only-johnny-depp: New still: Johnny as Gellert…


New still: Johnny as Gellert Grindelwald and Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein during the filming of a extra scene at what seems to be a garden at


Castle in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”.

It’s unknown what happened and what will happen to this scene, which seems to take place sometime after or before Grindelwald reveal who Credence really is. As said before, there were scenes that were filmed but didn’t make a final cut, such as the extra scenes of Queenie at the French Ministry of Magic, and later the Matagot’s battle against Tina, Newt and Leta; Queenie and Jacob quarrel in Paris, Newt, his drunk

Pickett and Theseus in a wizarding pub, and the alternate ending or post credits scene where Flamel brings croissants while everybody is crying. This scene with Grindelwald and Queenie may had been shelved as well, or even may be included on the next movie or included as extra content when the next movie be released as blu-ray, because on “The Crimes of Grindelwald” blu-ray, there are extra scenes that seems to have been filmed during “Where to Find Them” in 2016, showing Credence reborning after almost being killed, and how he got aware of the Circus Arcanus and went to Paris.

Dear J.K. Rownling and David Yates, DO NOT forget this scene!
We need to know what Grindelwald is planning!