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“You find a glimmer of happiness in this world, there’s always someone who wants to destroy it ~ 

J. M. Barrie”

14 Years ago, today (September 4), “Finding
premièred at Venice Film Festival, in Italy with part of the cast attending the
audience. The movie was also shown in several festivals before opening in the
UK in October 2004, also with the cast attending the fans. Later, It had a
limited release in the United States on November, and opened more widely on
November 24. The historical fantasy drama film was directed by Marc
Forster and written by David Magee and it’s based on the play “The Man Who Was
Peter Pan” by Allan Knee. The movie earned several nominations at the 77th
Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor
for Johnny Depp performance. In this movie, Johnny plays Sir James Matthew
Barrie, also known as J. M. Barrie, the Scottish novelist and playwright, best
remembered today as the creator of Peter Pan. 

> Synopsis: Finding
Neverland is a tale of magic and fantasy inspired by the life of James Barrie,
the real-life author of the children’s classic “Peter Pan”. Set in
London in 1904, the film is a fictional account of Barrie’s creative journey to
bring Peter Pan to life, from his first inspiration for the story up until the
play’s premiere at the Duke of York’s Theatre – a night that will change not
only Barrie’s own life, but the lives of all those close to him.

> Curiosities:

* Jim Carrey (again!) was considered for the role of J.M. Barrie. 

* The movie was filmed in 2002, but due to a conflict with Columbia
Pictures, which owned the film rights to Barrie’s original play and refused to
give permission once they were already adapting the “Peter Pan” movie in 2003, Miramax
agreed to delay the release in exchange for the rights to reproduce scenes from
the stage production within the film. In the end, the movie only hit the
theaters in 2004. 


Johnny worked hard to take a perfect Scottish accent,
and was also helped by the crew of the movie. 


During the formal dinner scene, Johnny Depp placed a
“fart machine” under Julie Christie’s chair. He had a remote control
that he used to trigger a fart sound from the device. The children are laughing
more at that than from playing with the spoons. 


Johnny was so childish in set, that Kate Winslet said
that she felt like was working with 5 children, and not 4. 


This was one of the best times Johnny had. Now
with two children, playing the part of the man who created “Peter Pan”, gave
him the childhood and happiness he never had. It was like a dream come true
after his troubled youth. Jack and Lily-Rose was giving him life to be a better
man, and it makes him willing to make movies which his kids could watch, such
as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Finding Neverland”, and later “Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory”. 


Johnny was so impressed with the performance of Freddie Highmore
during filming, that he suggested him to Tim Burton for Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory, in which Highmore played Charlie Bucket and Depp played
Willy Wonka. When the movie premièred in London, both had finished filming the

Happy 15th anniversary to “Finding Neverland”!
On this day, September 4, the movie premiered at the 

premièred at 61st Venice Film Festival in 2004.

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