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“Had a wonderful time at Johnny’s house last w…

“Had a wonderful time at Johnny’s house last weekend – first time I’ve met him. Such a cool person and unique artist. We spent hours discussing Hunter S. Thomson . Johnny read me some hand-written letters from The Good Doc and gave me Hunter’s infamous cigarette holder… I’m honored. The torch of Gonzo… what a magical experience!!!” – Wrote Ryan Leone, writer and producer, on his Instagram.

Ps. Johnny seems to be wearing a t-shirt from the Scottish alternative rock band “The Jesus and Mary Chain”.

New never seen photos of Johnny as Guy LaPoint…

New never seen photos of Johnny as Guy LaPointe!


These funny photos were taken during the make-up test for the filming of “Yoga Hosers”, sometime at the end of 2014, in California.

> Curiosities: 
These photos reveals the “hidden” running joke included in the movie:
Different from the first movie “Tusk”, Johnny’s character, Guy LaPointe, now has moles on his face, and if you pay close attention, throughout the whole movie, the moles keeps changing places around his face and even multiply from shot to shot. In the beginning of the movie,


LaPointe has three of them, and in the end he finishes with seven. 😂 😂

“Waiting for the Barbarians” will also going t…

“Waiting for the Barbarians” will also going to be screened in France!!!

Johnny’s latest movie directed by Ciro
Guerra, featuring Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson and based on the novel
of the same name by J. M. Coetzee, is set to be screened at the 45th Deauville
American Film Festival
in France.
The festival will happen from September 6 to September
but the official date for the screening is yet to be revealed. Also different from the other
festivals, the movie will only have a premiere and is not in a competition

This will be the second official screening
of the movie, after the Venice Film Festival in September 6 in Italy, and later
the San Sebastian Film Festival, between September 20 to September 28, in Spain.

Let’s stay tuned for the official date for
the premiere and also if cast will attend this festival. Up until now it seems that Robert Pattinson is confirmed to attend the festival but due to his movie “The Lighthouse” by Robert Eggers is on competition for the The Lucien-Barriere Literary Award.

Another day, another festival! Congratulations! 

Never seen photos of Johnny a…

Never seen photos of Johnny as Mad Hatter!

four new photos were taken during the make up test for the filming of “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, sometime between August/September 2014, in England.

> Curiosities:

The four photos indeed have his own titles and reveals in which part of the movie it was taken.

The first photo is named “Flashback”:
In the movie we can see the same hair style starting at minute 47, right before Alice meeting Tarrant/Mad Hatter when she accidentally traveled back in time to the day of the

Iracebeth/Red Queen’s coronation.


The second photo is named “Sick Hatter”:

In the movie this scene starts at 1h 15 minutes, when Alice returns to the present days and goes to Tarrant’s house to tell him about his family, but finds a bedridden and white-lifeless Mad Hatter. 


The third photo is named “MAD Hatter”:

In the movie this scene starts

at minute 19.

when Alice meets Mad Hatter
in his house and he talks about his family while acting madder than usual, thus the MAD with capital letters.


The fourth photo is named “New Poster”:
This photo was taken during the special “The Mad Hatter Surprise”, when
Johnny fully dressed as Mad Hatter, live-streamed onto a billboard as one of the Alice Through the Looking Glass promotional posters at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. But instead of simple poster, Johnny surprised the
Park’s guests interacting with them in real-time from a nearby film studio.

Waiting for the Barbarians will also be screen…

Waiting for the Barbarians will also be screened at the San Sebastian Film Festival!

Johnny’s latest movie directed by Ciro Guerra and featuring Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson and based on the novel of the same name by J. M. Coetzee, is set to be screened at the San Sebastian Film Festival, in Spain, and is set to happen from September 20 to September 28, among a selection of the best films of the year, not yet released in Spain, and which have received critical acclaim and/or awards at other international festivals.   

The movie is also competing on the “Audience Award”, which will be decided by the spectators who attend the first public screening of each film in the said Perlak section. The San Sebastián Audience Award

goes to the distributor of the film in Spain and is made up of two different awards: a 1st Award for Best Film, carrying €50,000 euros, and a 2nd Award for Best European Film carrying €20,000.

Let’s stay tuned for the official date for the premiere and also if cast will attend this festival.

Johnny and cast filming for the movie, sometim…

The Professor: Behind the Scenes

Johnny and cast filming for the movie, sometime between July/August 2017, at Royal Roads University in Colwood, British Columbia, Canada.



Today, August 19, is celebrated worldwide the Photography Day, a day to celebrate the  art, craft, science and history of photography. Thankfully to this invention, we can register the most beautiful images of the world, and obviously Johnny is one of them. 




My special thanks today goes to Kyler Clark (Cereal Kyler) for registering Johnny’s photos while touring with the Hollywood Vampires, Ross Halfin with his breathtaking  black and white photos, Greg Williams for his editorial photos, Tommy Henriksen  for always updating, taking and recording the funniest videos with Johnny and all the people who contributes taking and sharing photos and videos of this work of art in human form known as Johnny Depp.
Without you, this blog would never exist.
Thank you all for your hard work! 

“Even wilder than before, Johnny Depp is at on…

New promotional photos for the upcoming Sauvage Parfum!

“Even wilder than before, Johnny Depp is at one with nature, reconnecting with a land where boundaries are made to be pushed.” – Dior Parfums on Instagram.

Ps. The original first and second photo were posted on Dior Parfurms page on Instagram originally split in two photos.
The third photo is a panoramic version from a previously photo and now is for the banner on the updated French Sephora site (In the last two days, the new campaign had been taken down from the site)

“Johnny and Mark (Rylance) were happy to share…

New behind the scenes photo! 
Johnny and director Ciro Guerra during the filming of “Waiting for the Barbarians” last year in Morocco.

“Johnny and Mark (Rylance) were happy to share (experiences).
One raised the level of the other, as in an unspoken competition within what
they were raising. It was very impressive to see these artists of huge magnitude
on stage, to see these artists at the top of their art.”
Ciro Guerra about working with an a-list cast on today’s interview for the Colombian site “El Tiempo”.

And what a cute smile!



Countdown for the world premiere at

Venice Film Festival: 19 days!

Hi, how are you?, I wanted to ask a question a…

Hi, how are you?, I wanted to ask a question about the protection order by Amber , who makes the call to accept or decline? , Also we already have transcripts of the things she done to Johnny , we know the evidence that Johnny is going to present in court , and some pictures of him being injured are out , I don't understand what is she trying to hide , could you please just elaborate?

Hello, my dear anonymous, how are you? I’m fine thanks.

You’re not the only one confused about that ridiculous protection order, but I’ll try my best to give a proper answer.

Well, Ms. Heard and her lawyers submitted this protection order to the same judge who denied her last attempt to dismiss the case in Virginia and take it to California. Again, they are bothering the judge to analyze and decide if he will or not accept this order.

Can this order be denied? We DO hope so, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it end up being accepted…

As written on the document, it seems that Ms. Heard’s Team tried to convince Johnny’s Team to make an agreement about this request:

It’s important to see that they were working”  and had not agreed 100% . Otherwise it would be written too. 

Also, it’s pretty weird what is written right below:

Although it’s quite hard to fully understand what does it mean, it seems that there’s something important, an evidence maybe, which she wants to kept in private in order to protect her side. Remember that as Mr. Waldman said, Johnny’s Team has important evidences to show.

Is there any chance of this order be accepted? I think it has.

If Johnny’s Team tried or accepted to make an agreement, I think it may be due to the upcoming trial. We are less than 6 months far from the 12 days trial set for next February 3, 2020. Although Johnny and his Team wants to show the truth, they also have to be careful about what is being revealed in order to not affect the Judge’s decision. Any mistake or accusation with no proof made can affect the whole process. So everything must be well analyzed and in some cases, privacy is necessary. 
As I said before, before a trial both lawyers of both team have to kinda work together exchanging legal information and known facts of the case, showing to each other which evidence(s) will be used, so it’s pretty probable that Ms. Heard’s Team have become aware of some important evidence and are trying to sacrifice themselves to avoid a bigger damage to her image. This can be seen on the order document where is written: 

They know that her Hoax fell apart when people started to share her lies and inconsistencies, which contribute to a lot of people change sides and search for the truth. And the more Johnny and his team reveal more evidences, more the things on her side gets worse. One recent proof of it is the amount of negative reactions after Ms. Heard being chosen for the Stephen King’s upcoming movie “The Stand”. If no one sees new evidences, no one will talk about it, no one will share documents and evidences, her image will be safe and she’ll be free to play her role as a domestic violence survivor on her Hoax. For me it’s pretty clear that she is scared AF and is trying do the most to save her arse.

Well, this is a tough situation because in one hand, it should be denied, because she has to face the consequences for what she did. Face her hypocrisy for asking privacy when she sold her hoax to the media, created a image of “survivor” even with few alleged “evidences” that now she wants to keep in private, while Johnny who almost had his life and career destroyed is trying to show the world that he is innocent with tons of evidences. In the other hand it also should be accepted in order to, somehow, not affect the trial and the judge’s important final decision on this also important case.

But in the end we all must agree that silencing herself, who day after day said that “was not going to be silenced”, was the dumbest thing she recently did.

I’m sorry for the long answer, but it’s clear that she is manipulative, is trying to run away again, and we do must show that someone who acts this way is not a survivor, is not a victim. She is proving that she is guilty, she is the abuser and fears to face the consequences.

As usual, this is open for all of you who wants to share you thoughts, correct or add something. I hope I have answered you all properly. XOXO.