now that some of us adopted the donuts as a symbol of 

support for Johnny, the time has come to celebrate this day.

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I met Johnny in Sanya, China. HNIFF.Dec,15,2018😭
It’s a long story.I have written a long article in Chinese that posted on Weibo.
I planned to see JD in the masterclass as an audiance then give him my new year calendars ( my watercolor paintings of JD playing all kinds of music instruments and singing), but he insisted on meeting me in person, just in the room right after finishing several long interviews.
He hugged and hugged and hugged me.He loved my paintings and gave me thousands of compliments.I showed him my paintings page by page. He recognized each original photo and talked about the stories behind them.
My english is not good enough to express 1% of my feelings, but Johnny is very gentle and patient with me. He talked to me while looking into my eyes, spoke very slowly and clearly to make sure that I can understand.
The most important thing is that Johnny thanked me and all the fans who have been and would always be with him. He got emotional when he talked about these things.
And I said :“You are the hero. Thank you for being you.”
At last he signed my painting. He wrote very very slowly and carefully.
We can not thank YOU enough Johnny. You deserve all the love and respect in the world. We are so proud to follow you.



you deserve this so much!!!

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The sky was all purple and there were people running everywhere!


So how do I start off?
Tuesday 3/7/18 was my fifth time seeing the Vampires on this year’s tour and although I’d been very lucky and caught Alice’s cane, the ace of spades and some Johnny picks I obviously hadn’t met him.
Since my boyfriend is friends with Tommy we usually had aftershow passes and hung with Tommy and sometimes Glen and Chris and let me tell you these dudes are super sweet!
And then in Zürich, when I had almost given my backstage pass to a friend because I’d already seen Tommy so often and they hadn’t at all, I still took it and everything seemed to be as usual. People were coming in and out all of the time and then at some point the door opened and Johnny was standing there. I thought he was just passing by on his way out and I felt my heart go completely nuts, he was like 2m away from me. But instead he came in and Finn jumped at him, almost taking him down, he’s just so good with kids! I was among the first to say hi and since my brain had stopped functioning I just brought out “I’ve always loved you” and he thanked me and hugged me and then I asked him if he could do me a favor and draw a bat on my back cause I wanted to get it tattooed. So he became all serious and started practicing it on the wall to make sure I’d be happy with the result. At some point he said “no, you don’t want batman” 😂
So all carefully he starts drawing on my back and all of a sudden cameras were all over my face! I told him I loved it after he had taken some time to make sure it’d look good. Well, he hugged me again and thanked me amd started making his way through the room because obviously all of Tommy’s guests wanted to shake hands and a photo with him too. Finn got an autograph on his arm which Johnny commented with “You’re not gonna get that tattooed, are you?”, obviously referring to me. At that point I couldn’t have held a glass of water anymore because I was shaking so hard. But I’m really happy I kept calm on the outside because you don’t wanna freak him out, right? So I watched him make his rounds because obviously everyone was on his back! I was kinda tempted to add “Johnny Depp 3/7/18” on the wall but I’m not sure if they would’ve forgiven me as easily as him 😂

Security kept telling him he had to split and after about 15min he probably did. Since I was standing at the door he saw me again and hugged me and called me a sweetheart!

So once he’d gotten outside I thought he’d leave since security had been rushing him but he actually took another 30min to sign things and take photos with the people outside waiting at the fence. When he was done with that he specifically waved to me over – I think he recognized me because of the glasses – and everyone was cheering as he was leaving.

Almost a day later I still can’t believe this happened, it feels too surreal, that’s why I am typing all of this and obviously too because I’ve been asked a lot of times so now I can just point at this post! 😁

Next morning I went straight to the tattoo parlor and they fucking loved it! They put it all over their social media and my tattoo artist told me he’d seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas about a hundred times and joked “You touched Johnny? I need to touch you! Ah, yes feels good!” 😂

Plus I managed to catch his towel which I was lucky too cause two other guys got in a fight so bad, security had to separate them cause they started throwing punches at each other 👀

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This is so incredible!!!!!! I love that this happened for you, you deserve it so much!!!!

y’all, Franzi has participated in every single birthday/Christmas project i’ve done for Johnny, she’s such an amazing person and deserves every moment of this!!!!


In celebration of all of us that have defended and supported Johnny, I have designed a t-shirt for us to show that support!

Please reblog this to spread the word. All proceeds from the shirt will go to the Lumos Foundation. The shirt comes in three different styles, and has a few different colors to choose from. If you would like one, follow the link below:




Here are a few previews of the shirt:


Again, please reblog this. Thank you!

Hi y’all! I received this formal thank you letter from Lumos over the weekend and wanted to share it with you, as it IS a thank you to you! 

Y’all are wonderful and kind and generous humans and I wanted to show you that it is much appreciated by Lumos 🙂

“Why do you care about this guy?” “He doesn’t even know about you” “Is it the guy you have a tumblr?” “You must be crazy…”

Yes! I am crazy! Crazy about the fantastic man who Johnny Depp is!

This video made me so happy, so immensely grateful for this guy to exist, that I have no words to show such happiness. Thanks, Tommy for sharing this video. We DeppHeads will be eternally grateful for it.
Johnny, our love for you grows every day. 
We love you and We’ll be always with you !


I love you, too♥♥♥

Happy New Year!🥂🎆

I wish to Johnny and to all of you a magical new year filled with joy and happiness. I’m so proud of him and everything he acomplished this past year. He’s happier, healthier and stronger than ever. I hope 2018 is even better for him. He deserves everything good in his life. I can’t wait for his new projects and for more amazing memories. Let’s stay together and continue to show our support for him. Love you all.

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2K18: The year the Depp fandom stops sharing Inquisitr articles to defend Johnny because The Inquisitr is BAT SHIT BONKERS.