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Is it true Johnny Depp walked out of an interv…

Is it true Johnny Depp walked out of an interview or maybe avoided the question when he was asked about his health? And could you tell me how many cases are filed against or from Johnny to someone or a company?

I would imagine so, though I don’t think he walked out, I’m assuming when the question was asked someone from his team stepped in and ended the interview. Johnny doesn’t address tabloid rumours in interviews, that’s always told to the interviewers, but some dumbasses try to call their bluff and ask it anyways

as for lawsuits, i really don’t know, i don’t keep up with all that stuff sorry!

There are several articles about El Gale&oacut…

There are several articles about El Galeón Andalucía being used in PotC but I can't find the name it has in the movies.

hi, thank for searching, it’s very vague isn’t it  xoxox

if anyone finds anything more please let us know xxxxxxx

Hello :) there is a real ship called El Gale&o…

Hello 🙂 there is a real ship called El Galeón Andalucía which was apparently used in Pirates of the Caribbean and I was wondering if you know in which movie(s) we can see it, and its name in the movie(s), please?

ho sweetie, i’ve googled it and i really can’t find anything of it related to potc

does anybody have more info on this please 🙂 xo

that's even more disturbing, why would Ja…

that's even more disturbing, why would Jack/Johnny not be in?

I just got the impression from interviews during P5 promotion that this was it for him, tbh! And I think he said something about P5 being the last for him during a Transcendence interview, though i can’t find that one to save my life

why do you not see PotC 6 happening? I thought…

why do you not see PotC 6 happening? I thought they already hinted it will happen at some point

Sorry! I should’ve been more clear – I don’t see it happening with Johnny/Jack in it. 

Hi mate! I wanted to know what did you think o…

Hi mate! I wanted to know what did you think of POTC 5, what was your fav POTC film (you can also rant them if you want) and my last question is: Are you existed for POTC 6??? I'm so existed and let's be real, knowing the end of potc 5 a 6 one can totally happen. Sending love your way mate! 🙂

thanks angel, back at you!

i meeeeean I wasn’t very fond of P5; my favourite of the franchise is P3 (ranked: 3, 1, 2, 4, 5); I reeeeeeally don’t see a P6 happening and I’m… okay with that tbQh. but regardless of any of that i adore captain jack and he’ll always be a massive part of my life, he’s a magical being and if POTC didn’t exist I would genuinely be a MUCH different person today, and probably not one that I would like, so yeah 🙂 love that doofus boy with all my soul <3

I love how I always find Johnny fans in the mo…

I love how I always find Johnny fans in the most unlikely places! I was on Youtube searching up paint marker reviews because I'm a nerd and hella anal and wanted to find the best ones for a wood sign I'm making and the lady using them had a profile pic of her and Johnny from (I think) the last tour and it just made me chuckle and smile, it's like a family reunion! I just had to share (and I'm still getting mixed responses on the best paint markers so if anyone has an opinion on that…)

hahah that’s awesome man!!! he’s got fans allllll over the damn place 😀 

So last night I saw Johnny with the Vampires. …

So last night I saw Johnny with the Vampires. And IT WAS AMAZING!!! I am extremely happy that I saw him, but I am so mad at myself. We arrived early and waited in the line, doors were supposed to be open at 4.p.m. and the first band was supposed to perform at 4:40. So at first they opened the doors just from one side and I was of course on the other side. We had to run to see the first band, cause they started earlier and we didnt get a good spot cause the others were already there.

follow up. And I made a bracelet for Johnny that I was going to throw on stage. So my first attempt ended up just 2 metres away from me and luckily some people gave it back to me. As they were performing schools out I decided to throw it again. My brother picked me up and I threw it and it ended up in the space between stage and people. I am so mad at myself that I couldnt do it better. My brother said that he saw it but Im not sure. Im not sure why Im writing this I just needed to tell someone

Oh darlin’, i’m sorry you are mad at yourself, you really shouldn’t be!! It’s very, very possibly that someone picked it up, don’t beat yourself up too much. and it’s a good lesson to try not to get so caught up in trying to get something to johnny that you miss out on watching him up there in his element, happy and playing, and be in awe of his and the band’s talents. I hope you did manage to have a good time even though that happened!

OMG Johnny in Tommy's latest video: &quot…

OMG Johnny in Tommy's latest video: "All is well, contrary to popular belief." Straight from the man's mouth! Also, I love that Tommy seems to be as star struck by JD as we are. "People ask 'how come Johnny isn't in your videos?'. I don't want to invade his shit." "Invade my shit." LOL That video made my day. Also, the location on the video is listed as "Sexy Man". hahahaha

hi, yes so cute omg!!!!! he also said he was happy in the berlin interview so i’m on a natural high + all those pics and videos of him smiling!!!!

i love that johnny has people like tommy in his life; fun, loving, caring with respect for him and his privacy.

i live for this tour!!!!

&quot;Gemini boy&quot; OMG I NEVER KNEW THAT H…


LOL apparently? orrrrrrr he just knows his sign hehe