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TBT: “The Tourist” “Rooftop Sequence” and “Shooting Scene” Visual Effects.

Funny curiosity: Johnny revealed that during his running sequence on the rooftops he was initially supposed to be wearing only a towel or his underpants. And when the choice for the pajamas was made, instead of

barefoot, he wanted to wear footie pajamas with little bunny ears, but the director Florian Donnersmarck didn’t accept.
 “I just thought there was something really funny about it.” – he said.

Curiosity: Guess who is the owner of an unique live version of the Hollywood Vampires’ cover “Heroes”?

It was revealed by Alice Cooper, in a new interview for the rock magazine “Kerrang”, that when they went to the Hansa Studios in Berlin, last year, they recorded “I Want My Now” and “Heroes”. During the live recording session of Johnny’s cover of Bowie’s song for the album “Rise”, a unique single vinyl

with the first raw demo of the song was made. And to decide who was going to keep it, they flipped a coin…
Guess who won it?
Yes, the one and only, Johnny Depp!


“The Tourist” Curiosities: Frank Tupelo’s personal data.

Full name: Frank Thomas Tupelo.
Date of Birth:
05/03/1970 – (40 years old. The movie events happens in 2010)
Place of Birth: Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Occupation: Teacher
Location: Madison Community College, Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Deceased (Misspelled as “Descest”) 

* Frank was 7/8 years younger than Johnny. At that time, Johnny was 47.

* Movie curiosity: Alexander Pearce’s note tells Elise (Angelina Jolie) to take the 8:22 train to Venice, and look for someone who
looked like him. On the train, Elise walks through the cars in her search until she  “finds” Frank, surprisingly  sitting on the 8th seat of the 22 car.

Johnny Depp as Frank Tupelo, 9 years ago on “The Tourist”



In 1990, Tim Burton was unfamiliar with Johnny but find in him a chance for the role, but meanwhile, the role was also offered and caught attention of some other actors:

1) Gary Oldman:  
Gary read the script, but thought the story quite ridiculous with the castle, the Avon lady selling makeup and the fact that the lead character has scissors hands, He didn’t get Tim’s idea, who also at that time was a relatively unknown director, and turned down. Later, he watched the movie and understand the idea of the movie.

2) Tom Cruise:
Prefered by

20th Century Fox Studios for the role, Tom had a meeting with

Tim Burton, but the director didn’t feel secure about the actor, who, at that time, used to be a rival of Johnny when it comes about “Teen Idol”. Tom also wanted to change Edward’s character a bit,  insisting to be more masculine, with less makeup, and that the movie should have a happy ending.

3) Robert Downey Jr.:

Expressed interest.

4) Tom Hanks: 

Tom passed up the project in favor of “Bonfire of the Vanities”. The movie end up being a flop at the box office and considered one of the worst movies of 1990.  

5) Jim Carrey:  
Jim expressed interest, but was (and still is) considered “too funny” for serious roles. Jim also tried for a lot of other roles caught by Johnny, such as Wade Walker in Cry-Baby, Willy Wonka in  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. At this time, I think Carrey has already cursed Johnny’s name for taking every role he would like to make…

6) John
Chose by Caroline Thompson, the writer of the movie.

7) William Hurt: 

Expressed interest.   

8) Michael Jackson:
Michael really wanted to play Edward and insisted calling to Tim for a chance for an audition, although Tim ignored all of his calls. Michael didn’t have a chance, but bought one of the prototypes of Edward’s scissor hands gloves, worn by Johnny in the movie. 

Ps. The photos of the actors are from 1989/1990, the same year of when the movie was filmed. It help us to imagine how they would look like for the role.

“ ‘- Hello
– I picked up.
‘- Johnny… You are Edward Scissorhands’ – a voice said simply.

What?’ – flew out of my mouth.

You are Edward Scissorhands.’

“I put the phone down and mumbled those words to myself. And then mumbled them
to anyone else I came in contact with. I couldn’t f*cking believe it. He was
willing to risk everything on me in the role.”

Johnny talking about the day Tim Burton called him to say he was going to play the role he was craving to be. On that day Edward Scissorhands and an amazing friendship began.

Thank you Tim Burton for choosing the PERFECT guy!

Happy Birthday, Zöe Kravitz!!!

Today, December 1, Zöe Kravitz, who played Leta Lestrange in “Fantastic Beasts:
The Crimes of Grindelwald” turns 31 years old!

To celebrate this day,
here is a behind the scenes of Johnny and Zoë, as Grindelwald and Leta at the
underground amphitheater sequence, revealing one of the scenes which was
filmed, or rehearsed, in several different ways before the final version shown
in the movie.

> Curiosities:

In an interview for the L.A. times, Zöe revealed being a fan of Johnny and
that she was “stoked” for filming with him.

* It’s unknown if the news about Zöe returning on the
upcoming third movie is true, but was confirmed by David Yates,

that the relationship between Leta and Newt, which seems to be more than friendship, less than full romance, will definitely be explored in the next(s) Fantastic Beasts installment(s).

Talking about next movies, there’s a huge probability of Leta being
somehow related to Bellatrix Lestrange, who was played by the amazing
Helena Bonham Carter in the Harry Potter franchise.
Just as the surname suggests, there are some great details
sustaining this theory:

During an interview, for the “The Independent
in 2017, Zöe probable leaked a huge spoiler while talking about her character:
“I play Helena Bonham Carter’s
great-great aunt. She’s an icon of mine so it’s a real pinch-me feeling to even
be associated with her. I think her performance in ‘Fight Club’ is one of the
best by a woman in a film.”
s. Keep in mind that the only people who knows the back story of the character
is J.K. Rowling and those who are going to play the characters.

2) During the “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” London Premiere, last year, everybody was caught by
surprise when Helena Bonham Carter attended the blue carpet. Some people
thought that it was just coincidence, but for me and some other fans, this could have been a confirmation that another Harry Potter character may be joining the Fantastic

“- With those eyes, my bonny lad, I’m afraid you’d never see it.
However, with just a wee bit of imagination,
I can turn around right now and see…
The great bear, Porthos… Dance with me.”

Johnny is not the type of guy who likes to dance, but did a good performance in “Finding Neverland”, 15 years ago…

> Curiosity:

During the circus dance with the bear the only things real are the actors and the floor. EVERYTHING around them (audience, ropes, curtains, etc) are digital. On the next scene where they are dancing in a mirror room, only the actors the floor, and four columns (originally in black) were also real. The mirrors, lights, chandeliers, reflections and other columns were all digitally added later. In reality they were only dancing in a green studio. 

Never seen photos of Johnny as Mad Hatter!

four new photos were taken during the make up test for the filming of “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, sometime between August/September 2014, in England.

> Curiosities:

The four photos indeed have his own titles and reveals in which part of the movie it was taken.

The first photo is named “Flashback”:
In the movie we can see the same hair style starting at minute 47, right before Alice meeting Tarrant/Mad Hatter when she accidentally traveled back in time to the day of the

Iracebeth/Red Queen’s coronation.


The second photo is named “Sick Hatter”:

In the movie this scene starts at 1h 15 minutes, when Alice returns to the present days and goes to Tarrant’s house to tell him about his family, but finds a bedridden and white-lifeless Mad Hatter. 


The third photo is named “MAD Hatter”:

In the movie this scene starts

at minute 19.

when Alice meets Mad Hatter
in his house and he talks about his family while acting madder than usual, thus the MAD with capital letters.


The fourth photo is named “New Poster”:
This photo was taken during the special “The Mad Hatter Surprise”, when
Johnny fully dressed as Mad Hatter, live-streamed onto a billboard as one of the Alice Through the Looking Glass promotional posters at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. But instead of simple poster, Johnny surprised the
Park’s guests interacting with them in real-time from a nearby film studio.


Prior to Tim Burton’s involvement, Warner Bros., since the 1990s was trying to make a new version of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. During this time, a lot of directors and actors were considered, or had interest to play Willy Wonka:

1. Robert De Niro
2. Bill Murray
3. John Cleese
4. Christopher Walken
5. Michael Palin
6. Leslie Nielsen
7. Michael Keaton
8. Robin Williams
9. Eric Idle
10. Dustin Hoffman
11. Brad Pitt
12. Dwayne Johnson (Tim Burton’s second choice after Johnny)
13. Ben Stiller
14. Mike Myers
15. Patrick Stewart
16. Adam Sandler
17. Marilyn Manson (Personal interest with a devilish version)
18. Will Smith
19. Steve Martin
20. Rowan Atkinson
21. Nicolas Cage
22. Jim Carrey

Ps. Even Michael Jackson, according to his brother, Jermaine’s, book “You Are Not Alone”, was all set to campaign for the Wonka role.

Tim Burton immediately thought of Johnny as his first and one choice for the role of Willy Wonka, but knowing about Johnny’s busy schedule, if he couldn’t make it, his second choice was going to be Dwayne Johnson.

Thankfully, Johnny accepted in a blink of eye.



28 years ago, today (June 18), the last episode of “21 Jump Street” Season 4, called “Blackout (a.k.a Business as Usual)

was released. This was the last appearance of Johnny Depp in the series starring as Officer Thomas “Tom” Hanson, Jr;  a baby-face police which goes undercover investigating crimes in high schools, colleges, and other teenage venues. 
While the series became a hit, Johnny felt kinda unsatisfied with his character and became increasingly frustrated with the series as they keep trying to sell the different image of him in a way to gain visibility to the series. Even so, he did his best to keep playing the character, until the day he decided to leave, after starring the series for 4 years. This is one of the biggest roles he had ever done. Also it was the most troublesome years, the beginning of being a popular teen idol, the beginning of being featured as a bad-boy in the tabloids, and the role that made him even more famous all over the world.

> Episode synopis: While investigating the gang rape of a jogger, Hoffs, Hanson and Penhall find themselves at the mercy of the same group of student suspects, who try to instigate a riot while the school suffers a blackout during a storm.

> Curiosities:

* Johnny Depp had always been Patrick Hasburgh’s first choice to play Tom Hanson, but Depp didn’t want. Two other actors tried to role, but FOX was unhappy with their performance. Later, Hasburgh offered the role to Depp again, he accepted, and the scenes were reshot.


Johnny didn’t want to work on a television series, but agreed to a six-year contract, only because he did not believe the show would last more than one season (He also found it difficult to turn down the money). But the show became a huge success mostly due to Depp’s beauty. 


Johnny became a teen idol really fast, but more for his beauty than for his acting. To make the series a hit, the Fox Network, marketed and “sold” his image of a good looking guy, and it worked. There was fan hysteria, magazine covers with his face printed and pages with popularity rank everywhere, but deep down he didn’t like it at all.


A proof of how they sold his image as a product, is this last episode. Although it is the last episode of season 4, when they released the DVD, the episode wasn’t included. It was transferred to Season 5 as episode 1, and they put Johnny’s picture on the cover. He was also credited in the first two episodes of the fifth season, despite not having appeared in neither of the them.


Johnny tried to get fired from the series using different tactics: He used a feathered turban with a giant jewel while speaking with an incomprehensible Indian accent. Worn a George Washington style wig, a red, white and blue trousers… He even wrapped his tongue with rubber bands to make impossible to understand what he was talking. 


When the season 3 started, Johnny was tired of his role, so he decided to review all of his script and did some changes in the lines, adapting for a real spoken teen way. Also he began to put forth ridiculous suggestions for his character to the producers. 


While working in “21 Jump Street”, Johnny starred in “Edward Scissorhands” and “Cry Baby”.


He used to earn $45,000 per episode of “21 Jump Street”


He also used to receive 10,000 letters from fans a month. Some of them were sent to the character and not to Johnny. Also he used to receive weird letters with personal information and suicide letters. He did his best to answer most of them. 


After his last episode, the future of Tom Hanson became unknown and no explanation was given to the audience. 22 years later, Johnny reprised his role as Tom in the 2012 film adaption of the series, with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, giving his character a “proper” ending.

29 years ago, today (June 18), 
Johnny starred for the last time as  Officer Thomas “Tom” Hanson Jr. on the “21 Jump Street” Series. 

“I consider all my tattoos as
specific moments in my life. My body is a journal in a way.”
– Johnny Depp, for
the Details Magazine, May 1993.

Two new
tattoos to Johnny’s collection!

The Ouroboros:

the Hollywood Vampires mini-concert for the Jimmy Kimmel Live, we could see
that Johnny has two new tattoos on his arms. On the left arm, right below the Cherokee
tattoo, was inked an Ouroboros, an ancient symbol showing a serpent or dragon eating
its own tail.
As usual, this mystical symbol has different meanings, such as:

A symbol of eternity, because it shows the endless principle of no
beginning and no ending.

A symbol of nature’s ability to sustain itself.

A symbol of life on every level, both the Macrocosm and the Microcosm as the
universal whole and the individual of every living being.

For the Alchemists, the Ouroboros is seen as the “materia prima”, the
“first” material from where everything is born, and the material that
each alchemist begins to work when he searches for the alchemical gold.

In Gnosticism,
a serpent biting its tail also symbolizes eternity and the soul of the world.

The circle that the serpent/dragon forms when it bites its own tail is also
compared to the divine energy, which always has a departing and returning
movement to itself, that can be understood as “My end is my

For being a serpent/snake, it also can be interpreted as a process of
self-devotion, self-destruction, self-generation, death and rebirth in one
self-turning and self-appearing movement, by analogy with the fact that snakes
get rid of their old skin every year.

The symbol is also seen in a lot of different cultures around the world,
who shaped the Ouroboros to fit their own beliefs and purposes, one of them is
the Native American Indian tribes, from whom Johnny has a connection.

A similar
tattoo could be partially seen on his back, below the neck on the Marilyn
Manson’s KILL4ME video. Both tattoos have other images inside the circle, and on
the new one, a tree, and a lightning is clearly seen. The lightning also seems
to come from a cloud or a hand, hitting what seems to be a small human. Johnny
already has a lightning tattoo on his hand, and it is also a common symbol on
the Native American tribes who has a distinctive meaning for each one.

The JJ 13:

On his right arm

, was tattooed a tribute to his friend and bodyguard who passed
away last April. Jerry Judge’s face was inked between his initials, and the
number 13. The JJ13 tattoo was inked right above the “Silence Exile Cunning”
tattoo, and we could see previously throughout the Hollywood Vampires 2019
Spring Tour, not tattooed, but Johnny was wearing a black piece of cloth as an
armband around his left arm with the same initials and number. Black armbands are
known as a symbol of mourning. 

EDIT: I really don’t know and couldn’t find Jerry’s birth date, but as

introvertedcatmom said on comments, Jerry seems to have been born in May 13th so it would fit perfectly.

Meanwhile, the number 13 indeed has a lot of meanings,
and I’m telling you, forget about being a negative meaning. In some places and cases is considered a lucky number:


combination of the number 1 represents “Beginning” or “New Beginnings that
only the person can make” and 3 represents “Optimism”, “Communication” and
“Growth”. Also, 1+3 equals 4 that curiously represents “Patience” and “self-confidence
that the person is following on the right track”. Although the number 13 means
that the person will have some hard times, and a suddenly change sometime ahead,
if the person be patient and optimistic will reach his final goal. Both 1 and
13 stands for new beginnings and shows that no matter what the problem is, after
all, the person with be stronger, smarter and will have a new life.


number is considered for some people as an “Angel number” and when a person
sees the number 13 is usually a reminder from your guardian angel to the person stay focusing his thoughts on the positive aspects of his/her life, living with love
and compassion, and when you spreading love and compassion with everyone around
you, just like Johnny always does, the Universe will reward you with much more. We all consider Jerry as his angel guardian.


The Number 13 also appears on the Bible, with
Jesus and the 12 disciples. Curiously, Judas, was the 13th guest to arrive at the Last Supper and the one who betrayed Jesus, and we all know that Johnny was also betrayed. There’s no comparison of Johnny and Jesus, but the number and the meaning. Many people have a “fear” of the number and started to say that it’s a bad (unlucky) number due to Judas’ betrayal.

For the Aztecs the number 13 symbolizes the end of a cycle and the establishing
of some kind of balance, something similar believed by the Celtics, whose
calendar was made up of 13 months, who were the result of balance and harmony.


On the tarology, the 13th arcanum of the Tarot of Marseille is the “Unnamed”,
also known as “Death”. Not the death in negative meaning, but the positive
“Death” that symbolizes the end of a phase leading to the beginning of another,
a metamorphosis, the beginning of a new era and the start of a transition, a “rise”. Curiously
this card has the same meaning of the Ouroboros, representing as an initiatory
death leading to a rebirth.

Well, as said,
Johnny have his own meanings for his tattoos, that he may never reveal, but
after searching for the original meanings and some threads that some fans are making,
both tattoos can also be interpret as his vision of what he has suffering
throughout this years. It’s like he’s telling his story, just like he had said that “his
body is his journal”. From almost being destroyed, almost being killed, betrayed and losing important things and people on his life, he is still being optimistic going on the right way, coming back to life, rebirthing to a new beginning, showing that while a lot of people thought that he was going down to an end, in reality he is rising, like a Phoenix, that curiously has the same meaning of the Ouroboros…

Up until now at least 40 tattoos are inked in his body. Each of them shows his own history.

Man, I f*cking love Johnny’s smartness…

Ps. Feel free to add your thoughts! I love reading and knowing different perspectives and stories.