you know hes like. a known abuser right lol

you know hes like. a known abuser right lol


Amber Heard abusing Johnny Depp

For two years now we know that she abused Johnny, yet everyone keeps ignoring it. Today Johnny made a claim in court papers which he can proof with photos. there also are a lot of other things that proof her abuse:

At the Sept. 14 premiere of Johnny Depp‘s new film Black Mass at the Toronto International Film Festival, photographers captured the passion on the red carpet between the star and his wife, Amber Heard, who kissed and cuddled for the cameras.
But away from the shutterbugs, a source says, the newlyweds got hot and bothered in a different way. Amber, 29, hovered near her hubby as he schmoozed, and when she saw him chatting with a young woman, the source says, “she stormed over and tried to butt in.”
When Johnny, 52, continued the conversation, she “looked livid” and quickly pulled him aside. The source says, “She talked to him like a child. Johnny smiled awkwardly and seemed to calm her down, because the next minute they were holding hands again and she was all smiles.”
According to the insider, this volatility is nothing new for the couple, who wed in February and bicker about everything from his female fans to Johnny’s recent weight gain. She’s bothered so much that Amber has begun dictating his diet. “She says he looks like a mess now,” says the source.
“Amber is very loving toward Johnny — but if things aren’t the way she wants, all hell breaks loose,” the insider says.
Friends who’ve witnessed the actor bend to Amber’s controlling ways are wondering what happened to his rebellious spirit. “He’s blinded by love,” the source says. “He’ll do anything she wants — and she knows it.”

there are more stories like this example: at the lone ranger premiere in disneyland she was super rude to everyone basically,

when they were on their honeymoon Johnny was greeting fans and got annoyed by that

she hits him multiple times during that stupid Overhaulin’ episode he did specially for her

she pulled him away from his fans at a Japanse airport in 2013 (notice how she really pulls him and just refuses to let go)

she also pulled him away while he was in the middle of a conversation with someone at the hollywood film awards in 2015

she taunted him on instagram by posing with her fist and adding a comment about ink (referring to his former slim tattoo) she had made countless of refs to him in interviews in such, still taunting him

she can’t do an interview without mentioning him, bullying him

combine this with Doug Stanhope’s statement:

We’d watched it build like this since before they were married. We’d watched her manipulate and f— with him for years. We didn’t say a word. To each other, yes, but never to him. When your friend is in an awful, abusive relationship — man or woman — …

and here abusing her ex-wife:  (in this link you can find an audio of her in the court room)

and the statements from his bodyguards and the police:

normally she was the one who had to be physically pulled off of Johnny. Reportedly she would throw bottles, scream and “charge” at him. The guards will testify during the restraining order hearing in June.

On May 21, 2016, officers responded to a domestic incident radio call…” LAPD Sgt. Marlon Marrache says. “The person reporting the crime [Heard] did not insist on a report and no report was warranted. There was no evidence of any crime. A crime did not occur so the officers left the scene and left a business card.”Marrache adds that if there had been any signs of abuse, officers would have conducted an investigation, regardless of what Heard said had happened.

a part of the court doc (from johnny suing the sun for defamation because the called him a wife beater which he clearly isn’t) in his evidence list which can be found below you can see that johnny has photos as evidence that match the timestamp of this attack

the complete document can be found here:
it describes in detail her abuse and lies

and his evidence list: (which includes text, photos, witnesses)

see full here:

after that witness list was revealed she dropped the case and ro with prejudice:

court doc:

also this interview where he talks about the false accusations:

And this:

“In his GQ interview, Mr. Depp is simply defending himself against Ms. Heard’s lingering, false abuse accusations,” Adam Waldman, Depp’s lawyer, said in a statement issued to Newsweek. “Johnny Depp is a victim of violent abuse.”

Depp’s team rejected that statement, and his attorney suggested the “shameful psychological abuse” it mentions stems from Heard’s “continuing cynical manipulation of the important #metoo movement and its real victims.”

“Ms. Heard has been previously arrested and spent the night in jail for domestic abuse (an arrest that was initially blamed on police homophobia, although the arresting officer later averred to being a gay rights activist),” Waldman said in the statement to Newsweek. “Ms. Heard has admitted to multiple violent attacks against Johnny Depp that caused serious injury. Eyewitness, photographic, and previous sworn testimony will be presented to the court.”

Added Waldman, “Regarding the confidentiality agreement of which Ms. Heard’s counsel complains, Ms. Heard started violating it before the ink dried, first with a statement, and soon after with a domestic violence PSA asking ‘how is this happening to me?’ purporting to give advice to real victims. More breaches followed.”

Waldman confirmed to Newsweek that court proceedings into the abuse allegations will take place in November in Britain. Depp’s team intends to submit evidence proving Heard “faked” all allegations of abuse. Depp’s camp will present “clear evidence of the violence committed serially against him by Ms. Heard and the serious injuries that he suffered,” Waldman added.

and this:

“Two days ago, Amber Heard’s lawyers professed their ‘outrage’ to the media that Johnny Depp had finally spoken in self-defense,” Depp lawyer Adam Waldman of The Endeavor Group wrote in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Friday. “I responded with what happens next — we will submit overwhelming evidence to a U.K. court next month that Ms. Heard repeatedly violently attacked and severely injured Mr. Depp, and then faked abuse allegations against him. Ms. Heard became in the process an imposter in the #MeToo movement who abused the trust and experiences of real survivors for her own reputational gain.”

Depp’s team is previewing the evidence that it will present in the upcoming court hearing in the U.K. this fall tied to a defamation lawsuit against The Sun for an article that labeled the actor a “wife beater.”

“Our evidence will include photographs, sworn testimony and admissions, and eyewitness accounts,” Waldman wrote. “Ms. Heard, who has a prior arrest for domestic abuse, and her lawyers have responded to these remarkable disclosures with two days of profound silence, excepting social media posts of Ms. Heard wrapped in an American flag asserting: ‘we survivors…’”

Waldman concludes, “Ms. Heard’s lawyer publicly claimed Ms. Heard has unconsulted witnesses, but none have materialized. We would like to hear, and believe the public should hear, what, if anything, such ‘witnesses’ have to say, so that those statements may be held to account against our imminent court filings.”

and this:

An attorney for Depp tells PEOPLE in a statement, “Were Ms. Heard’s faked abuse claims presented yet again at a real #metoo event this week a ‘confidential arbitration’? Ms. Heard (and lately her new attorney) have been peddling easily disproven fake abuse claims for over 2 years in public, and now that real evidence is coming, exhibit a sudden and predictable desire for confidentiality.”

 Amber Heard is an abuser