One of my biggest pet peeves is when people compare Johnny’s Willy Wonka to Michael Jackson. That movie happened to come out the same year that horrible trial was going on, and the comparisons never stopped. IMO, the comparisons are a sugar-coated way of saying “JD’s Willy Wonka looks/seems like a pervert.” It hurts because I love Johnny and Michael, and I know Johnny wouldn’t have deliberately interpreted the character like that, and he would never disrespect Michael, especially like that.

Indeed dear! Johnny loves Michael (who doesn’t?)! Johnny has always said the Wonka is based on children tv talk show host, (or george bush incredibly stoned)
about the comparison with michael he said 

“Everybody’s entitled to think what they want, even while being violently wrong. (Laughs) The weird thing is, that actually never occurred to me, that there would ever be any kind of connection to Michael Jackson. It never entered my mind. I still don’t quite understand it.”