Johnny Depp didn’t abuse anyone. Move the fuck on. Also RE that reply “a track record of abuse is a track record of abuse and shouldn’t be ignored” Um what track record of abuse? In all relationships there are arguments. That does NOT mean they all involve abuse. No he did not abuse Winona Ryder. She stated clearly “he was never that way with me” He did not abuse Kate Moss. He hit a fucking wardrobe. A wardrobe! Its not the same as hitting a person! 

No I don’t want any reblogs with “bad post OP” it is actually a good post. Also if you don’t like Johnny Depp can you like, just stop reblogging anything to do with him? Its not hard? I saw a few blogs deliberately reblogging just to be hateful.

The real abuser is Amber Heard. SHE is the one with a track history of abuse. Not him. But I have seen some Amber blogs and I have not seen anything on them other than pictures. This proves not all her fans are bad. Now, if they can blog Amber and be left alone then why can’t Depp fans? 

Also if you’re an Amber fan, don’t reblog this post. If you’re not an Amber fan but you still wanna bash Johnny, again, do not reblog this because I know all you’ll do is spew hate. Shows what a real piece of shit you are if that’s the case.