Fantastic Beasts: Paris Premiere.The World pre…

Fantastic Beasts: Paris Premiere.

The World premiere of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” is happening right now at

UGC Ciné Cité Bercy

in Paris,

along with participating cinemas throughout France. The main cast attended the red carpet, but as most of us expected, Johnny couldn’t go. We all know he has a really busy schedule and the last thing we know is that he is in the middle of a filming somewhere in Morocco for the upcoming “Waiting for the Barbarians” movie. 

This month, there’s 2 premieres schedule to happen: Next tuesday (November 13) at

Leicester Square in London, and in Tokyo in November 21. Some months ago, the USA premiere was set to happen in New York, today (November 8), later when the official dates were announced the NY date became

absent, and now, for unknown reasons, it’s said that the premiere was cancelled.

As the main character in this movie, many fans missed Johnny’s presence today, but we do hope he goes to the London Premiere.


David Yates already has the script for Fantastic Beasts 3 in hands. J.K. Rowling sent to him few weeks ago.