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Johnny Depp claims Amber Heard punched him in …

Johnny Depp claims Amber Heard punched him in the face | The Express Tribune:


Notice all the SJW who call Johnny Depp worse than s-t for Amber’s abuse claims are staying really silent on this. 

Apparently, Johnny Depp should never work again for being accused of domestic violence but Amber Heard who has a record in her past of physically abusing her partner is allowed to have her career continue scot free. 



Just a reminder of some lies made by Amber Heard and her ‘witnesses’

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Some of the many lovely tweets from last night…

Some of the many lovely tweets from last nights #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent campaign that trended worldwide. As much as I’m happy about people finally seeing the truth it’s heartbreaking that it took them (i’m not specifically referring/judging the people who made these tweets above) 2 years of hating and slandering him first. Weren’t the statements of him, the police, his bodyguards, his friends, his family, his entourage enough? Everyone from Jk Rowling to Winona Ryder to Patti Smith to Marilyn Manson to basically everyone standing up for him not good enough? Why would abuse victims and feminist stand up for him if he was an abuser? Weren’t his evidence list filled with texts, photos and witnesses enough? That evidence list that made his ex-wife drop the case and ro with prejudice? Was it because he didn’t sell them to the press like his ex-wife did with her ‘evidence’ that made you drag him through broken glass? The media is completely ignoring his defense, proof and accusations like always. They did it when he got justice from his ex-managers and they will do now to, because it’s too inconvenient to their ideology and click bait culture.

He is seeking justice in court, which is exactly were he will find it. Now stop with the mob pitchfork mentality and learn to not judge people by their gender or status, but by their truth

I’m very proud of Johnny Depp for standing strong!


Amber Heard had ‘evidence’ that she sold to tabloids

Johnny Depp had evidence that he gave to the court

Yet you always believed her and bashed him, because she’s a woman. well look now what happened. it’s about time we start supporting people for their truth, not their gender

Amber's racist tweets + the world discove…

Amber's racist tweets + the world discovering she's abusive=karma at it's finest. The truth ALWAYS comes out.

Kind of fucked up that it took the world two years to see that she was abusive

But i’m glad people are catching up

I love how the tables have turned. I haven&#03…

I love how the tables have turned. I haven't been following this as closesly as you, no doubt, but I have been following on from what you've been posting over the months. Is this the first time that evidence is public? How come it's only a big thing now and not earlier? Again I don't know the details, I just know it's a big victory (rightfully so) for Johnny, so if you could give a short lil summary of details like that I'd be grateful.

Hi sweetie, well he has accused her two years ago when she accused him

the attack on her birthday is mentioned in his evidence list (number 509)

now he is suing the tabloid The sun for calling him a wife beater, as his defense there were made court docs explaining what has actually happened. she attacked him and she has admitted of doing so

two years ago when this evidence list (see full here) was revealed his ex-wife dropped the charges and restraining order with prejudice

it was also because of this evidence that Jk Rowling decided to support johnny 100%, and rightfully so.

And now Johnny is seeking justice in court, she is seeking it on insta and in tabloids

he wanted to move on, he never sued his ex-wife. but the media keeps on dragging him through broken glass so he is standing up for himself in a mature way and we are proud

So Amber Heard has admitted attacking Johnny D…

So Amber Heard has admitted attacking Johnny Depp (which he never did, because he didn’t do that), he has photos to prove it (that he didn’t sell to the press but used in court) and yet people still blame him. We live in a disgusting world folks


Wait I’m so confused what happened with …

Wait I’m so confused what happened with johnny what’s the I believe him thing?

hi, he is suing the sun for defamation for calling him a wife beater which he is not. 

two years ago he claimed amber was abusive when she sued him for abuse, he gave the court an evidence list which included photos, texts and witnesses, upon seeing that list his ex wife dropped the case and restraining order with prejudice. now, in his case against tabloid The Sun, he gave them the exact same evidence as two years ago (which is also the evidence he gave to jk rowling, upon which she decided to support him 100%) now there is a story attached to the attack of which he has photos to prove:

as you can see it says that she admitted it, yet she denied it in a public statement that doesn’t make sense and breaks their nda (nda don’t count in court docs)

here you can find a lot more information about her being the abuser

so with #ibelievehim we want to show our support in his fight for justice in court! We are proud of him!

Amber Heard abusing Johnny Depp


For two years now we know that she abused Johnny, yet everyone keeps ignoring it. Today Johnny made a claim in court papers which he can proof with photos. there also are a lot of other things that proof her abuse:

At the Sept. 14 premiere of Johnny Depp‘s new film Black Mass at the Toronto International Film Festival, photographers captured the passion on the red carpet between the star and his wife, Amber Heard, who kissed and cuddled for the cameras.
But away from the shutterbugs, a source says, the newlyweds got hot and bothered in a different way. Amber, 29, hovered near her hubby as he schmoozed, and when she saw him chatting with a young woman, the source says, “she stormed over and tried to butt in.”
When Johnny, 52, continued the conversation, she “looked livid” and quickly pulled him aside. The source says, “She talked to him like a child. Johnny smiled awkwardly and seemed to calm her down, because the next minute they were holding hands again and she was all smiles.”
According to the insider, this volatility is nothing new for the couple, who wed in February and bicker about everything from his female fans to Johnny’s recent weight gain. She’s bothered so much that Amber has begun dictating his diet. “She says he looks like a mess now,” says the source.
“Amber is very loving toward Johnny — but if things aren’t the way she wants, all hell breaks loose,” the insider says.
Friends who’ve witnessed the actor bend to Amber’s controlling ways are wondering what happened to his rebellious spirit. “He’s blinded by love,” the source says. “He’ll do anything she wants — and she knows it.”

there are more stories like this example: at the lone ranger premiere in disneyland she was super rude to everyone basically, 

when they were on their honeymoon Johnny was greeting fans and got annoyed by that

she hits him multiple times during that stupid Overhaulin’ episode he did specially for her

she pulled him away from his fans at a Japanse airport in 2013 (notice how she really pulls him and just refuses to let go)

she also pulled him away while he was in the middle of a conversation with someone at the hollywood film awards in 2015

she taunted him on instagram by posing with her fist and adding a comment about ink (referring to his former slim tattoo) she had made countless of refs to him in interviews in such, still taunting him

combine this with Doug Stanhope’s statement:

We’d watched it build like this since before they were married. We’d watched her manipulate and f— with him for years. We didn’t say a word. To each other, yes, but never to him. When your friend is in an awful, abusive relationship — man or woman — …

and here abusing her ex-wife:

And lots of cuts and bruises all over his face and body

and the statements from his bodyguards and the police:

normally she was the one who had to be physically pulled off of Johnny. Reportedly she would throw bottles, scream and “charge” at him. The guards will testify during the restraining order hearing in June.

On May 21, 2016, officers responded to a domestic incident radio call…” LAPD Sgt. Marlon Marrache says. “The person reporting the crime [Heard] did not insist on a report and no report was warranted. There was no evidence of any crime. A crime did not occur so the officers left the scene and left a business card.”Marrache adds that if there had been any signs of abuse, officers would have conducted an investigation, regardless of what Heard said had happened.

yesterday a part of the court doc (from johnny suing the sun for defamation because the called him a wife beater which he clearly isn’t, revealed that she hit him and admitted to it) in his evidence list which can be found below you can see that johnny has photos as evidence that match the timestamp of this attack

and his evidence list: (which includes text, photos, witnesses)

see full here:

after that witness list was revealed she dropped the case and ro with prejudice:

court doc:

We find that Amber Heard is a multiple abuser and deserves nothing!

i’m disgusted and sorry because this post was not respectful for his privacy, but i can’t stand an abuser being glorified simply because she is a woman



So now that it has been “admitted” and “averred” that Amber Heard hit Johnny Depp twice in the face,on court documents, (as was stated two years ago by numerous witnesses who were all ignored on media), Will it happen then that the people who asked Johnny to be fired from his job will do the same now with Amber? 

It will be that now that it has become more than evident that AH dropped the allegations of abuse againts JD with PREJUDICE because everything pointed against her,people will start to stop making excuses for her behavior?

Or will people ignore all this as they ignored (or created stupid excuses for)

her arrest for previous abuse?

I’m really hoping to see all the people who were on social networks destroying Johnny Depp on behalf of the victims of domestic abuse making campaigns against this woman all over the internet like they did with him, without double standards, right? without hypocrisy and impartiality …? without sexism? … I’m waiting.