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Murder on the Orient Express – a short review by yours truly

So, MotOE premiered here on the 9th, but I just found the time (and the right company) to go see it, and let me tell you – I’m glad I did.
It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful (scenery-wise) film I’ve seen in a while. Whether it be scenes shot at real locations, or made through CGI, everything was made perfectly, creating a 2-hour eye-candy. I’d be damn disappointed if it doesn’t win any awards because it is truly a cinematographic masterpiece.
Poirot’s mustache and slight OCD delivered a few funny moments, which were, in my opinion, really needed to lift the otherwise electric atmosphere. It is also a good thing the film starts and ends with the detective working (and then being called to work) on yet another case, because it brings the new audience an insight into who this quirky detective is, and why he’s considered the best in what he does.
I’ll try to not give away spoilers, so I’ll just vaguely refer to that one scene in which Poirot explains who the murdered passenger really is, and what he’s done. It’s made in such a way it’s both tragic and bone-chilling, which makes it one of my favorite scenes.
The star-studded cast, no doubt, delivers even more than promised, and they all fit their roles perfectly. Ratchett’s arrogance, the count’s rage, the princesses’ authority – there’s literally no better actor choice for every given role.
The only con I could find is that the end was a bit rushed, with few very important details being explained so fast they can easily slip up unnoticed, while there were some long (and may I say, unnecessary?) scenes in which Poirot talks to himself, or talks the audience, or talks to whomever, which could’ve been cut short.
I’m not going to lie, I went to see this film only because JD is in it, and even though he was in like 3 scenes and 10 minutes total, which in other cases would disappoint me a little, the film itself is worth seeing.
I believe that no matter if you’ve read the book or seen (and liked) the original film, you’ll like this version as well as anyone who doesn’t know what the story is about.
I give it 9/10.