Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald and the early de…

Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald and the early design
of his Chupacabra.

Sam Rowan, concept artist for “Fantastic
Beasts” movies, revealed on his Instagram that Grindelwald’s chupacabra pet, Antonio, was very different
before his final design: 

“Here is an early Chupacabra design from ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2’.
I worked on this guy at the same time as the Zouwu, jumping from one to
another. I like this approach, helps keep a fresh eye on the character.“

He also posted some other pictures of his earlier concepts:


Crazy questions and new theories:

Watching the photo we can see that the image is from the first movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” when Grindelwald was captured, and I REALLY HOPE that this is just an illustration, because if the chupacabra was really going to be revealed on the first movie (what would be really amazing), it also bring me some questions:

In “Crimes of Grindelwald”, it’s unknown why they put a baby animal inside the cell with the “Most Dangerous Dark Wizard of All the Times”. It’s been said that the chupacabra was part of the security measures around Grindelwald to somehow avoid him to escape,

torturing him from time to time, although being a baby. So:

1) If it was going to be revealed on the first movie, was the chupacabra a MACUSA security beast in-training to catch prisoners or was really Grindelwald’s pet/friend, just like Pickett is for Newt?


Grindelwald is known for his soft words that seem to hypnotize his victims, so, if the Chupacabra was not his pet and became friendly to the point of change sides, does this little beast have a side story? Newt’s Pickett has some attachment and bullying issues and became friend of Newt after seeing that he worried about him, so, during the time the chupacabra was on the cell as a guard, did Grindelwald see how they used to treat the animal and using his manipulation speeches, promising a free life to the poor animal, and with that made the chupacabra join his team, even giving a proper name (Antonio)? It would also explain why Grindelwald, who during all this time was waiting to use the poor animal, called him “needy”, maybe due to its need of care and attention that used to be giving by Grindelwald?

3) We can also see that Grindelwald has a soft side, so was Antonio really his pet or a animal given to him to be a pet, and only kept on his cell as a part of agreement to stay out of trouble, already planning to use the chupacabra in his escapade?

Well, after all that, I DO HOPE that this is just an illustration concept, a image caught and used to see how the chupacabra would be, otherwise J.K. Rowling is owing some explanations…