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Johnny on the C´è Posta Per Te [Full Story]

Last Saturday
(January 10), was aired in Italy the first episode from the 23rd Season of the Italian TV show “C’è Posta Per Te” (You’ve Got Mail) . The show was originally taped, 4 months ago, last September 5 at the Centro Titanus Elios studios in Rome, one day before the “Waiting For the Barbarians” press conference at Venice Film Festival.
In Italy this episode had a great audience and made Johnny’s name
appear on Trending Topics during that night.
Unfortunately the show is not subbed, and most people didn’t understand what happened. Thankfully some Italian fans or fans who knows a little bit of Italian shared some information on Twitter. I also found some pretty good transcripts from the show in some Italian sites and could also edit a little bit parts of Johnny’s audio to hear his own words (which in some parts were translated in Italian in a different way). 
Anyway, I know it’s a little bit late, but it you are curious to know what really happened, and why this story touched so many people, I made a lengthy review/transcription about the show.
You can read right below: 

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“Minamata” will premiere at Berlin International Film Festival!

Based on the book by Aileen Mioko
Smith and W. Eugene Smith, directed by Andrew Levitas, who also wrote along
Stephen Deuters and Jason Forman (who also are executive producers along Johnny), “Minamata” is set to have its World Premiere at the “Berlinale” the Berlin International
Film Festival
, which is set to happen from February 20 to March 1, 2020.
The official schedule with all appointments and locations, dates, hours, probable
attendance of cast, press conference, photo call and further information about
the movie is set to be revealed next February 11 and the following days until
the beginning of the festival.

In this
movie, Johnny plays the Life magazine photographer W. Eugene Smith as he takes
on a powerful corporation responsible for poisoning the people of Minamata,
Japan, in 1971.




Johnny, on the Italian TV show “´C’è Posta Per Te”, taped last September 2019 and aired last Saturday (January 11) in Italy.

God bless this man  🙏

You can watch the show (in Italian) HERE.


JOHNNY DEPP va a “c’e posta per te” E fa un regalo meraviglioso


Johnny being greeted by the audience while being introduced in a video, before arriving on the Italian TV show “C’è Posta per Te” (You’ve Got Mail).  


“Golden Globe best actor,
Three Oscar nominations,
An unconventional star,
The most eclectic actor in the
history of cinema,
Considered one of the sexiest men,
When my daughter was small they
asked her …
‘What does your father do?’
She answered
‘He’s a pirate’
Pirates of the Caribbean is one of
the most successful sagas in the world and has grossed over $ 4 billion
Johnny Depp”

The show was taped last September 5 in Rome, and aired tonight (January 10) in Italy. Also, Johnny’s part was dubbed in Italian…


Wonderful. Amazing. And breaks my heart!

This video is from May 27, 2016. A day when Johnny Depp’s life was being turned inside out. His dear mother, Betty Sue had passed one week prior and his soon to be ex-wife was starting to disseminate her lies to the world with made up stories and photos that provided nothing but made people think that they did. These are situations that would have had most cancelling their plans and holing themselves up in a safe place away from people and prying eyes. 

But Johnny Depp didn’t cancel. He went to the event and did good for others. With his own heart breaking, he helped others and brought them happiness, joy and made them laugh. He is a remarkable, strong and caring man. A true humanitarian! People need to know this. 


“These bracelets are very important to me, when I’m in dark days and I’m sad, I look at these bracelets offered to me by my fans and I remember that I’ve a whole army behind me. It gives me courage.” — Johnny Depp on Ce Posta Per Te

Watch it here:

Ok catching up on stuff here and that Italian interview where he gave them each a bracelet and said something like ‘I’m giving this to you because there’ve been times when I’ve been down or feeling weak and I look at these bracelets that people have given me over the years and it reminds me that there’s people out there who are there for me and support me’

I started BAWLING 😩😩😩

I know so MANY of us out there have given him jewellery, myself included, and to know that that’s how he feels about it and it’s not just pieces of jewellery to him, that they’ve actually helped him heal AND that he is passing that feeling and signifance along to others in need, is deeply, deeply emotional for me.

We love you, Johnny. And we’re always here for you. ❤️




“If you believe in your dreams,
you could be sure that any force, a tornado, a volcano or a typhoon, wouldn’t
be able to knock you ‘out of love’, because love exists on its own.” —


26 years ago, today (January 6), the
surrealist “Arizona Dream” premiered in limited theaters in
Paris, France, opening a very limited release in Europe and around the world,
being screened mostly in festivals, or in selected theaters. In the USA, the
movie was released only in three theaters, almost 2 years later, in September
9, 1994, after a failed attempt to screen a shortened version, some months
earlier. The movie had its story originally developed by David Atkins, a
student whom Kusturica taught screenwriting at Columbia University’s Film
School and was expanded into a long screenplay by the director, and although
being surrounded by troubles during the production, received a generally
positive response from critics and a medium response by viewers who thought it
was too surrealist to follow up.
In this movie, Johnny plays Axel Blackmar, a delusional young man who has a

quite satisfying life

counting and tagging fishes for the Department of Fish and
Game in New York, while claims to listen to the fishes dreams.

 > Synopsis: 
Axel Blackmar, a young fish-tagger in New York
City, dreams of an Eskimo boy who finds a fish with both eyes on one side of
its head. His


Paul, an aspiring but unsuccessful actor, visits him and tricks him
into returning to his childhood home in Arizona to attend the wedding of his
uncle, a Cadillac dealer, who wants Axel to join the family business and so to be
his best man. Axel decides not to return to his old life, but joins Paul in a
travel to Arizona where he becomes romantically entangled with an emotionally
unstable older widow, who shot her own husband and her suicidal stepdaughter,
which dreams to reincarnate as a turtle. 

> Curiosities: 

Johnny was 28 playing a 23 years old character. 

As usual, Johnny got so deep in the character that tried to learn
Inupiaq, which is spoken throughout much of northern Alaska and between
Eskimos, but Jerry Lewis, who plays his uncle in the movie, stopped him saying
that they doesn’t needed, once they were inventing everything

This is probably one of the most troublesome movies Johnny has ever

The movie was originally filmed throughout 1991, sometime after
Edward Scissorhands” and Johnny’s cameo in “Freddy’s Dead: The Final
”, but was only released in 1993 and screened in 1994 in the USA. 

While the movie kept in hiatus, Johnny featured on the
music video “Into the Great Wide Open” from “Tom Petty & the
Heartbreakers” with Faye Dunaway, who also starred in “Arizona Dream” and years
later also co-starred in Don Juan DeMarco (1994). 

During the editing process, the director Emir Kusturica ended up with
a movie with nine hours in length! He was forced to make a huge cut on the
length, finishing with a four hours version. A copy of this first cut was given
to Johnny, before the director being forced again to cut the movie into a two
hours and forty minutes, which had 20 minutes cut again for the release in
Europe, where the movie was released theatrically with 2h and 22 minutes in
length. Meanwhile the editing process, Kusturica didn’t have time to finish a
edit to be screened on Cannes film festival of 1992 and exhibited an unfinished
version, while in the USA, the Warner Brother’s didn’t like the final result
and decided to re-re-edit again cutting more 20 minutes making a 2 hours
version to avoid negative critics or be ignored by audience. They still tried
to show the same version screened in Europe, but everything was so messed up
that they decided to release straight to video.
The 2h version was released as VHS and also was chosen to be exhibited on TV. The
2h22 min. version was released as DVD years later, making in the end, the movie
ending up with 2 slightly different versions.

When the movie was released as DVD in Europe, a long single
take deleted scene with 15 minutes long was added as a bonus. The deleted scene
is possible from the 2h 40 minutes third edit and starts with an alternative
take of Axel in the city, talking with a man carrying a door on his back. The
next scene showing Axel breaking into his Uncle’s – now abandoned – Cadillac
store at night and going to sleep on top of a Cadillac is similar to the movie,
but his final dream is totally different. While in the movie he dreams about he
and his uncle fishing as Eskimos in Alaska, the deleted scene shows an
alternative ending showing the wedding marriage party of a mature Axel and

his uncle fiancée,

Millie, years before the happenings in the movie, with the presence of Paul, which is now famous and his Uncle Leo who comes from the moon in a cadillac.

A Blu-ray DVD edition comes with a long 38 minutes interview in
French while Johnny answers in English. 

Although Johnny hates to watch his movies, he said that, at that time, “Arizona
Dream” was the first movie he watched and I didn’t felt sick.  

PS. More curiosities to come on the next posts!


The movie was released on this day (January 6) in limited theaters in Paris, France.







I wish you ALL had a great night and are still enjoying this special day wherever you are!
I also wish that Johnny had and is having a good time with a lot of happiness, health, music, friends and all the good things in the universe.
The same I wish to each of you, and the triple of it for those who are on Johnny’s side, spreading the truth day after day… You guys are amazing!

And never forget:
You are loved! You are valued! You are important and You matter!

ALSO, never forget to spread everywhere that:


WE love you Johnny, and never forget: 
WE Are ALWAYS With You


Now, I’m gonna eat some Christmas food and relax watching some Johnny’s movies.  xo.