y’all listen

If Winona was in such an abusive relationship with Johnny Depp, why would she even keep in contact with him years after the breakup? When the incident with Amber Heard happened, she stayed neutral on the situation and expressed how she was surprised that someone like Johnny would get himself into trouble like that, or that she couldn’t imagine him doing it. Yes she was 17/18 (above the age of consent) when she first started dating him and thus far had nothing but positive things to say.

Yes, it has been confirmed I don’t know how many times that the reason they said so much during their relationship is because they thought that the more the media knew, the less they would ask (because they’d already know everything)

Yes over 20 years ago as a teenager in the film industry she was already kissing men in movies who were much much older than her. No she has not complained about it. As she dated Johnny I would think not.

She’s over double the age of most of us fanpage owners. She knows what she’s gone through, if she has some men-exposing to do she will do it. You guys are in no position to victimize her in situations that never happened or that she hasn’t considered herself a victim of. We don’t know anything really bad unless Winona and the person(s) involved speaks!