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“TBT: On the set of Cry-Baby with Johnny Depp….

“TBT: On the set of Cry-Baby with Johnny Depp. Such good times. Circa 1989.” 

Never seen photo of Johnny and Ricki Lake during the filming of Cry-Baby in Baltimore, posted on Instagram.
Since early 90′s Johnny already loved to make this funny face.



Lovely duo. 


Behind the scenes photo taken by Ricki Lake, 3…

Behind the scenes photo taken by Ricki Lake, 30 years ago with Johnny and Traci Lords during the filming of Cry Baby.

Photo by Ricki Lane on Instagram.

“I don’t think my ideas or my principles hav…

“I have a couple of ideas where they came from. I think that there are a couple of people (he leans speaking directly to the tape recorder) and you know who you are, who don’t like the fact that I am outspoken about certain things. But, as far as temper tantrums and throwing punches at my producers, it’s such bullsh*t that it’s hilarious.” 

“I don’t think my ideas or my principles have changed, but I’ve learned a lot about this business, how political it is, and how people manipulate other people. It’s scary, man. Power is a scary thing.”  – Johnny Depp, May 26, 1989 for the “US Magazine”.

This is Johnny’s words, 29 years ago, already being a victim of tabloids. At that time, he had finished the third season of 21 Jump Street (which completed 32 years last week) and meanwhile, the gossip columns used to make reports of  Johnny’s “misbehavior”, turning his image in a rebel, when in reality, he was getting tired about how people was selling his image as a handsome guy, tired of the same scripts, controversial scenes in the serie, and the overall fame. He though the serie was just one season, but was there for three, and he always told about how he didn’t want to be stuck for something so long. That was also the time he decided to collaborate with John Waters and portray a totally different character to destroy his “cuteness” and “teen-idol” image, while people tried to manipulate him, telling to not to do, because that could “destroy” his career…

Johnny’s story of being belittled by the public, and chased by lies is not recent…
During all these years, everybody who had worked with him always told great things about how he is, but yet people rather believe in gossip…
And everything has been happening for all these years…
Can you believe he’s being chased for almost 30 years!? 30 YEARS!



I don’t know how he handle it for all these years, but I’m proud for he never had given up.
The truth will prevail!
We love you Johnny!


“I felt fortunate not…

“I felt fortunate not having to pose with a revolver in my hand and kiss a girl wearing Lycra and do the same old expected leading-man stuff. Whenever a young actor comes out, they have to pin him with some sort of label so they call him a bad boy or that horrible word ’rebel’ , which is so played out and stupid. This made fun of people’s perceptions. It was really the only way I wanted to go.” – Johnny Depp, April 4, 1990

At that time, Johnny was still filming for “21 Jump Street”, and was one of the most famous teen idols, but behind the fame, Johnny was a little tired of everything. He used to receive several scripts for movies, but most of them had the same plots he was tired of making, such as the cute bad-boy, or the same melodramatic cliché stories, so Johnny declined them because he wanted something different to destroy his “cuteness” and “teen-idol” image. When he got involved with “Cry-Baby”, some people close to him, tried to advise saying that wouldn’t be a good idea making the movie where he were going to playing a rebel character, and also collaborating with a gay director, who at that time, was known for his trash movies with poor quality and weirdness. But Johnny had already decided to join the movie, which for him, was the best script he had read. Also, he admired John Waters and he replied those who didn’t approve his decision saying: “The easy way it boring to me”. After making the movie, Johnny was willing to leave “21 Jump Street” and tried to get fired from the series using different tactics, but in the other hand, it also made the tabloids starting to gossip and turn his image into a rebel. But when people thought that this would be the end of his career, another different man stepped on Johnny’s path, leading him for the world of weird and eccentric characters: Tim Burton. 
As Johnny said in a interview for the Chinese magazine “Movie View”: 

If ‘Cry Baby’ was my first step, ’Edward Scissorhands
was the second.”

Johnny as Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker, 29 years ago…

Johnny as Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker, 29 years ago. 

What can we do? It happens…

“Cry-Baby” Behind the scenes: John Waters and …

“Cry-Baby” Behind the scenes: John Waters and Johnny in 1989.

To find a young actor for the lead role, director John Waters, in his search for the popular young actors at that time, bought about 20 teen magazines and hid them under his jacket until his home (At that time, John was 42, and a man with his age buying dozen of magazines with young men on the cover, could be considered suspect). There when he finally looked to the magazine covers, and were flipping through the pages, he found out that in most of them there were pictures of Johnny. After a search for his profile, Waters first sent him a letter, later they had a meeting (which Johnny revealed had been love at first sight), and only then he gave an approval and sent to Johnny the script, which had everything that Johnny wanted: comedy, weird situations and satires of teenagers.
At first, Waters thought that Johnny would be just like all the other teen-idols at that time, which was leaning on their beauty, fashion and money to be famous, but was caught by surprise when Johnny went for their meeting in Hollywood, dressed in old clothes almost like rags. In the middle of the meeting, Johnny looked at him and gave him a funny sneer, and that’s was enough for Waters understand that Johnny had understood his role, and feel that he had found the perfect actor for the movie.

PS: There’s some other curiosities and videos about “Cry-Baby”, that I’d like to post and during this week I’ll make it, but now, let’s talk about another movie making anniversary today! Let’s talk about “Blow”!

Never seen photo of Johnny and Nancy Broadfoot…

Never seen photo of Johnny and Nancy Broadfoot (theatrical makeup artist) in 1989 on the set of “Cry-Baby”. Her niece, Felisity Larson, posted the photo on twitter, saying:

“ ‘Till jealous af my aunt worked with johnny depp 29 years ago while she was pregnant and he touched her


I’m jealous too! This baby was blessed!
Thanks Felisity for the photo!