I just saw a post about Johnny’s “violent behavior” in that video where his smashing cupboards. EVERYBODY knows that when he’s super mad about something he breaks things. That’s not a secret to anybody, y’all. Adding the fact that he had been drinking and the woman who, in that moment, was his wife, (unfortunately) is there provoking him, saying shit and recording him, while having a breakdown, ILLEGALLY but yet he doesn’t even touch her or raise his voice to her. He just repeats, because I think some people are deaf, that she wasn’t there that morning so she’s not the reason why he’s pissed off. And he says that multiple times. And what does she do? She keeps provoking him to make him explode, but that doesn’t happen.

And please, stop making up things about Kate Moss saying horrible things about Johnny because of that time he trashed a hotel room because the only thing Kate has said about Johnny after their breakup is that she was lucky to be with him.

So, if you need to make up things to trash other people, please do some research before talking.