Everyone’s always so happy about Johnny’s birthdays and I’m always so sad. I don’t know the reason, it’s just so sad for me. He’s getting older. We can’t celebrate it with him. We just don’t see him, can’t casually talk to him, can’t know what he feels like right now (like we can with our friends)…I always end up crying about that. I know I’m supposed to feel happy with all of our amazing fandom – I understand the reasons to feel that way! – But…I just can’t and I feel a bit guilty for that.

It’s okay to feel that way, I know we’d all love to sit around a campfire and sing songs and chat with him on his birthday. But don’t let the fact that we can’t get you down 🙂 just try to focus on the fact that he probably sees a lot of what we post on his birthday, and the feeling of the fandom coming together for one big, Johnny Depp creative gang bang 😉