I’m not sure how I feel about the Kill 4 Me video. On one hand, I love seeing Johnny and I think he looks amazing (back tatt, hello!) but on the other hand I fear that Manson is using him. I’m a Manson fan and this morning Kill 4 Me was all over the entertainment pages because Johnny is in it. I kind of think this is Manson’s last ditch effort to stay relevant. I know they’re BFFs, but it rubs me the wrong way. I’d love for Johnny to talk about his feelings towards the song and video.

hi sweet,

i‘ve seen some people say the same thing with the say10 video and now with this one also and it makes me wonder

johnny has been in a lot of music video’s over the years and noone ever said that they were using him. Johnny was in 3 of Paul mccartney’s videos, and yet nobody said paul was using johnny. 

the purpose of the music video is to promote the song/album/artist. the point of the video is to get attention. i think manson and johnny are very aware that it will get publiciced more. but manson is the godfather of lily-rose, he stood up for johnny and said he was willing to testify when scumber published those terrible lies, he stood up for johnny with that stupid ‘he was drunk and ugly at the premiere’ tabloid bullshit. they have matching tattoos and live in the same home.

i also don’t believe manson would make johnny do something he doesn’t want to do (i don’t think anymone can make johnny do something he doesn’t want to do)

so to me it’s just the greatest music video of all time and i think they had a blast making it 😉