Gellert Grindelwald wishes you a Happy Donuts …

Gellert Grindelwald wishes you a Happy Donuts Day!

After arriving in Paris, the new in town, Grindelwald felt something in the Parisian air. So he and his acolytes started a hunt for this mysterious smell. Some minutes later, they found this weird store. Abernathy swears that his eyes were shining more than the usual, while Rosier was hid in the bathroom laughing. She didn’t want to end up being transfigured in a donut.

Today (June 7) is the first Friday of June and in the USA and in some other countries, is celebrated the “Donuts/Doughnut Day”.So, now that some of us adopted the donuts as a symbol of support for Johnny, the time has come to celebrate this day.

Up next, the last: Richard says Donuts.