Y’all… been seeing people reblogging a post telling people who believe Amber to ‘die in a ditch.’ And I wasn’t going to say anything but it’s actually been eating away at me all night.

Seriously don’t reblog crap like that or I will unfollow you so fast. That is LITERALLY the kind of trash we had to put up with all summer, people telling us to die and whatever other horrid shit. What does doing the same thing say about us? Why stoop to their level?

Johnny is a better person than Amber, so can we please try to be better people than her stans? Can we discuss facts calmly and not tell people to go die? Then we’re no better than them. And I KNOW we’re better than them. I know you want to reblog all posts supporting Johnny, but if it comes along with the same abuse we had to go through last summer? We don’t need it. 🙏🏼