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– “What do you think people are thinking here? That I’m sitting with my

7 years
ago, yesterday (November 11), “Jack and
, a comedy movie of Adam Sandler, premiered in the USA theaters. In
this movie, Johnny makes a special cameo playing himself along with Al Pacino,
while enjoys the Lakers (USA


basketball team) game; wearing a Justin Bieber
shirt, eating popcorn and drinking Coca-Cola. (Something we may never see in
real life…) 


* Neither
the director Dennis Dugan could hold his anxiety and ended up revealing the
“surprise” in an interview: 
“There’s a
secret guest star, but I can’t say who it is”, but then he admitted: “It’s Johnny


It takes
37 minutes to Johnny appears for less than 2 minutes. Johnny was in vacations
with his family after filming “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”,
and his scene was shot in Los Angeles with the same clothes he was wearing when he arrived at the studio.


One year
before, in December 18, Johnny went with his children,
Lily-Rose and Jack, for the Justin Bieber’s “My World” show in Miami, Florida.
They went backstage and Johnny met him personally.


In a
press conference for “Rango”, a journalist asked Johnny if he was a “belieber”
(a Justin Bieber fan). Johnny didn’t understand, thought that he was saying
“believer”, and answered: “Yes, of course. I am a huge believer”. When
explained, he laughed and said “A Belieber? I’ve actually never heard that one.
And you know what? Yes, I am a Belieber. I am, and I shall remain so.” Moments
later, Justin, who just happened to be staying at the same hotel, showed up in
the room surprising everybody and went to greet him and the cast for a few
seconds. “We’ve just established that I’m a ‘Belieber.‘” Johnny said. While
shaking their hands, Justin said that he went to say hi once he heard that he
was in the building. After that Johnny completed: “Who’s not a Belieber after
that… How am I gonna explain this to my daughter?”

Happy 8th anniversary for “Jack and Jill”!

8 years ago, on this day (November 11),  Johnny made a special cameo with Al Pacino on Adam Sandler’s movie as himself enjoying the Lakers (USA professional basketball team) game, wearing a Justin Bieber shirt, eating popcorn and drinking Coca-Cola.