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“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”: Deleted, Alternate and Cut scenes. [Part Final]

Some photos released in books or promos, shows some scenes that are not in the movie, like the one above and THIS one. Both with Johnny and Alison as Grindelwald and Queenie in a rehearsal or deleted scene.

The photo above happens when Queenie meets Grindelwald for the first time in his hideout. In the movie she kept pointing her wand in his direction, until he takes. In this scene, it seems that he is trying to be “friendly” towards her, who has a blanket to keep her warm after the rain.
In the other photo, Grindelwald leaves an astonished
Queenie in a garden, probably in Numengard. In the book, “Lights, Camera,
Magic! – The Making of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”
, the photo
is described as “Queenie is given plenty to think about by Grindelwald”


[Extended] Alison Sudol, who plays Queenie, revealed that her
entrance at the French Ministry of Magic, has a longer scene showing that she
having a hard time trying to walk on the sloped floor and she loses her steps,
slipping and turning her feet sometimes. A shot purely on her feet was shot and
Alison really missed when she watched the movie. 

[Extended] Dan Fogler revealed that there’s an extended version of
Jacob and Queenie quarrel in Paris. 

[Deleted/Unfinished] Claudia Kim (Nagini) and Ezra Miller (Credence) revealed a scene is
which Flamel give them croissants. The sad scene, where everyone was crying, was shot for less than an hour a
day during three weeks on the sunset. Callum Turner (Theseus) revealed that the scene was
shot in the reshoots, but after all the work the producers said that the scene
was too long and that “didn’t work”. Dan Fogler (Jacob) revealed that the scene was
supposed to be an alternative ending. This seems to be the most missed scene by the actors. 

[Deleted/Unfinished] Jude Law revealed that Dumbledore had a scene
with another professor, a certain female professor (McGonagall), which didn’t
make it, but he wish it had. 

Eddie Redmayne revealed a lot of deleted scenes:

[Deleted] After the first scene where Newt refuses to become an
Auror in the

French Ministry of Magic, he kinda storms out, and goes to a wizarding pub. His brother (Theseus) comes and they have a conversation, while Pickett
was busy getting drunk on a butterbeer. Eddie loved the scene, but he quite
understand why it was cut (maybe for Pickett being a loved character by children, and also to avoid an alcoholism theme, once the butterbeer may have a very slight alcoholic content). 

[Extended/Deleted] There’s an extended scene of when Leta’s history
is revealed. She has a break down, everyone in the room felt, and Newt ran over
to her to check if she was okay. 

[Deleted] There’s an extended scene of the baby Nifflers scenes. 

[Extended/Deleted] The scene in the Ministry is quite longer. When
Leta, Tina and Newt are being chased by the Matagot’s (the black cats). Newt
left his case fell  and while Tina let down to go and get it, she contra attacks all
of the cats. Meanwhile, Leta is being trounced on by these cats, and contra
attacks to save Newt, and then he has the idea that they should get into the

TOTAL: At least 38 scenes were deleted, alternate or cut, most of them remains unreleased.

Will we have the chance to see them? Who knows? We’ll have to wait 4 more months to know which scene(s) will be on the DVD…

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