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Happy birthday to the immortal Hero, David Bowie ♛ ★
On this day, January 8,

Bowie would’ve turned 73 years old… We miss you…

Johnny was officially announced as one of performers at 2020 MusiCares!

Johnny will join his fellow vampires, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, and a lot of GRAMMY
Award-winning and nominees artists, such as Sammy Hagar, LeAnn Rimes, Luis
Fonsi, Ashley McBryde, Gavin DeGraw, Cheap Trick, Gary Clark Jr., Foo Fighters,
H.E.R., Jonas Brothers, Emily King, John Legend, John Mayer, and Yola.
Greg Phillinganes will be the musical director, with more additional guest
performers to be announced.

recognition of their considerable philanthropic efforts over five decades and
undeniable impact on American music history, the “2020 MusiCares Person of the
Tribute Concert, one of the most prestigious events held during GRAMMY
Week, will honor Aerosmith on January 24, at 9 P.M. (Los Angeles Hour) at the Los
Angeles Convention Center

UPDATES about the show in Paris:

The pre-sale of the tickets for the upcoming show next August 31 at L’Olympia Hall in Paris, France was POSTPONED to next Monday (January 6) at 10 AM (Paris Hour). Click HERE to buy.

Also, VIP and Meet & Greet packages will be available on the same day, BUT on the producer’s website, Gerard Drouot Productions.


The FNAC Spectacles announced
on Twitter that the tenth show of the upcoming Hollywood Vampires’ 2020 Tour, is
set to happen at L’Olympia Hall in Paris, France, next August 31!
Up until now, 16 dates in Europe were announced.

Tickets for the show
will be available tomorrow (January 3) at 10 AM (Paris Hour). Click HERE to buy.

ALICE COOPER Says JOHNNY DEPP Would ‘Rather Play Guitar Than Act’:

“Right now,” Alice explained, “Johnny’s doing movies and Joe’s doing the [AEROSMITH] residency in Vegas, and I’m doing my [solo] tour, so we always have to plan the VAMPIRES around that, which is kind of tricky. In order to book a VAMPIRES tour, you have to look a year ahead. Next year, we’ve got a lot of European dates coming up and possibly even a Chinese tour, which would be interesting… That band is great because I don’t have to play Alice Cooper in that band. I’m the lead singer. Alice will never talk to the audience [during solo performances] until the very end of the show, whereas Alice in the VAMPIRES talks to the audience all night. If we do a DOORS song, I’ll tell them a story about Jim Morrison. If we do a WHO song, I’ll tell them a story about Keith Moon. You have a wealth — all those stories, and the audience wants to hear that.”

Cooper says that despite having three well-known and successful figures in the band, the members of HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES get along splendidly. “You take three alpha males like that — and that’s not counting the other guys in the band that are all in big bands — and realize that there’s never been an argument, there’s never been anybody leaving stage angry,” Cooper said. “During rehearsal, we’ve never had an argument. It’s a very cooperative band, and we get things done that way. Johnny gets up there and plays his butt off. He’s there for rehearsal before I get there. People are really surprised when they hear him play because they don’t realize how good of a guitar player he is. I think he’d rather play guitar than act. I told him not to lose his day job, because we can’t pay him $25 million a show, but I think he loves playing guitar and he loves being up on stage… It’s kind of nice that I’m not always the frontman. I can move around and other people can take the lead. To me, that’s a lot of freedom.”

Even though HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES’s second album, “Rise”, was released just six months ago, Cooper says he’s already planning the group’s future recordings. “I don’t live in the past at all,” he said. “I love doing the [old] songs, but I don’t live in the past. I think if you think that you’ve written your best songs, you should stop writing songs. If you think you’ve done your best shows, you should stop. Retire. I can understand people retiring if that’s their attitude. I guarantee you Paul McCartney thinks he has not written his best songs yet. I guarantee you Bob Dylan [thinks he] has not written his best songs yet. I look at it the same way. That song is still out there… I have millions of fans out there that want to hear new music. They want to see what’s Alice writing about now… [My] next album’s all about Detroit. It’s, like, a tribute to Detroit, and I’ve already got an idea for the album after that that I think is going to really be good. I’m thinking two albums ahead. Same for the VAMPIRES — I’m already thinking two albums ahead for the VAMPIRES.”

Caught at the perfect moment! 



A proud, and open-mouthed, Alice Cooper watches Johnny rehearsing “Heroes”, last Saturday (December 14), at the Celebrity Theaters, before his performance on Alice Cooper’s 18th Christmas Pudding. 



Lovely moment caught through the lens of Erich Bloenk.

Alice Cooper with Joe Bonamassa and Johnny Depp

School’s Out. Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Bonomassa

“Sister Sledge with the amazing Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper musicians Michael Bruce and Neal Smith after singing and bringing Christmas cheer at the

Alice Cooper Solid Rock charity Christmas party!!!” 

Photo by Sister Sledge on Instagram.

Auction time!

Last night (December 14), at Alice Cooper’s 18th Annual Christmas Pudding charity concert, Johnny wore a Mad Hatter’s hat which was sold for a lucky one who gave $4,000! Another item, a special Epiphone electric guitar, handmade stylized with a drawn of Johnny and Alice Cooper by Jason Oberly and autographed by themselves, was sold by $43,000 dollars!
All the money raised by the sale of the items and the tickets from the sold-out show, was donated directly for Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center in Mesa, Arizona.